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My brethren, if any of you err from the truth, and one convert him:  He must know that he who causeth a sinner to be converted from the error of his way, shall save his soul from death, and shall cover a multitude of sins. – James 5:19, 20 / Douay-Rheims Bible

(Now the end begins)  –  Pope Francis, in an interview with Argentine magazine “Viva” recently, gave

 his Top 10 suggestions on how people could have a “happier and more fulfilled life”. Two of his pieces of advice bear closer examination.

Suggestion #5 said “Sundays should be holidays. Workers should have Sundays off because “Sunday is for family,” he said.” I find it interesting that he didn’t say that Sunday was a day for church and worship of Jesus Christ. Instead, he just said it “should be for family”.

Suggestion #9, however, was a real doozy.Don’t proselytize; respect others’ beliefs.“We can inspire others through witness so that one grows together in communicating. But the worst thing of all is religious proselytism, which paralyses: ‘I am talking with you in order to persuade you,’ No. Each person dialogues, starting with his and her own identity. The church grows by attraction, not proselytizing,” the Pope said.”

Synonyms for “proselytize” – evangelize, convert, save, redeem, win over, act as a missionary, advocate. Now why do you think that the Pope would be against believers doing any of those things? I thought those things were commands in the bible to the believer to go out and win the lost.

The bible, on the other hand, has this to say in regards to the Pope’s opinion on converting lost sinners:

“Preach the word; be instant in season, out of season; reprove, rebuke, exhort with all longsuffering and doctrine. For the time will come when they will not endure sound doctrine; but after their own lusts shall they heap to themselves teachers, having itching ears; And they shall turn away their ears from the truth, and shall be turned unto fables.” 2 Timothy 4:2-4

Are you listening, Pope Francis?


St. Ann asks Vatican to investigate Chaput; ‘He’s gone too far’

st annes another church closing

Parish asks Vatican to investigate Chaput over closing

St. Ann parishioners in Bristol have asked the Vatican to investigate the stewardship of the Archdiocese of Philadelphia on the recommendation of a consultant hired to appeal the closing of the parish.

St. Ann is one of five Bucks County churches closed in June and merged into nearby churches this month.

The parishioners hired Boston-based consultant Peter Borre and two lawyers based in Italy who are familiar with canon law to handle the appeal over the closure of their church. Borre recommended they also ask the Congregation for the Bishops, the senior personnel department of the Vatican, to look into how Philadelphia Archbishop Charles Chaput is overseeing the archdiocese.

“We are asking for a formal investigation of Archbishop Chaput’s stewardship of the archdiocese because we contend that the cure is becoming worse than the disease,” he said.

The request and the church closure appeal were included in 48 pages of documents sent to Rome this month.

It is unfortunate that “rapidly spreading dysfunction,” as Chaput’s critics call it, is spreading through the archdiocese as Philadelphia prepares for the World Meeting of Families in September 2015, the investigation request states.

With the closure of dozens of schools and parishes throughout the archdiocese, the “dismantlement” of chancery functions and scandalous trials, “the climate in the city is becoming inauspicious,” the appeal states. It calls for an investigation to “make a careful judgment of recent events affecting tens of thousands of Catholics.”

The archdiocese doesn’t see it the same way, noting the Philadelphia archdiocese was entrusted by the Holy See with the World Meeting of Families and Pope Francis appointed Chaput to the Pontifical Council for the Laity earlier this year.

“Both of those facts objectively point to the confidence the Vatican has in his ability and leadership,” said Kenneth Gavin, the director of communications for the archdiocese.

And “Archbishop Chaput has stated on numerous occasions that he understands the emotion involved with parish mergers, but that they are necessary for the viability and sustainability of the Catholic Church throughout the archdiocese. He would much rather be in the position of opening new parishes,” Gavin said.

Demographic changes weren’t addressed for years, and parish life and the availability of clergy have made pastoral planning necessary, he added.

But Borre argues Chaput is not protecting the parishes.

“The reason is, under canon law. the parish is the block of Catholicism, the place where the people encounter God,” Borre said. “The parish should be protected, not destroyed.”

Borre added since Chaput arrived to head the archdiocese three years ago, he’s shut down or changed central functions of the church — Catholic schools, a weekly newspaper, nursing homes and cemeteries. As a result, people have lost their jobs, he said. And there are more church closures expected.

The archdiocese said many administrative actions required Vatican approval. Examples include the sale of the former archbishop’s residence, the decision to lease cemeteries and outsource their management and the sale of nursing homes operated by Catholic Health Care Services, Gavin said.

“In each of those instances, appropriate approval from the Vatican was sought and obtained,” he said.

Although Catholic schools “are wonderful,” as Borre said, the Catholic Church’s priority under canon law is to protect churches, he said. Still, Catholics were hit hard by recent school closures too.

“He’s gone too far,” Borre said. “He’s thrown out the babies with the bath water.”

The archdiocesan officials believe they had to make those moves for the preservation of the religion.

“While an emotional response of that nature is certainly understandable, our Catholic faith is about something much greater and more important than any one church building,” Gavin said. “… It’s hoped that those who express a true love for the church will take time to reflect seriously on what is best not for themselves as individuals, but rather to think about how they can work together to build parishes that can effectively serve the spiritual and pastoral needs of generations yet unborn.”

If the Congregation for the Bishops goes ahead with the investigation, the governing body can do so in secrecy or in public, Borre said. It could take at least a year, he added.

A local retired bishop could be assigned as chief investigator and report to the Vatican, Borres said.

No matter the outcome, the archdiocese feels confident in Chaput’s handling of the church mergers, Gavin said.

“It’s important to understand that as part of its appeal review process, the Vatican very closely examines the process by which the archbishop reached his decisions,” he said.

“The Vatican has not only reviewed this process on multiple occasions without overturning a single merger decision, but also has expressed no concern whatsoever about the process being employed in the archdiocese,” the spokesman added.

Still, Borre strongly believes St. Ann has a shot with both the appeal and investigation request based on his experience.

He submitted investigation requests on Bishop Richard Lennon in Cleveland, and Bishop Joseph Cistone of Saginaw, Michigan, and it “remains to be seen whether ‘bishops’ will launch the investigation, known formally as an apostolic visitation.”

In Ohio, Lennon closed about 50 churches in 2009. Of those, 20 appealed the closures to Rome, and the Vatican agreed to review 11, Borre said. All 11 closures were overturned in 2012 by Rome’s Congregation for the Clergy, he added.

“Three of the 11 signed me up; the other eight I assisted informally, answering their questions from time to time,” he said.


Sri Lankan Buddhist monks hoping for a papal apology



Well that didn’t take long: Sri Lankan Buddhist monks hoping for a papal apology when he visits next year

A Buddhist group accused of recent attacks on Muslims in Sri Lanka says Pope Francis must apologize to Buddhists for atrocities allegedly committed by Christian colonial rulers of the South Asian island nation when he visits next year.

Rev. Galagoda Atte Gnanasara, a leader of Bodu Bala Sena or Buddhist Power Force, said Tuesday they “are waiting till the Pope comes to see what he is going to say about the crimes here.”

Portugal, Holland and Britain established colonies in Sri Lanka one after another from 1505 to 1948.

The monks leading Bodu Bala Sena have amassed a significant following in recent years, drawing thousands of followers.

The hardline group has been accused of behind recent attacks on Muslims in Sri Lanka, leaving several people dead and businesses torched.

No number of apologies will ever satisfy those who hate the Faith.  Such apologies are a waste of time at best, an opening for the enemies of the Church at worst.



Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu




Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said on Thursday that Israel was determined, regardless of ceasefire efforts, to complete the destruction of tunnels that Palestinian militants have built under the Gaza-Israel border.

We are determined to complete this mission with or without a cease-fire,” Netanyahu said in public remarks at the start of a cabinet meeting in Tel Aviv. “I won’t agree to any proposal that will not enable the Israeli military to complete this important task for the sake of Israel’s security.”

Hamas’ capabilities would have enabled it to abduct and murder civilians and IDF soldiers while simultaneously attacking from the tunnels penetrating our territory,” Netanyahu said. “We are destroying that capability now. There are no 100 percent guarantees, just as the Iron Dome does not give a complete response, but the IDF’s operations in the field are impressive and they are continuing at full force.”

“We have so far neutralized dozens of terror tunnels and we are determined to complete this task. Therefore, I will not agree to any cease-fire that does not enable the IDF to complete this very important task. Hamas has been hit hard by both the IDF and the Shin, who are closely coordinated. We have delivered harsh blows to thousands of terror targets, rockets depots, manufacturing sites, and launching sites, and hundreds of terrorists have been killed. These achievements and the operation to neutralize the tunnels are only the first step in demilitarizing the Gaza Strip. The United States and the European Union have accepted our stance, and though it was difficult to achieve, we have done so, through hard work.”

In a pointed message to Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman and Economy Minister Naftali Bennett, who have spoken out against his policies over the course of the Gaza operation, Netanyahu said: “I urge you, extremists on both sides: Do not harm the special unity that exists, beware of what you’re doing. The government ministers above all are the ones who need to set an example for the entire public.”


America Is the Largest Jailer in the World: Land of the Free?


Our nation’s priorities ought to be a concern to all Christians, especially Catholics.

Along with poverty, the collapse of the family, health care, education and other issues affecting social justice, our broken criminal justice system ranks among the most important.

Simply put, the United States is the largest jailer in the world by any statistical measure. What that says about our nation and its priorities ought to be a concern to all Christians, especially Catholics.

At only five percent of the world’s population, the United States accounts for 25% of the world’s prisoners, with 2.2 million citizens incarcerated in federal and state prisons. That’s half a million more than our nearest competitor, China, which has a population four times as large as ours. And the rate of imprisonment in the United States is similarly prodigious: 707 prisoners per 100,000 of population, which far outstrips any other country with a population of at least a million. Our nearest competitors are Cuba (510), Rwanda (492) and Russia (470). China’s rate per 100,000 of population is 172.

According to the US Department of Justice, in 2012 nearly 7 million adults were under the supervision of the criminal justice system, either in jail or on probation or parole. That’s one of every 35 adults.  The racial distribution of these statistics is equally troubling. African-Americans, who constitute 12% of our population, are incarcerated at six times the rate of white Americans. Of the 2.2 million Americans in prison, one million are black. One in three black men can expect to be incarcerated at some point during his lifetime.

The cruel irony in these statistics is that the crime rate in the United States has been tumbling for three decades. Violent crime, property crime, murder, rape, robbery, larceny, assault, burglary, and motor vehicle thefts are all far below their 1980 rates, often halved. And yet the prison population in America has quadrupled, from half a million in 1980 to 2.2 million today, and the number of federal prisoners has grown by 790%.

What accounts for this explosion? The so-called “War on Drugs,” inaugurated under President Ronald Reagan and continued unabated by every president since.  

Incarceration for drug offenses has grown by 1200% since 1980. American prisons now house over half a million nonviolent offenders arrested and convicted for drug crimes. And yet, the number of drug abusers in the United States, while higher than in 1980, hasn’t grown nearly as steeply. Marijuana is still the leading drug of choice, followed by prescription drugs, but the rate of use among Americans has remained steady for well over a decade. What has changed is the degree and type of enforcement, including sentencing, but that enforcement has been applied unequally and, many say, unjustly.

For instance, the “War on Drugs” is often blamed for the disproportionate number of blacks in prison. And yet, drug use is hardly an exclusively African-American problem. Five times more whites admit to using illegal drugs, yet blacks are ten times more likely to be imprisoned on drug charges. And when they are, sentences are longer. In fact, blacks spend nearly as long in prison on drug charges—58 months, on average—as whites spend for violent offenses.

What are the effects of these figures on people already struggling with poverty? According to Veronique de Rugy in an article at National Review, “the real tragedy is that so many children’s lives are destroyed along with those of their incarcerated parents. Over 50 percent of inmates are parents with minor children, including more than 120,000 mothers and 1.1 million fathers. One in every 28 children has a parent incarcerated, up from 1 in 125 just 25 years ago. Two-thirds of these children’s parents were incarcerated for nonviolent offenses.”

Millions of Americans, having served time for nonviolent drug offenses, are emerging from prison to find their families ruined and their prospects for success in life irretrievably diminished. Meanwhile, the justice system turns a blind eye to corruption and theft in high places. As Bob Dylan once wrote: “Steal a little and they throw you in jail, steal a lot and they make you king.”

In the law, there is an important question, often deployed by the Roman advocate Cicero, which should be asked at this juncture:Cui bono? Who benefits? Who indeed has benefitted from 30 years of the War on Drugs and a quadrupling of our prison population? The list would include 

  • Federal, state and local law enforcement agencies which have discovered in the war on drugs a virtually bottomless well of funding;
  • Federal and state correctional departments, and their vendors, which now account for $70 billion a year in public spending;
  • The private prison industry, notably Corrections Corporation of America, which has spent $14 million on lobbying since 2006 and now bills the government for 90,000 prisoners at over 60 company facilities;
  • And the drug cartels of Mexico and Central America, which have been enriched beyond imagination, enabling them to buy sophisticated weapons, destabilize local governments and even obtain the services of “too big to fail” banks.

So, why should all this matter to Catholic Christians? Because the Church’s teaching is first and foremost a beacon of good sense, and the American criminal justice system could use a little good sense. In 2000, the bishops of the United States released a pastoral statement titled “Responsibility, Rehabilitation, And Restoration: A Catholic Perspective On Crime And Criminal Justice.” In the document, they recommended 11 points as foundations for policy making, including “rejecting simplistic solutions such as ‘three strikes and you’re out” and rigid mandatory sentencing,” “encouraging innovative programs of restorative justice” and “placing crime in a community context and building on promising alternatives that empower neighborhoods and towns to restore a sense of security.”

The good sense embedded in these proposals would go a long way to reducing the American prison population and help us avoid the destructive effects of incarceration on nonviolent offenders and their communities. They would also significantly reduce costs, and the money saved could then be redirected toward drug and alcohol treatment or building social capital like better housing, education, and employment. As things are, the United States must bear the ignominy of proclaiming itself the “land of the free” while simultaneously locking away a huge number of its citizens.


St Ignatius of Loyola, Confessor – Mass Propers

july 31 The Church of Saint Ignatius of Loyola

                               St Ignatius of Loyola

Saint Ignatius Loyola, founder of the Society of Jesus, was born at Loyola in Spain, in the year 1491. He served his king as a soldier till his thirtieth year. Convalescing from a severe wound received at the siege of Pampeluna, he was given, in the absence of other books, the Lives of Jesus Christ and of the Saints. It dawned on his chivalric nature that the Church has need of her army to defend under the sovereign Pontiff the interest of God against heresy and all evil. On his recovery he ascended Montserrat and in the Benedictine Abbey there he laid down his sword at the feet of the Blessed Virgin.

st ignatius offers sword virgin mary

He learned here to love the Psalms and canticles of the Divine Office which he was later to recommend to the faithful; he desired that those who were to make his Spiritual Exercises should choose a dwelling whence they could easily go to the Offices of Matins and Vespers as well as to Mass. Among the Benedictines of St. Paul’s in Rome, Ignatius pronounced his vows and was regularly elected the first general of his new Society. The name of Loyola and the Society founded by him were at one time synonymous with the highest degree of Catholic life and activity, so that the enemies of the Church, whilst they may show toleration for other religious Orders, keep up an undying hatred for that of St. Ignatius, in which they justly recognize the most efficient and invincible army which Providence has placed under the immediate command of the Vicar of Christ.He wrote his “Spiritual Exercises” as a guideline for himself and his fellow priests who he helped recruit. Ignatius and his companions, by means of the “Spiritual Exercises” tried to raise the clergy to a higher realization of their own dignity and mission. Their zeal for the Liturgy led them to restore the churches to their former cleanliness, dignity, and magnificence. Drawn by these exterior attractions, the faithful were the more easily induced to frequent the Sacraments and the Offices of the Church. From the very beginning they undertook works of education and missionary labors.

With the sweet name of Jesus on his lips and in his heart, St. Ignatius gave his soul to God on July 31, 1556. His body is preserved in Rome in the magnificent church built by Cardinal Alessandro Farnese and dedicated to his memory.

St Ignatius Death                   

Thursday in the Seventh Week after Pentecost /  Missa “In nómine Jesus”

INTROIT: Philippians 2: 10-11

In the name of Jesus let every knee bow, of things in Heaven, on earth, and under the earth: and let every tongue confess that the Lord Jesus Christ is in the glory of God the Father. (Ps. 5: 12, 13) All they that love Thy name shall glory in Thee: for Thou wilt bless the just. v. Glory be to the Father and to the Son and to the Holy Ghost, as it was in the beginning, is now and ever shall be, world without end. Amen.

july 31 feast day St. Ignatius of Loyola


God, Who, to spread abroad the greater glory of Thy name, didst, through blessed Ignatius, strengthen the Church militant with a new reinforcement,grant that we, who are fighting on earth by his help and after his example, may deserve to be crowned with him in Heaven. Through our Lord Jesus Christ, Thy Son, Who liveth and reigneth with Thee in the unity of the Holy Ghost, one God

EPISTLE:   2 Timothy 2: 8-10; 3: 10-12

Dearly beloved, be mindful that the Lord Jesus Christ is risen again from the dead, of the seed of David, according to my gospel. Wherein I labor even unto bands, as an evil-doer: but the word of God is not bound. Therefore I endure all things for the sake of the elect that they may also obtain the salvation, which is in Christ Jesus, with Heavenly glory. But thou hast fully known my doctrine, manner of life, purpose, faith, long-suffering, love patience persecutions, afflictions, such as came upon me at Antioch, at Iconium, and at Lystra; what persecutions I endured and out of them all the Lord delivered me. And all that will live godly in Jesus Christ shall suffer persecution.



GRADUAL:  Psalm 91: 13-14

The just shall flourish like the palm-tree; he shall grow up like the cedar of Libanus in the house of the Lord. V. To show forth Thy mercy in the morning and Thy truth in the night.

Alleluia, alleluia. V. (James 1: 12) Blessed is the man that endureth temptation; for when he hath been proved, he shall receive the crown of life. Alleluia.

GOSPEL:   Luke 10: 1-9

At that time, The Lord appointed also other seventy-two; and He sent them two and two before His face into every city and place whither He Himself was to come. And He said to them, “The harvest indeed is great, but the laborers are few: pray ye therefore the Lord of the harvest, that He send laborers into His harvest. Go, behold I send you as lambs among wolves. Carry neither purse, nor scrip, nor shoes; and salute no man by the way. Into whatsoever house you enter, first say, Peace be to this house: and if the son of peace be there, your peace shall rest upon him: but if not, it shall return to you. And in the same house remain, eating and drinking such things as they have: for the laborer is worthy of his hire. Remove not from house to house. And into what city soever you enter, and they receive you, eat such things as are set before you; and heal the sick that are therein; and say to them, The kingdom of God is come nigh unto you.”

OFFERTORY:    Psalm 88: 26

My truth and My mercy shall be with him: and in My name shall his horn be exalted.


May the kind intercessions of St. Ignatius be with our offerings, O Lord God, that the most holy mysteries, ín which Thou hast established the fountain of all sanctity, may in very truth sanctify us likewise. Through our Lord Jesus Christ Thy Son our Lord, Who liveth and reigneth with Thee in the unity of the Holy Ghost, one God

Forever and ever.

PREFACE   Common Preface

It is truly meet and just, right and for our salvation that we should at all times and in all places, give thanks unto Thee, O holy Lord, Father almighty, everlasting God: through Christ our Lord. Through Whom the Angels praise Thy Majesty, the Dominations worship it, the Powers stand in awe. The Heavens and the Heavenly hosts together with the blessed Seraphim in triumphant chorus unite to celebrate it. Together with them we entreat Thee, that Thou mayest bid our voices also to be admitted, while we say in lowly praise:

Sanctus, Sanctus, Sanctus Dóminus, Deus Sábaoth. Pleni sunt coeli et terra glória tua. Hosánna in excélsis. Benedíctus, qui venit in nómine Dómini. Hosánna in excélsis.

holy mass -


COMMUNION:   Luke 12: 49

I am come to send fire upon the earth, and what will I but that it be enkindled?


May the sacrifice of praise, O Lord, which with thanksgiving we have offered Thee, in honor of St. Ignatius, bring us, by his intercession, to the everlasting praise of Thy majesty. Through the Lord Jesus Christ, Thy Son, Who liveth and reigneth with Thee in the unity of the Holy Ghost, one God For ever and ever.

Evangelicals hail Pope’s Caserta visit and apology

francis deceiver

Evangelicals Love Pope Francis!!

(Vatican Radio) The head of the World Evangelical Alliance has hailed Pope Francis’ meeting with Pentecostals in Caserta and apologized for discrimination of Catholics by Evangelicals in the past. After an encounter with the Catholic community in the southern Italian city on Saturday, the Pope returned to Caserta on Monday where he was welcomed by over 200 members of the Pentecostal Church of Reconciliation.

Commenting on the impact of that historic meeting, the Secretary General of the World Evangelical Alliance, Rev. Dr. Geoff Tunnicliffe said while the official conversations between Catholics and Evangelicals are an essential part of the ecumenical journey, the building up of trust and friendship leads to a deepening of those theological dialogues. He also talked about the importance of a meeting that he and other Christian leaders had in June with Pope Francis in the Vatican and about the legacy of Evangelical leader Tony Palmer who died ten days ago…..

Rev. Tunnicliffe said he believes the work of building up relationships within the Christian family is extremely important…. “Jesus, in John 17, clearly calls us to be one and I think for those outside the Church, it’s important for them to understand that while there are differences within the Christian denominations, at the core we have so many areas of communality….”

Asked about the impact of Pope Francis’ meeting with Pentecostals in Caserta, Rev. Tunnicliffe noted that over recent years the World Evangelical Alliance, which represents some 650 million Christians around the world, has had growing interaction with the Vatican and the Catholic Church….”We’re just concluding our 2nd official theological dialogue which identifies areas of common concerns and areas where we still differ….but I think Pope Francis reaching out to Evangelicals bodes well for future conversations, because that will allow us to go deeper in our interactions together….

Commenting on Pope Francis’ apology for the persecution of Pentecostals by Catholics in the past, Rev. Tunnicliffe said he wants to commend the Pope for taking such a public step of asking for forgiveness….”It is biblical and it reflects the message of Jesus…..so my hope is that this act of Pope Francis will send a strong message around the world, particularly to those countries where there are significant tensions between Catholics and Evangelicals. But I also need to say this: I recognize that in history there have been situations where Protestants, including Evangelicals, have discriminated against Catholic Christians and I am really sorry for these kinds of actions, because while we can disagree theologically, this should never lead to discrimination or persecution of the other. We all need to acknowledge all our failings and ask each other for forgiveness and I think Pope Francis set a great example!”


The Archbishop of Trento bows down to the ideology of the century!

Msgr.  Luigi Bressan

There must not be any kind of discrimination of a sexual nature…

With Christian De Benedetto  local and national newspapers, websites, blogs, radio and television have spoken, often misinforming, what happened to the Institute of the Sacred Heart of Trento – public school (non-state) equal Catholic – including the director, Sister Eugenia Liberatore and a fixed-term employee that the school did not renew the contract of employment.


A very special issue, as it is an employment relationship, has thus become a “national case” simply because the teacher whose contract was not renewed the work has decided to bring his case to the attention of the press finding in the “Republic “a forum concerned to make yet another spot on the so-called homophobia. And yes, because the teacher in question is a lesbian and, precisely because of his homosexuality, would have been “discriminated against” by the nuns who run the Institute for Sacred Heart.

This would not only of a lesbian teacher but, as pointed out by Mother Eugenia, of a teacher who, during the hours of work at a Catholic school which is the Sacred Heart Institute, has repeatedly expressed favorable views of homosexuality. The causing all the outraged reaction of many parents who have strong complaints addressed to the director asking for action against conduct found to be inconsistent with the school’s educational project.

The Galaxy LGBT Arcigay and shouted to the persecution, the secular media have ridden the news under the label (now fashionable) homophobia, “Future” and “Sir” are reported to the shyness, the minister Stefania Giannini Inspectors sent by ruling: ” Where we were faced with a case related to a sexual discrimination would act with due severity . ” From CEI even a word, and so by his superiors Sister Eugenia. The Sacred Heart Sisters of the Institute of Trent were left alone, while newspapers and politics gave the worst.

In front of the verbal terrorism that he violently attacked the nuns “guilty of homophobia,” precisely those pastors who should defend the flock entrusted to them even at the cost of his own life showed the face of a cowardly hierarchy more and more prostrate in the world.

In so fearful silence Archbishop Archbishop of Trent. Luigi Bressan, however, spoke. thinks that the good Catholic Bishop of Sister Eugenia did hear his strong voice in defense of the decision taken by the nuns, to remind the Church’s right to teach in Catholic schools and teachers to select the second an educational project according to the Gospel, to denounce the violence of the media and the legal madness that hides behind the term “homophobia” as the diabolical LGBT agenda. None of that! ” There should not be any kind of discrimination of a sexual nature , “these, however, the words of Msgr. Bressan who has been summoned Sister Eugenia ” to clarify things . ” Yet St. John Paul II reminds us that the Holy Scripture ” presents homosexual acts as acts of grave depravity “(CCC, 2357) and that the homosexual inclination is objectively disordered (CCC, 2358).

The Bishop of Trent should know that a teacher who offers to students’ opinions contrary to the moral teaching makes a real scandal and that it is the duty of those who oversees prevent children being scandalized. If even a Catholic school can offer young people an education conform to sound doctrine, even if the Catholic schools must submit to the LGBT propaganda, meaning that they still have such schools (which would be Catholic in name only)?

The words of Msgr. Bressan are a triumph of politically correct , too bad that the Magisterium of the Roman Catholic Church teaches exactly the opposite reaffirming the right, sometimes even the duty, to discriminate against those who outwardly manifest their homosexuality.

Archbishop Bressan said that ” there must not be any kind of discrimination of a sexual nature ,”   the Sacred Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, then headed by Cardinal. Ratzinger, instead teaches: ” The sexual orientation does not constitute a quality comparable to race, ethnic origin, etc.. compared to non-discrimination. Unlike these, homosexual orientation is an objective disorder and evokes moral concern. There are areas in which it is not unjust discrimination to take sexual orientation into account: for example, in the placement of children for adoption or foster care, in employment of teachers or athletic coaches, and in military service. Homosexual persons, as human persons, have the same rights as all other people (…), however, these rights are not absolute. They can be legitimately limited for objectively disordered external conduct. This is sometimes not only licit but obligatory. Include the homosexual tendency among the considerations on the basis of which it is illegal to discriminate can easily lead to regarding homosexuality as a positive source of human rights, for example, in reference to the so-called affirmative action or preferential treatment in hiring practices. This is all the more deleterious since there is no right to homosexuality “(Sacred Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, Some Considerations Concerning the Response to Legislative Proposals on the Non-Discrimination of Homosexual Persons , 10-13).

The contradiction is obvious. What can I say? Just so sad to see a successor of the Apostles unable to bear witness to the Truth opportune importune , a bishop prostrate to the ideology of the century. (Christian De Benedetto)



In boiling hot suits with silent death lurking everywhere… How deadly Ebola has spread across the globe

Ebola outbreak

In boiling hot suits with silent death lurking everywhere and the fear that a mistake could be fatal: Doctors give a terrifying insight into their battle in the crucible of the biggest Ebola outbreak in history.

British doctor Hannah Spencer tells of the difficulty in treating patients in boiling hot suit Speaks of the ‘anxieties’ about catching the virus that you have to push to the back of your mind How after the patients have died that the risk of infection becomes the worst Two American doctors are fighting for their lives after they volunteered in Liberia Center of the world’s worst outbreak where 600 have died and 1,200 have been infected A doctor who has fought the Ebola virus in Liberia where it infected two American doctors today gave a terrifying insight into how medics put their fears aside and their lives on the line to treat patients in the current outbreak taking a grip in Africa. Doctor Hannah Spencer revealed how she wills herself to feel safe inside a boiling hot air-sealed Hazmat suit – her only barrier between her and catching an invisible killer that kills 90 per cent of those who are infected. Dr Spencer, who is British, volunteered for medical charity Doctors Without Borders in Guinea and Liberia – the crucible of the current outbreak which has killed more than 600 and infected around 1,200.

Danger everywhere: A hygienist approaches patients classified as suspects wearing a boiling hot Hazmat suit to protect them from the invisible killer

Danger everywhere: A hygienist approaches patients classified as suspects wearing a boiling hot Hazmat suit to protect them from the invisible killer

Boiling: Doctors and nurses lose up to five litres in sweat during an hour-long shift in the suits and have to spend two hours rehydrating after

Boiling: Doctors and nurses lose up to five litres in sweat during an hour-long shift in the suits and have to spend two hours rehydrating after
Gruelling: The volunteer doctors are only allowed to work for between four and six weeks in the field

Gruelling: The volunteer doctors are only allowed to work for between four and six weeks in the field

She spoke out before news emerged that two Americans, Dr Kent Brantly, 33, and Nancy Writebol, 60, had contracted Ebola and are fighting for their lives to explain the risks, the courage, the physical toll and fear endured by doctors battling to contain the virus from killing more. To minimise the risk of infection they have to wear thick rubber boots that come up to their knees, an impermeable body suit, gloves, a face mask, a hood and goggles to ensure no air at all can touch their skin. Dr Spencer, 27, and her colleagues lose up to five litres of sweat during a shift treating victims and have to spend two hours rehydrating afterwards. They are only allowed to work for between four and six weeks in the field because the conditions are so gruelling. At their camp they go through multiple decontaminations which includes spraying chlorine on their shoes.Dr Spencer, who is from Surrey in the UK, said that she signed up to help Doctors Without Borders for three weeks after hearing about the outbreak of Ebola in West Africa.

Calm: Dr Hannah Spencer, with Doctors Without Borders, worked in Liberia to tackle Ebola

Calm: Dr Hannah Spencer, with Doctors Without Borders, worked in Liberia to tackle Ebola

First she went to Guinea where she worked in an isolation ward and then to a rural clinic in Foya, Liberia, which is not the same location as where the Americans were. Dr Spencer said: ‘I wouldn’t say I felt completely calm – obviously you have some anxieties before you go. But once you’ve done your first day in the isolation ward, when you’re wearing all the protective gear, you feel safe to work with the patients. ‘It’s difficult working in the protective clothing – it’s very hot, and you can’t spend more than an hour inside it. So when you’ve got a large number of patients, it’s hard to feel that you are spending long enough with each one. ‘I also found that, with the mask and the goggles and the layers of protective clothing, it took much longer than normal to build a relationship with the patients.’
Rudimentary: Plastic buckets for disinfectant or even possibly vomit from patients stand in front of simple partitions put up to make cubicles for the ever-increasing number of patients

 Rudimentary: Plastic buckets for disinfectant or even possibly vomit from patients stand in front of simple partitions put up to make cubicles for the ever-increasing number of patients

‘We sweat, we’re losing water; we’re getting hotter and it wreaks havoc on the body’
              – Volunteer doctor Tim Jagatic

One of Dr Spencer’s colleagues is Canadian GP Tim Jagatic who is on the ground in Kailahun, Sierra Leone, also affected by the outbreak. He said: ‘Because we’re wearing personal protective equipment, it limits the amount of time that we spend inside the isolation unit. ‘We would like to keep a visit between 45 minutes and one hour, but now, we’re stretching it to almost two hours. We put ourselves through a very strong physiological stress when we’re using personal protection gear. ‘We sweat, we’re losing water; we’re getting hotter and it wreaks havoc on the body. Our own endurance starts to wear down.’ Doctors Without Borders has established strict rules about treating Ebola and encourages doctors to treat patients using oral medication and not needles. They are given a ‘buddy’ to watch out for symptoms and when they return to their home countries, staff have to remain within a short driving distance of a hospital in case they later discover they are exposed. Dr Spencer said that the 10-bed isolation unit she worked at in Foya became crammed with 22 patients within days of her arrival, with many lying on mattresses on the floor.She said: ‘One day four children, all aged around three and four, were brought to us from another health facility, sick with fever.  ‘They were from two different families but lived in the same house, where two adult family members had died of the disease. ‘The children arrived in the ambulance accompanied by a mother and an aunt, but the mother refused to let them out. She didn’t believe the children had Ebola, or that their family members had died from it – she was convinced they had been poisoned by something. ‘It took us over an hour to persuade her to even leave the ambulance.’ Dr Spencer added that funerals were among the times that an Ebola victim is the most contagious, even though they disinfect the bodies. During the ceremony it is customary in Liberia to touch the body as you pay your respects. She said: ‘At traditional funerals, it’s common for the body to be displayed and for all of the mourners to touch it as they say their final goodbyes. If someone has died from Ebola, the level of virus in their body is extremely high.’ Dr Jagatic also explained the climate of fear gripping villages and the stigma the virus brought with it. He said that when doctors entered villages in their protective ‘spacesuits’ and began spraying disinfectant they would be accused of spreading Ebola rather than fighting it. He added: ‘There was a group of seven people dropped off at our hospital yesterday, because they were believed to have been in contact with somebody who had Ebola. ‘They were shunned. Rocks were being thrown in their direction. When our ambulance showed up to deal with the dead body, the leader of that community forced our ambulance to take those people. ‘Two of them ended up being feverish, so we kept them in our ward for suspected cases. But we had to have a long discussion with community leaders.’ According to the World Health Organization, Ebola is transmitted by direct contact with bodily fluids or by touching anything that has had them on it. It is often spread through family and friends because they come into close contact with victims as they care for them. The incubation period is two to 21 days and after that it can kill within days due to internal bleeding. There is no known cure.

Grim: Dr Brantly helps carry the body of an Ebola victim. Once the patient dies their bodies have to be disinfected as they become highly infectious and in Liberia it is tradition to touch the dead at funerals

Grim: Dr Brantly helps carry the body of an Ebola victim. Once the patient dies their bodies have to be disinfected as they become highly infectious and in Liberia it is tradition to touch the dead at funerals Dr Brantly had been treating victims when he showed symptoms whilst Mrs Writebol was helping to disinfect workers as they left the Ebola unit in the hospital on the outskirts of the Liberian capital, Monrovia. They are currently being treated in isolation in the same hospital where they were working, which is run by the US-based Christian charity Samaritan’s Purse and SIM Liberia. Pictures made public by Samaritan’s Purse show Dr Brantly wearing a white full body suit and goggles in the chapel of the hospital where he works. Others show him wearing the same protective clothing whilst bending down on a ward to treat a patient who is lying on a bed. Dr Brantly’s wrists can be seen tightly bandaged to stop any air from getting in.

Other photos show that crude signs have been erected around the isolation unit made of white sheets with the words: ‘Stay Away!’ written on them. Currently it is in a converted chapel and workers for the charity posted on Facebook the rudimentary buckets, spray machines, latrines and bedding they have to work with. Friends said Dr Brantly is ‘terrified’ that the disease will get more severe but has told friends that he will have ‘no regrets’ if he dies as he is putting his trust in God. His wife Amber and their two children had left Liberia several days before he began exhibiting symptoms.

‘At traditional funerals, it’s common for the body to be displayed and for all of the mourners to touch… If someone has died from Ebola, the level of virus in their body is extremely high’
  – Dr Hannah Spencer

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 How deadly Ebola has spread across the globe: Health officials try to trace 30,000 linked to death of American victim – as Nigerian film star sparks outrage by fleeing Africa first-class in a mask


Hong Kong woman quarantined when she fell ill after returning from Kenya

Expert claims panic over death of U.S. man in Nigeria is ‘justified’

He warned the spread of Ebola could become a global pandemic

Health campaigners petition U.S. drug authorities to fast-track potential cure

Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond declares disease is ‘very serious threat’

He will chair an emergency meeting on how to boost defences

British airlines are also on ‘red alert’ for cases of the deadly virus

Man with ‘feverish’ symptoms tested for deadly Ebola at Birmingham hospital

He had travelled into Midlands from Benin, Nigeria via France when he fell ill

Charing Cross Hospital staff also feared man had Ebola symptoms this week

No cases have been confirmed in UK but 672 people have died in West Africa

Warning issued to GPs, A&E departments and all NHS trusts across the UK

Symptoms include high fever, bleeding and damage to the nervous system

Fears of a global Ebola pandemic are ‘justified’ an expert has said as Nigerian health officials try to trace 30,000 people at risk of contracting the deadly disease following the death of Patrick Sawyer. The U.S. citizen boarded a flight in Liberia carrying the disease to Nigeria, potentially infecting ‘anyone on the same plane’. It comes as Nigerian actor Jim Iyke sparked outrage, posting a picture of himself wearing an Ebola mask while sitting in a first class airport lounge as he fled Liberia. The ‘Nollywood’ star posted a message on his Instagram page saying he had cut short a business trip to Monrovia in Liberia –  where at least 600 people have already died from the disease. The death toll for this, the worst outbreak recorded since the Ebola virus was discovered in 1976, stands at 672, while more than 1,200 people have been infected.

The latest outbreak of Ebola is the most severe since the disease was discovered in 1976. So far the disease has spread from a village in Guinea to Sierra Leone, Liberia and Nigeria

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