Vatican Statement on Pope’s Phone Call to Divorced/Remarried Woman


The papacy under Francis Bergoglio is one disappointment after another disappointment. Obviously the report is true or  Vatican Press Office Director Father Lombardi would have outright denied it!!!  This is Adultery plain and simple!!!  Francis- Bergoglio has just consented a sinner to Sacrilege and how many will follow after this heretical episode because what is deemed okay for one should be for another, in a sinners deranged way of thinking!!!  This is an outrage!!

(National Catholic Register)  –  Vatican Press Office Director Father Federico Lombardi issued the following statement this morning concerning Pope Francis’ recent telephone call to an Argentine woman who some press reports said was divorced and remarried, telling her she could receive Holy Communion.

Statement from the Director of the Holy See Press Office

Several telephone calls have taken place in the context of Pope Francis’ personal pastoral relationships.

Since they do not in any way form part of the Pope’s public activities, no information or comments are to be expected from the Holy See Press Office.

That which has been communicated in relation to this matter, outside the scope of personal relationships, and the consequent media amplification, cannot be confirmed as reliable, and is a source of misunderstanding and confusion.

Therefore, consequences relating to the teaching of the Church are not to be inferred from these occurrences.


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