St. Joseph, Father of Our Lord

We have found Jesus, the son of Joseph of Nazareth. – St. John 1: 45

He merited to be called the father of the Son of God

Because he was on earth, the representative of God the Father.

He alone, among all creatures, had this honor, and could exercise those rights ever the person of the Savior.

By the choice Mary had made of him as spouse; by the right he had received from Heaven to give to the Savior the glorious name of Jesus!

Virtues to be imitated in St. Joseph.

His humility, united to so much greatness.

His entire dependence on the will of the Eternal Father.

His fatherly love of Jesus.



I desire extremely to honor and glorify thee, blessed Joseph! But what title more honorable, more glorious, dearer even to thy heart, than that which the Gospel gives thee ?  We have found Jesus, the Son of Joseph of Nazareth. It is the first disciples of Jesus who speak thus. Mary herself says to Jesus: Thy father and I have sought Thee. Thou canst, thou oughtest, great saint, to be called the father of Jesus. The Eternal Father chose thee, from among all others, to be in His place, the Father of His only Son, upon earth. He, in some way, communicated to thee -His Divine paternity. I rejoice that this divine character should throw over thee so much lustre, generous saint!  But I rejoice still more that He gave thee grace proportioned to so high a title. Oh, what paternal sentiments for His only Son, who became also thine, did He put in thy heart! He made thee love Him with a stronger and nobler love than that of fathers according to nature. The love of the most tender fathers is but a spark compared to thine. By the immense love with which thou didst burn for Jesus, grant, I pray thee, that, after thy example, I may begin to love Him myself. Thou art a father; by this title deign to exercise towards me thy paternal benevolence, for from this moment, I regard and honor thee as my father Amen.


“I would wish to persuade all the world to be devoted to Saint Joseph, because I have long experience of the great favors which he obtains from God. I have never known any soul especially devoted to him that did not always advance in virtue. I ask, for God’s sake, that they who do not believe me, will at least make a trial of this devotion. I cannot believe that favors are not granted to Saint Joseph in return for the help which he gave on earth to Jesus and Mary.”

St. Teresa of Avila


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