Eleison Comments – Number CDXXXII (432)

Eleison Comments

Bishops’ Synod

God’s Law belongs to God and not to man.

Man must, with Christ, obey as best he can.

When the three-week meeting of Catholic bishops from all over the world opened in Rome on October 4 to discuss questions on the family, many Catholics feared that it would undermine the Church’s unchangeable moral doctrine, especially since Pope Francis is so intent on reaching out to immoral modern man. However, traditionally minded Catholics have been encouraged by the emergence before and during the Synod of substantial resistance by many Newchurch prelates to any such undermining. Only tomorrow will the Synod’s results be known, but certain things are clear, whatever those results may be.

Firstly, let nobody say that there is nothing Catholic left in the mainstream Catholic Church. Conciliarism may well have infected the faith and morals of many, even most, of its prelates, but to claim that all of them are utterly corrupt is a gross injustice and over-simplification. Obviously a number of them are doing their best to uphold God’s moral law. 

Secondly, however, these (in this respect) good men are fighting from a weak position because dogma is the foundation of morals, and with Vatican II the Newchurch abandoned dogma. Dogma founds morals because, for instance, if God, Heaven and Hell (dogma) do not exist, then why should I obey the Ten Commandments (morals)? And Vatican II by its Declaration on Religious Liberty wrecked dogma because if, as it taught, a State must recognize the right of all its citizens to practice in public the religion of their choice, then Jesus Christ cannot be God, because if he is, then the State, coming from God just as much as all the men composing it come from God, can grant no such right to religions denying that he is God, and for it to grant such a right is implicitly to deny that Jesus is God. Thus 50 years before the Synod, Vatican II undermined in advance all subsequent defenders of Christian morals, however decent as men they may be, unless they repudiate Vatican II.

That is why, thirdly, as John Vennari argues (one need not agree with everything he says), the essential trick of those at the Synod seeking to change Catholic morals has been the “turn towards man” underlying all of Vatican II. Here is the trick: “God’s Church is for man. True, God cannot change, but his Law must fit man, and yesterday’s Law no longer fits today’s man. Therefore that Law must be adapted to modern times.” However the Catholic Church was purchased by the Blood of Christ not to pull God down to man, but to raise man up to God, and to provide him through Christ with the means of being thus raised.

And fourthly, as Michael Voris says (one need not agree with everything he says), the Synod has been full of “bishop babble.” This is because many Newbishops will never have been properly taught Catholic doctrine, in fact they may well have learned that there is no such thing as unchanging truth. Thanks to Vatican II their minds are ad rift among the morals and anti-morals of all the religions of the world. It can be no wonder then if they are hardly capable of thinking, and if they run loose at the mouth.

And fifthly, as an ‘honorable colleague from the Society of St Pius X’ says (he has been criticized before now in these “Comments”), even if the Synod were to close tomorrow with entirely Catholic conclusions, still God’s moral law will have been undermined by the mere fact of its having been questioned on major points for a length of time, officially and in public. Moreover this Synod seems sure to rest even true conclusions not on their objective truth, but on the bishops’ vote, so that the liberals can come back next year or the year after, for one vote after another, until they finally get what they want. Today the voting game belongs to them.

Kyrie eleison.

The Church is making life ‘hell’ for millions of gay Catholics even though the clergy is ‘full of homosexuals!’


The Church is making life ‘hell’ for millions of gay Catholics even though the clergy is ‘full of homosexuals’ says priest fired by the Vatican after coming out! 

  • Father Krzystof Charamsa stripped of post on the day he said he was gay

  • In furious letter to Pope Francis, he has accused the Vatican of hypocrisy

  • Condemned Church for causing ‘immeasurable suffering’ to gay Catholics

  • Called on ‘gay cardinals, bishops and priests’ to abandon ‘brutal’ Church

  • Italian court annuls marriages of hundreds gay couples who wed abroad

A high-ranking Polish priest who was fired after coming out as gay has accused the Catholic Church of making life ‘hell’ for millions of homosexuals.

Father Krzystof Charamsa was stripped of his post earlier this month on the day he announced he was in a relationship with another man.

In a scathing letter to Pope Francis, he accused the Vatican of hypocrisy because he said the clergy was ‘full of homosexuals’.

He also condemned the Church for causing ‘immeasurable suffering’ to homosexual Catholics and their families.

Polish priest Krzystof Charamsa (left) has accused the Catholic Church of making life 'hell' for millions of homosexuals after he was fired on the day he announced he was in a relationship with another man

In the letter, released to the BBC, he said he had taken the decision to ‘publicly reject the violence of the Church towards homosexual, lesbian, bisexual, transsexual and intersexual people’.

He called on ‘all gay cardinals, gay bishops and gay priests to have the courage to abandon this insensitive, unfair and brutal Church.’

Pope Francis has not yet responded to the letter.

But the Vatican’s anger contrasted with the news of Francis’s still close relationship with an old Argentinian friend and his gay partner, who were hugged by the pontiff in the United States last month.

Father Charamsa has written a letter to Pope Francis, saying he had taken the decision to 'publicly reject the violence of the Church towards homosexual, lesbian, bisexual, transsexual and intersexual people'

The Pontiff has also previously said that the Church must have ‘its doors open to welcome all those who knock’ and not ‘point the finger in judgement’ of others. 

Earlier this month, Father Charamsa rubbished claims that there was a ‘gay lobby’ trying to influence the church.

It came after the Pope made comments in the past that suggested there was a gay network in the Church.

In 2013 he famously said ‘Who am I to judge?’ when asked about homosexuals in the Church and the rumoured network of gay Vatican leaders.

But Father Charamsa denied the rumours.

‘I met homosexual priests, often isolated like me… but no gay lobby,’ he said, adding that he also met gay priests who were ‘homophobes’ and had ‘hatred for themselves and others’.

Charamsa said he wrote a letter to Pope Francis asking him to convey his spirit of openness to bishops at the synod, where Church leaders discussed marriage and family teachings.

Since 2005, the Church has forbidden the ordination of priests with homosexual tendencies.

But this rule is applied in different ways, with many bishops turning a blind eye as long as priests remain celibate.

Charamsa says he has stayed faithful to his vow of celibacy because he has ‘never touched a woman’.


Pope Francis’s enemies inside the church leaked false story that he had a brain tumor!

one must resist pope

The blame game… 

Most Vatican observers said they believed that if it really was engineered by insiders, it may have been the work of conservatives at the Synod!

Pope Francis’s enemies inside the church leaked false story that he had a brain tumor, enraged Vatican says!!

The Vatican alleged Thursday that Pope Francis was the victim of an internal conspiracy to undermine his authority after a false story was leaked claiming he had a brain tumor.

The front-page story was published by Quotidiano Nazionale, an Italian newspaper, on Wednesday, but indignantly denied by Vatican spokesmen.

Cardinals and others within the Catholic Church hierarchy suggested that the unfounded story was an attempt by “enemies” of the 78-year-old Pope to discredit him and to suggest his judgment was impaired.

They said the timing of the leak was deeply suspicious as it came just days before the conclusion of the Synod, a three-week meeting of 270 bishops and cardinals which has been discussing delicate issues such as divorce and the Church’s attitude to homosexuality.

L’Osservatore Romano, the Vatican newspaper, said: “The moment (that was) chosen reveals an attempt to raise a cloud of dust in order to manipulate.” Walter Kasper, a liberal cardinal closely in step with the Pope’s views, said: “Certain people, both inside and outside the Church, are nervous about the outcome of the Synod.” 

The tumor story was an attempt to “upset” the final days of deliberation at the gathering, the cardinal added.

Italian newspapers speculated about “the shadow of a plot”. “Who wants the Pope dead?” read the headline of Il Giornale, a conservative daily, which said the Church was “in chaos”.

Massimo Franco, a leading Vatican expert, said that whoever had leaked the tumor story was aiming to undermine the “legitimacy” of the Pope.

“This nasty story seems to have been concocted by the enemies of Jorge Mario Bergoglio to let him know that he is in their sights,” he wrote in Corriere della Sera.

The underlying aim may have been to cast doubt on the Pope’s mental acuity, insinuating that his actions and statements were a result of “his brain not functioning properly”, Mr Franco suggested. It remained unclear who exactly was behind the alleged plot. Most Vatican observers said they believed that if it really was engineered by insiders, it may have been the work of conservatives at the Synod!

In its story, Quotidiano Nazionale claimed that the Pope had been secretly visited at the Vatican by a Japanese surgeon who had found a benign, treatable, brain tumour.

The Holy See issued three increasingly exasperated denials of the story and the named brain cancer specialist, Dr Takanori Fukushima, released a statement saying that he had never medically examined the Pope.

The Rev Federico Lombardi, the chief Vatican spokesman, said: “As all can see, the Pope continues to exercise his intense activity without interruption and in an absolutely normal way.”

However, Quotidiano Nazionale stood by its story. Andrea Cangini, the editor, said his journalists had worked for months to double-check the information and make sure their sources were reliable.




Anti-Pope Bergoglio is our Chastisement!!

Bergoglio casually passing Holy Communion into a crowd?

I first saw the YouTube film from which these photographs are taken over a year ago. I’m surprised it hasn’t gained wider currency. It appears to show the future Pope Francis, then Cardinal Bergoglio, distributing Holy Communion to a crowd at a Mass at San Cayetano, Buenos Aires. On the film, he hands the hosts (i.e., the consecrated wafers that Catholics believe are the body of Christ) to people in the middle of the crowd who stick out their hands. He doesn’t check what happens to them; indeed, the hosts are apparently passing hand to hand.

For traditional Catholics, this is a shocking way of distributing communion that breaks every rule in the book. I suspectany English priest caught doing it would be hauled in front of his bishop. Think about it: the host could end up anywhere, unconsumed and desecrated. But the film – which must surely be genuine – may throw light on the Pope’s opinions on who is entitled to receive the sacrament. Anyone, judging by this.

 You can  see for yourselves if you fast-forward to eight minutes in.

Here’s my attempt to follow the progress of a particular communion wafer (marked in red).




What we don’t know, of course, is whether any of the communicants were divorced and remarried…

Vatican denies Pope Francis is suffering from a brain tumor!


Vatican denies Pope Francis is suffering from a brain tumor after Italian newspaper claims doctors had found ‘a dark small spot’ on a scan!

  • Italian paper claims Pope Francis has been diagnosed with a brain tumor

  • It was reported the small dark spot could be cured without surgery

  • But the Vatican has refuted the report as ‘unfounded’ and ‘irresponsible’

The Vatican has denied claims Pope Francis is suffering from a small but curable brain tumour after a doctor found a ‘dark spot’.

It was claimed the pope had recently travelled secretly by helicopter to the San Rossore di Barbaricina clinic, in Tuscany, to visit Japanese specialist Dr Takanori Fukushima.

There the doctor determined the small dark spot on Francis’s brain could be cured without surgery, Quotidiano Nazionale reported.

An Italian newspaper has claimed Pope Francis has a small but curable tumour on his brain

However, the Vatican has moved quickly to refute the claims, labeling them ‘unfounded and seriously irresponsible’.

The Reverend Federico Lombardi said the pope ‘is carrying out as always with his intense activities’.

The newspaper’s editor, Andrea Cangini, said it expected the denial but stood by its story.

Fears for the health of Pope Francis resurfaced several months ago when he told parishioners that he is ‘a bit old and a bit sick’.

During a visit to the seaside town of Ostia in May, the pope asked a group of elderly and disabled people to pray for him, warning that he was also suffering from heath problems.

He said: ‘I thank God that in this community the old and the ill are cared for. When the old and ill are not looked after there something wrong with the community.’

He added: ‘I ask you to pray for me – I am a bit old and a bit sick.’ He then reassured them: ‘But it’s not too bad.’

Fears for the health of Pope Francis resurfaced several months ago when he asked a group of elderly and disabled people to pray for him during a visit to the town of Ostia (pictured)

The Vatican has denied the reports, describing them as 'unfounded and seriously irresponsible'

Previously Francis has insisted that he expects to live only two or three years. He told journalists on the papal plane last year he would only be in power ‘a short time’.

‘Two or three years and then I’ll be off to the Father’s house,’ he said.

The pope has some underlying health problems, including sciatica and had part of one of his lungs removed in his youth.

Some observers claim that he has gained weight since his election and is having difficulty breathing, which they say could be a sign of a heart condition. 

Daily Mail

PETER THE ROMAN: reminds the bishops that the synod operates “not only with Peter, but also under Peter!!”


Peter the Roman, a.k.a Pope Francis in our midst… Bergoglio throwing his weight around again…

Synod operates “not only with Peter, but also under Peter!!”

In those days Jesus Christ will send them not a true Pastor, but a Destroyer.”


In his most important address yet to the bishops gathered for the Vatican Synod on the Family, Pope Francis reasserted his authority Saturday, reminding the bishops that the synod operates “not only with Peter, but also under Peter.”

“The synodal path culminates in listening to the Bishop of Rome,” Francis said, who is “called to teach as ‘Pastor and Teacher of all Christians,’ not from his own personal convictions, but as supreme witness of the faith of the whole Church.”

Although the Pope gave a nod to proposals of his predecessors John Paul II and Benedict XVI for a rethinking of the exercise of the papacy, he left no doubt regarding who is calling the shots.

The pope, Francis said, guarantees “the obedience and the conformity of the Church to the will of God, the Gospel of Christ and the Church’s tradition.”

“The fact that the synod always operates with Peter and under Peter—thus, not only with Peter but also under Peter—is not a limitation of freedom but a guarantee of unity,” Francis said.

“In fact, by the Lord’s will, the pope is the perpetual and visible sign and foundation of the unity, both of the bishops and the multitude of the faithful,” he said. So the bishops are united to the Bishop of Rome through episcopal communion, “and at the same time hierarchically subject to him as Head of the College,” he added.

At the same time, Francis said, this hierarchy, unlike that of the powerful of this world, must be understood as an “upside-down pyramid,” with the vertex at the bottom rather than the top. Those who exercise authority are called “ministers” because, according to the original meaning of the word, “they are the smallest of all,” he said.

And just as Jesus washed His disciples’ feet at the Last Supper, Francis said, “the successor of Peter himself is nothing but the servant of the servants of God (servus servorum Dei).”

For the disciples of Jesus, Francis insisted, “the only authority is the authority of service, and the only power is the power of the cross.”

And so, he continued, in a “synodal Church,” the Pope “is not by himself above the Church, but within her as a baptized member among the baptized” and “a bishop among the bishops.”

And yet he is also called as Peter’s successor “to guide the Church of Rome that presides in love over all the Churches.”

As the Bishop of Rome, I know well that Christ ardently desires the full and visible communion of all Christians, he said. “I am convinced that in this, I have a particular responsibility” and must seek “a way of exercising the primacy which, while in no way renouncing what is essential to its mission, is nonetheless open to a new situation,” he said, quoting Pope John Paul II.

Despite his forceful reaffirmations of the centrality of the role of the Pope in the Church, Francis also spoke of a need for greater “decentralization” and an increased role for ecclesiastical provinces and regions, special councils, and especially episcopal conferences in the governance of the Church.

In a synodal Church, he said, “it is not appropriate for the pope to replace the local episcopates in the discernment of all the problems that lie ahead in their territories. In this sense, I feel the need to proceed in a healthy ‘decentralization.'”


Pope Francis on alien life possibility: Let’s ‘stick’ to what scientists say but at the same time keep faith in God!

francis baptizing aliens

Pope Francis has said that he would be willing to baptize aliens if they came to the Vatican, asking “who are we to close doors” to anyone…

Pope Francis on alien life possibility: Let’s ‘stick’ to what scientists say.

Following the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA)’s discovery of an exoplanet very similar to Earth, many have pondered the possibility of alien life if not civilisation, and its impact on mankind.

Even the leader of the Roman Catholic Church, Pope Francis, was recently confronted with the question on the potential existence of intelligent alien life, and his answer is straightforward: Let scientists find answers, but let’s keep faith in God.

In an interview with French journalist Caroline Pigozzi of Paris Match, the Pope was asked if he believes there could be other thinking beings in outer space, given the recent discovery of the new planet, Kepler 452 B, which has striking similarities to Earth.

To answer the question, the pontiff acknowledged that he does not have sufficient scientific background to give a response.

He conceded though that things that seem impossible now maybe discovered in the future.

“Honestly I wouldn’t know how to answer. Until America was discovered we thought it didn’t exist, and instead it existed,” he said.

Nevertheless, the Roman Catholic Church leader said that science and religion need not clash on the matter of alien life.

“But in every case I think that we should stick to what the scientists tell us, still aware that the Creator is infinitely greater than our knowledge,” the Pope said.

He added that one thing is certain about the universe: that it “is not the result of chance or chaos,” but rather of divine intelligence.

Pope Francis further said that the universe is the result “of the love of God who loves us, who created us, who desired us and never leaves us alone.”

In the same interview, the Pope also tackled the issue of climate change, which he already discussed in detail in an encyclical he released earlier this year.

Pope Francis maintained that “the current world system in unsustainable.” He also called on world leaders who will attend the climate change talks in Paris this November to “contribute to a concrete choice, shared and farsighted, for the common good.”


Bergoglio: Religion Isn’t an Insurance Agency!

Bergoglio talks the talk ...Rents Out Sistine Chapel

Pope’s Morning Homily: Religion Isn’t an Insurance Agency

At Casa Santa Marta, Says We Can’t Put Our Security in Wealth

Jesus is not against wealth, says Pope Francis, but he warns against putting one’s security in money, and trying to make of religion an “insurance agency.”

This was the theme of the Pope’s homily this morning at Mass in the Casa Santa Marta, reported Vatican Radio.

We cannot serve two masters, the Holy Father reminded. Either a person serves God, or he serves money, Francis said and, drawing from the Gospel reading, he lamented that attachment to wealth is divisive.

“Let us consider how many families we know, whose members have fought, who are fighting, who don’t [even] say ‘Hello!’ to each other, who hate each other – all for an inheritance.”

In these cases, he said, “the love of family, love of children, siblings, parents – none of these is the most important thing – no, it’s money – and this destroys … even wars, wars that we see today: yes, sure there is an ideal [over which people fight], but behind that, there is money; money for arms dealers, the money of those who profit from the war.”

The Pope reflected that all of us likely know a family divided over money.

“Jesus is clear,” he said. “‘Be careful and stay away from all kinds of greed: it is dangerous.’”

Greed, he said, “gives us a security that is not true.”

Jesus tells the parable of a rich man, “a good entrepreneur,” whose “fields had yielded an abundant harvest,” and who was “full of riches,” and, “instead of thinking: ‘But I will share this with my workers, with my employees, that they also might have a little more for their families,’ thought to himself, ‘What shall I do, seeing that I have nowhere to put my crops? Ah, so I will pull down my barns and build bigger ones.’ More and more: the thirst that comes from attachment to riches never ends. If you have your heart attached to wealth – when you have so much – you want more. This is the god of the person who is attached to riches.”

Pope Francis went on to say that the road that leads to salvation is that of the Beatitudes. “The first is poverty of spirit,” he said, saying that if one has riches, he musn’t be attached to them, but place them at the service of others, “to share, to help many people to make their way.”

The sign that tells us we have not fallen into “this sin of idolatry” is almsgiving, giving to those in need – and not giving merely of our abundance, but giving until it costs me “some privation” perhaps because “it is necessary for me.”

“That’s a good sign: it means that one’s love for God is greater than one’s attachment to wealth.” The Pope proposed that there are three questions that we can ask ourselves:

“First question: ‘Do I give?’

“Second: ‘How much do I give?’

“Third question: ‘How do I give?’ Do I give as Jesus gives, with the caress of love, or as one who pays a tax? How do I give?

“‘But Father, what do you mean by that?’

“When you help someone, do you look that person in the eye? Do you touch that person’s hand? Theirs is Christ’s own flesh, that person is your brother, your sister. At that moment you are like the Father who does not leave the birds of the air to go without food. With what love the Father gives! Let us ask God for the grace to be free of this idolatry, the attachment to wealth:

let us ask the grace to look at Him, so rich in His love and so rich in generosity, in His mercy; and let us ask the grace to help others with the exercise of almsgiving, but as He does it. ‘But, Father, He has not let Himself be deprived of anything!’ Jesus Christ, being equal to God, deprived Himself of this: He lowered Himself, He made Himself nothing – [yes,] He too deprived Himself of something.”




Although many people have come to swallow the caricature of Pope Pius XII as “Hitler’s Pope,” after the malicious smear campaign by John Cornwell, the facts now seem overwhelmingly to reveal the opposite: not only was Pius adamantly opposed to the Führer’s policies; he actively sought to have him assassinated!

A fascinating new book by intelligence expert Mark Riebling, Church of Spies: The Pope’s Secret War Against Hitler, offers a compelling narrative of the actions taken by Pope Pius to stop Hitler from carrying out his campaign of world domination and ethnic cleansing.

Backed by a mass of carefully compiled documentation, Riebling shows that Pius cooperated in a variety of plots, initiated by patriotic, anti-Nazi Germans, to assassinate Hitler and replace the National Socialist regime with a government that would make peace with the West.

The Nazis, in fact, were deeply disturbed by the election of Pius XII in 1939, well aware of Pacelli’s many anti-Nazi statements and actions. They commissioned an assessment of the situation from Albert Hartl, a former Catholic priest, who warned that the Catholic Church would prove a serious threat to the Third Reich.

“The Catholic Church fundamentally claims for itself the right to depose heads of state,” Hartl wrote, “and down to the present time it has also achieved this claim several times.” This statement seemed to embolden disaffected German officers who were seeking assistance to overthrow Hitler.

In 1938, several high-ranking German officers began turning against Hitler, for fear he would lead the country into a devastating war. One of these, General Ludwig Beck, was joined in this endeavor by Admiral Wilhelm Canaris, head of the Abwehr (Germany’s intelligence agency), and his deputy, Colonel Hans Oster.

After the Nazi invasion of Poland in 1939, the German military conspirators sought to reach out to their adversaries, especially the British, to seek aid in overthrowing Hitler. In order to do this, they needed a person who could serve as an intermediary and vouch for their integrity, and so they approached Pius XII, who was highly regarded in Britain.

They asked the pope’s top assistants to ask Pius one critical question: Would he be willing to contact the British government and receive guarantees that it would back the German Resistance if Hitler was overthrown? Pius XII replied that he was willing do so, declaring, “The German Opposition must be heard.”

What followed was a series of gripping events, leading to repeated efforts to depose Hitler, all of which were foiled by unexpected turns, deceit, bombs that failed to detonate, and ones that did go off, only to miss their target. In their quest, the anti-Nazi officers received crucial moral and logistical support from Pius XII, as well as from his closest aides.

This isn’t the first scholarly work to exonerate Pius XII from vicious attacks by his detractors. Rabbi David G. Dalin argued persuasively in his 2005 book, The Myth of Hitler’s Pope: Pope Pius XII And His Secret War Against Nazi Germany, that Pius worked tirelessly to save the Jews from the Nazis. Cornwell’s book, Dalin asserted, not only rewrote history, denied the testimony of Holocaust survivors, and hijacked the Holocaust for unseemly political ends. It also got the story backwards by ignoring the real threat to the Jewish people: the grand mufti of Jerusalem, Hajj Amin al-Husseini. The grand mufti, Dalin wrote, became a steadfast ally of Hitler as well as an active promoter of the Holocaust, calling for the Jews’ extermination.

Dalin contended that the real agenda of Cornwell and his fellow myth-makers was to attack the very idea of the papacy, especially the papacy of the late Pope John Paul II, as well as Christianity and traditional religion as a whole.

A British scholar by the name of Gordon Thomas, a Protestant, has also unearthed extensive material in the Vatican archives that purports to restore Pius XII’s reputation, by revealing the significant part that he played in saving Jewish lives and opposing Nazism.

The Pope’s Jews depicts Pius XII as a somewhat cleverer and more successful Oskar Schindler, saving the lives of countless Jews through ingenious means. Pius gave his blessing to the establishment of safe houses in the Vatican, for example, as well as overseeing a secret operation with code names and fake documents for priests who risked their lives to shelter Jews, some of whom were even made Vatican citizens.

Thomas reports that priests were instructed to issue baptism certificates to hundreds of Jews hidden in Genoa, Rome and elsewhere in Italy. More than 2,000 Hungarian Jews were brought to Rome, after having been given fabricated Vatican documents identifying them as Catholics. Meanwhile, more than 4,000 Jews were hidden in convents and monasteries across Italy.

Hopes for a full rehabilitation of Pope Pius have been stoked during the papacy of Francis, who reportedly is favorable to opening the Vatican archives dealing with the war years. Rabbi Abraham Skorka, a friend of Francis’, said he has discussed the role of Pius XII at length with the Pope, remarking that “I have no doubt that he will move to open the archives.”

For now, we have news of the Pope’s conspiring to assassinate the Führer, which definitely puts to rest any doubts of where his allegiance lay.

Ven. Pope Pius XII, pray for us

      Ven. Pope Pius XII, ora pro nobis!

Source: Breitbart

Trial of St. Joan of Arc: History brings clarity with what’s happening at the Synod!

Synod of Filth...

Synod of Filth…

Trial of St. Joan of Arc: History brings clarity with what’s happening at the Synod

The following is a sermon delivered today, on the 21st Sunday after Pentecost, by a traditional mission priest. We provide you with the text of the sermon below, and you may click here to listen to the audio.

“… this second synod broke nearly every law known at the time, both canonical and civil, on how trials are conducted. Methods used against Joan included among other things, packing the court, confusion tactics and false contradicting statements, as well as a sort of shadow synod.”

“There was a man in the land of Hus, whose name was Job, simple and upright and fearing God; whom Satan besought that he might tempt: and power was given him from the Lord over his possessions and his flesh; and he destroyed all his substance and his children, and wounded his flesh also with a grievous ulcer”— Offertory Antiphon

There was a man named Job. St. Zeno of Verona (d. 380) and other fathers say Job is a type of Christ. St. Gregory the Great goes one step further in stating: “Holy Job is a type of the Church.” In other words, Job acts as a prefigurement of the future Passion of the Christ as well as His Mystical Body, the Church. We are now in one of the Job-moments of our Holy Mother, the Church.

Recall that a TYPE is a historical person, thing or event that really happened, but, at the same time, mysteriously prefigures a future reality that is bigger than itself. Our God is the Lord and Master of all History. Only He can work things out at one moment in time… such that it foreshadows another later moment. This is especially seen in the link between the Old and New Testaments. Listen to the Church Father St. Melito of Sardis: “It is [Christ] who endured every kind of suffering in all those who foreshadowed Him. In Abel He was slain, in Isaac bound, in Jacob exiled, in Joseph sold, in Moses exposed to die. He was sacrificed in the Passover Lamb, persecuted in David, dishonored in the prophets.” And so on with the entire Old Testament. (By the way, there are no such types to be found in any other writings. They are not in the Koran… nor in the book of Mormon. What does this mean? We are in the right place!)

John Henry Newman with keen insight observed the deeper nature of types for all time, teaching: “In truth every event in the world is a type of those that follow, history proceeding forward as a circle ever enlarging… For every age presents its own picture of those future events which alone are the real fulfillment of the prophecy which stands at the head of them all” (The Antichrist, Miceli, p. 106). What prophecy is that? The end! This amazing insight explains why the saints could see the connectivity of all time! Starting with the Apostles themselves, the saints considered their own day to be those of the end time. Why so? They could see, taste and smell the “mystery of iniquity” that will come to its culmination in the last days … they could see it already at work before their very eyes by way of types. E.g., St. Thomas More considered Martin Luther to be the antichrist or least his prophet. This means all the “revolutionary men” … heretics, apostates, tyrants, traitors, godless men of all time act as types of the antichrist… some more so than others. So, history is connected by way of types from beginning to the very end.

This is important because the faithful living at the latter moments will find comfort in how the former saints passed through their trials. If they could do it, so can we. If God was there for them, He will be here for us too!! Also, no matter how strange or new something may seem in the present, we have somehow been here before somewhere along the line in a type.

Using this most valuable insight of how God arranges the train of history,  let us go back in time to find comfort, hope, and even reasons for rejoicing at this trying moment. One place we find a clear type of our time is in the life and death of St. Joan of Arc.

This young virginal woman typified the virginal Bride of Christ, Who is without spot or wrinkle. Like Her Lord and His Church, Joan rose up out of the backwaters of her kingdom, from a border area whence no one expected anything good. Joan the leader of armies, the deliverer of France, trained by St. Michael Himself, shows forth the Church Militant. Still a teen, she wondrously raised up a king. The girl from Domremy, the town named after the bishop St. Remigius, who baptized Clovis, the first Catholic King of France, along with 3000 of his men (making France the Church’s eldest daughter), … this little girl lifted the despairing siege of Orleans in the length of a novena, blazed a trail to Rheims to crown the dauphin Charles VII in a matter of months. His father had fallen into madness, his Bavarian queen mother disowned him and sold him for a worldly political alliance. Through a woman France was betrayed. This all too familiar type of Adam and Eve would not be allowed to remain. And so, through a virgin, God would save His eldest daughter. With Joan the tides of the 100 years war suddenly reversed.

As everyone knows, after St. Joan performed her duties, those loyal to the English cause, namely the Burgundians, most especially the bishop of Beauvais, Pierre Cauchon, cried out, “We will not have this man rule over us!” Before long, Joan was betrayed at Compiegne and sold for a king’s ransom, being more valued by her enemies than her friends.

It is important to recall that before Joan could carry out her saving work, she was examined by a council or synod of bishops and priests and found to be pure, spotless, and holy. They sent her back to the King as one whose help should not be despised. After her capture, as everyone knows, she was again put on trial by a second synod of bishops and priests who had already concluded ahead of time that she and her king were schismatic, heretical and of the devil. A fait accompli, this second synod dismissed the findings of the first, pressured its participants to go along or else,  and exiled others. Synod against synod, council against council, Cardinals against Cardinals, bishops against bishops. Hmmm.

What is more, this second synod broke nearly every law known at the time, both canonical and civil, on how trials are conducted. Methods used against Joan included among other things, packing the court, confusion tactics and false contradicting statements, as well as a sort of shadow synod. In the end, unable to make anything of substance really stick, they finally just ordered her to be killed. Joan died without an official judgment being declared or read aloud.

As she was consumed by fire, she spoke the Holy Name of Jesus with such fervor that nearly everyone, both friend and foe alike wept, walking away beating their breasts. When the executioner came to dispose of the ashes he found her heart unburned and still bleeding. Because of the work of St. Joan, most especially this her Passion, some 20 years later the 100 years war came to an end in 1453… the very year the Muslim Turks captured Constantinople. Not long afterward, the English fell into schism and heresy over the Sacrament of Marriage, unwilling to allow Christ the King to rule over them.

We are now drawing neigh to the end of another 100 years war between heaven and hell requested by the devil within the hearing of Pope Leo XIII. Satan has been unleashed and permitted to do to the Church what He did to Job and to Joan. It is not just the Sacrament of Marriage that is on trial at this second synod going on in Rome. Rather this is just one of the more recent battles for the Church as a whole. Like Joan, no final judgment will be easily reached… but they will order Her to be done away with regardless. This moment is not only a Job moment, it is also a Joan moment.

What should also be of interest to us today is this: the armies sent against Joan were supposed to go on Crusade against the Muslim Turks and heretical Hussites. Instead they fought fellow Christians in France, thereby allowing the Muslims to overthrow Constantinople. There is more than one reason why the Muslims are beginning to rise up in force once again.

But we must take heart. Just as the passion of Joan ultimately saved France, so the Passion of the Church will deliver the world. Come what may, like Job and Joan, the Mystical Body cannot be totally destroyed… Her heart will remain, bleeding out blood and water… such that She will rise up again… victorious when the chalice has been filled.

Let us end today with this very important point of hope for our present crisis. In the official statement referring to Joan’s rehabilitation, after considering all the collected data in toto, we find these edifying words in regards to the trial, judgments and final demise of St. Joan which surely typify a future truly Catholic council that will rule definitively on what is taking place at this moment.

“We declare, that on certain points the truth of [Joan’s] confessions has been passed over in silence; that on other points her confessions have been falsely translated—a double unfaithfulness…

“We declare, that even the form of certain words has been altered, in such manner as to change the substance [of their meaning]. [mercy, love, marriage, spouse, natural law…]

“For the which, these same Articles, as falsely, calumniously, and deceitfully extracted, and as contrary even to the Confessions of the Accused, we break, annihilate, and annul; and, … we ordain, by this present judgment, that they be torn up.

“We say, pronounce, decree, and declare, the said Processes and Sentences full of cozenage (trickery and deceit), iniquity, inconsequences, and manifest errors, in fact as well as in law; We say that they have been, are, and shall be… null, non-existent, without value or effect.

“we break them, annihilate them, annul them, and declare them void of effect; and we declare that the said Jeanne and her relatives… have not, on account of the said Trial, contracted nor incurred any mark or stigma of infamy; we declare them quit and purged of all the consequences of these same Processes…” (cf. Jeanne D’Arc: Maid of Orleans, Deliverer of France, ed. By T. Douglas Murray, pp 303-307).

Rorate Caeli