HERESY!!! “Pope” Francis advised Tony Palmer NOT to Convert, ordered him buried as a Catholic Bishop!!!

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Unbelievable: Pope Francis-Bergoglio playing God again… Tony Palmer not Catholic but Buried as a Catholic Bishop!!!!  Welcome to the Church of Bergoglio, where NON-Catholics are buried as Catholics and in some cases  A CATHOLIC BISHOP!!

Anathema sit!! Haereticus!!

Novus Ordo Watch: “Pope” Francis advised Tony Palmer NOT to Convert, ordered him buried as a Catholic Bishop!

The absurd circus that is the Jorge Bergoglio “Papacy” continues unabated. A very interesting article published by Austen Ivereigh in the Boston Globe on August 7, 2014, gives a lot of background information on the friendship between “Pope” Francis and the Anglican-Evangelical “Bishop” Tony Palmer, and casts the latter’s deadly motorcycle accident in an even more significant light:

[The church communion Palmer was “ordained” in sees itself] as part of a “convergence” movement, seeking to combine evangelical Christianity with the liturgy and sacraments typical of Catholicism.

That convergence, Palmer told me, “is a precursor to full unity between the Protestant and Catholic Churches.”

Palmer and [his “Catholic” wife Emiliana] Calisi began doing joint missions around the world — which is what took him to Buenos Aires in 2006. Its archbishop, Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio, had overcome his reservations about the charismatic renewal and enthusiastically backed a 6,000-strong joint Catholic-evangelical gathering that year in Buenos Aires’ Luna Park stadium.

At one point, when Palmer was tired of living on the frontier and wanted to become Catholic, [then-Cardinal] Bergoglio advised him against conversion for the sake of the mission.

“We need to have bridge-builders”, the cardinal told him.


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Berlin House of One: The first church-mosque-synagogue?

A woman holds a model of the House of One

“I saw that many pastors allowed themselves to be taken up with ideas that were dangerous to the Church. They were building a great, strange, and extravagant Church. Everyone was to be admitted in it in order to be united and have equal rights: Evangelicals, Catholics, sects of every description. Such was to be the new Church…”                   – Ven. Anne Catherine Emmerich

“Catholics who remain faithful to Tradition even if they are reduced to but a handful, they are the True Church of Jesus Christ.”                               – St. Athanasius

(BBC) – Berlin thinks it is making religious history as Muslims, Jews and Christians join hands to build a place where they can all worship. The House of One, as it is being called, will be a synagogue, a church and a mosque under one roof. An architecture competition has been held and the winner chosen. The striking design is for a brick building with a tall, square central tower. Off the courtyard below will be the houses of worship for the three faiths – the synagogue, the church and the mosque. It is to occupy a prominent site – Petriplatz – in the heart of Berlin. The location is highly significant, according to one of the three religious leaders involved, Rabbi Tovia Ben Chorin. “From my Jewish point of view the city where Jewish suffering was planned is now the city where a centre is being built by the three monotheistic religions which shaped European culture,” he told the BBC.

Can they get on? “We can. That there are people within each group who can’t is our problem but you have to start somewhere and that’s what we are doing.”

The imam involved, Kadir Sanci, sees the House of One as “a sign, a signal to the world that the great majority of Muslims are peaceful and not violent”. It’s also, he says, a place where different cultures can learn from each other. Each of the three areas in the House will be the same size, but of a different shape, architect Wilfried Kuehn points out.


Floorplan of The House of One

“Each of the singular spaces is designed according to the religious needs, the particularities of each faith,” he says. “There are for instance two levels in the mosque and the synagogue but there’s only one level in the church. There will be an organ in the church. There are places to wash feet in the mosque.”

He and his team of architects researched designs for the three types of worshipping place and found more similarities than expected.

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You can hear Stephen Evans’s radio report on the House of One on the Sunday programme at 07:10 BST on 22 June on BBC Radio 4, or catch up later on the BBC iPlayer

“What’s interesting is that when you go back a long time, they share a lot of architectural typologies. They are not so different,” Kuehn says. “It’s not necessary for instance for a mosque to have a minaret – it’s only a possibility and not a necessity. And a church doesn’t need a tower. This is about going back to the origins when these three faiths were close and shared a lot architecturally”.

In the past, different faiths have used the same buildings but not usually at the same period. Mosques in southern Spain became cathedrals after the Christian conquest. In Turkey, churches became mosques. In Britain old Welsh chapels have sometimes become mosques as areas change – and Brick Lane mosque in the East End of London started as a church in the 18th Century, later became a synagogue before turning to Islam, and has now become a place of worship for the newly arrived Muslim community.

But that’s different from the three faiths worshipping as neighbours under one roof.

German Pastor Gregor Hohberg, Israeli Rabbi Tovia Ben-Chorin and German-Turkish Imam Kadir Sanci hold three bricks
The hands of Rabbi Tovia Ben-Chorin, Father Gregor Hohberg and Imam Kadir Sanci are see as they hold symbolic bricks

The idea came from the Christian side of the triangle.

Pastor Gregor Hohberg, a Protestant parish priest, says it will be built where the first church in Berlin, dating back to the 12th Century, was once situated. St Petri’s Church was badly damaged at the end of World War Two as the Red Army liberated Berlin. What remained was destroyed in the period after the war by the East German authorities.

Then, six years ago, archaeologists uncovered remains from an ancient graveyard and it was decided that something should be done to resurrect a community and its place of worship. The project expanded and changed from a single-faith building to the present three-faith plan. Money is now being raised to turn the architects’ plans into bricks and mortar.

St Peter's Church in 1850 and graves being discovered in 2008St Peter’s Church in 1850, and graves being excavated in 2008

Each faith will keep its distinctive ways within its own areas, Pastor Hohberg says.

“Under one roof: one synagogue, one mosque, one church. We want to use these rooms for our own traditions and prayers. And together we want to use the room in the middle for dialogue and discussion and also for people without faith.

“Berlin is a city where people come together from all over the world and we want to give a good example of togetherness.”

It was not always the Berlin way.

Syncretism at the Vatican: Giving Countenance to False Religion!!


I saw also the relationship between the two popes. . . I saw how baleful would be the consequences of this false church. I saw it increase in size; heretics of every kind came into the city (of Rome). The local clergy grew lukewarm, and I saw a great darkness… ”

– Bl. Anne Catherine Emmerich, May 13, 1820

Mohammedanism was a heresy: that is the essential point to grasp before going any further. It began as a heresy, not as a new religion. It was not a pagan contrast with the Church; it was not an alien enemy. It was a perversion of Christian doctrine. It vitality and endurance soon gave it the appearance of a new religion, but those who were contemporary with its rise saw it for what it was_not a denial, but an adaptation and a misuse, of the Christian thing.


Something very odd will be happening in the Vatican tomorrow. From Vatican Insider:

It will begin with three distinct prayers – Jewish, Christian and Muslim – the “prayer for peace” that will bring together, on Sunday evening in the Vatican gardens, Pope Francis, Israeli President Shimon Peres, the Palestinian Authority, Mahmoud Abbas (Abu Mazen) and the Orthodox Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew. It will be a “pause from politics” and the delegations, which are still incomplete, will not include representatives of the respective governments.


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– Hilaire Belloc, The Great Heresies

HERESY!!!! Islamic prayers to be held at the Vatican

Islamic Prayers, Readings from Quran to be Heard at the Vaticanfor the First Time in History!!!


 For the first time in history, Islamic prayers and readings from the Quran will be heard at the Vatican on Sunday, in a move by Pope Francis to usher in peace between Israelis and Palestinians.

Francis issued the invitation to Israeli President Shimon Peres and Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas during his visit last week to Jordan, Israel, and the Palestinian Authority.

Abbas, Peres, and Francis will be joined by Jewish, Christian and Islamic religious leaders, a statement released by Peres’s spokesperson said, according to the Times of Israel.

Holy See officials on Friday said the evening prayers would be a “pause in politics” and had no political aim other than to rekindle the desire for Israeli-Palestinian peace at the political and popular level, according to the Associated Press.

Low expectations

The Vatican will broadcast a live feed of the event to viewers across the world.

However, expectations for the event should be kept low, according to Rev. Pierbattista Pizzaballa, the custodian of Catholic Church property in the Holy Land.

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During his recent journey to the Holy Land, Pope Francis invited Shimon Peres, President of the State of Israel, and Mahmoud Abbas, President of the Palestinian Authority, to come to the Vatican to “send up” with him “a mighty prayer, appealing to God for the gift of peace.”  This interreligious meeting will take place this month on the afternoon of June 8, on the Feast of Pentecost, and the Pope announced that a rabbi and a Muslim [cleric] would be with him on either side.

In an interview granted to Vatican Radio, Cardinal Pietro Parolin, Secretary of State of the Holy See, declared:  “We hope that in a place where presently human efforts have failed, the Lord might give wisdom and fortitude to all, in order to build a true peace.”  Now it is certain that the Lord Jesus Christ is not the one who will be invoked by Shimon Peres and Mahmoud Abbas, nor by the rabbi and the Muslim [cleric] on either side of the Pope, since Judaism and Islam reject the Savior, the Son of God.  Francis says that he hopes for a “mighty prayer”, but it will be mighty ambiguous.  As at Assisi, the participants will be together in order to prayseparately.

In a message dated May 19 addressed to Cardinal Jean-Louis Tauran, President of the Pontifical Council for Interreligious Dialogue, the Pope asserted that this dialogue “does not imply relativizing the Christian faith”.  Those are words;  the June 8 meeting will be a much more eloquent act.  They will put under a bushel basket the message of the one Savior, the Prince of Peace

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