Papa Francesco in the viewfinder Isis: The photo of the horror“

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Kafir (Unbeliever) – DEATH THREATS TO BERGOGLIO FROM ISLAMISTS: Father Lombardi downplays and does not take seriously!

Papa Francesco in the viewfinder Isis: “Risk to attack him”
In less than a week, the Pope will visit in Albania. And the jihadist cells in the Balkans are preparing in their own way!

Papa Francesco in the viewfinder Isis: “Risk to attack him”

They vowed that “take” Rome. And that they will, as always, with their methods horror . Now, after the beheading third in less than a month , the threats Isis began to be really afraid. And a growing concern for the safety of Pope Francis . To start the alarm, in addition to the words of the Caliph, a montage of the Holy Father between the posts on the network of Islamic radicals and a trip to Albania that Francis will face in the coming days.

A rebuild the whole thing is “Il Giornale” , in which a piece from the “many voices” finds confirmation of apprehension for the Pontiff.

“Some crazy Jihad, already present in our country, could groped to hit the Pope” confirms Giuseppe Esposito, vice president of Copasir, the Audit Committee of the secret services in the Journal.

Alarms are also coming Iraqi Ambassador to the Vatican, Habeeb Al Sadr. “Pope is a target – he admits – Our analysts and intelligence make assumptions in this regard. Islamic State points to the media hype, just see the beheadings. Not rule out that the Isis arrivals to hit him. ”

And, he notes, “Il Giornale”, the first good chance it could be a trip to Albania Pope Francis has planned for the next twenty-September.

The threat could come from cells in Kosovo, Bosnia and Macedonia, from where they started hundreds of fighters holy war in Syria and Iraq. On June 19, on the Facebook page of Safet Kuduzovic ‘, a Bosnian Salafi preacher, appeared the photomontage of Pope Francis with his forehead written in red “Kafir” , which means unbeliever. And below the Quranic verse which reserves the unbelievers the fire of hell.

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