Franciscans of the Immaculate: Pontifical Commissioner Illegally Suspends Six Friars Who Sought Shelter

 Fixed and Immovable

Fixed and Immovable

Totalitarian Dictatorship in the Franciscans of the Immaculate: Pontifical Commissioner Illegally Suspends Without Due Process Six Friars Who Sought Shelter!

(Rorate Caeli) – The ongoing affair of the Franciscan Friars of the Immaculate has arrived at a point at which Commissioner Fidenzio Volpi, who is responsible for this disaster, is wildly delivering blows like a giant Polyphemus, beyond every rule of Canon Law, common sense, plain charity, and even human logic. Rorate has learned that Volpi has in fact suspended “a divinis” six Friars (names withheld for their protection) who are under the care of bishops outside of Italy who have welcomed them and are awaiting their dispensations from their vows from the Congregation for Religious.
The cause of this incredibly violent ecclesiastical censure is in fact their wanting to leave the Institute. This is incredible because the general rule, confirmed by a very long canonical tradition, is that a suspension “a divinis” is a penal action to be imposed only for a grave transgression, and above all, after a normal procedure that includes the right to defense and only after two admonitions administered within a certain period of time. Commissioner Volpi instead communicated to the Friars the admonitions and the suspension at the same time, sending three letters at the same time, and in this way lacking the formal conformity to norms that is expected in these situations. The “crime” committed is the fact that these Friars were outside of their monastery, an act that takes them out of Volpi’s jurisdiction and therefore an act of disobedience to the Pope. They were treated in this account as if they were schismatics…!
Canon Law, together with plain common sense, has been completely trampled upon. The reason why these Friars and many other Friars left the house in the first place to find refuge among reasonable and understanding bishops is that the atmosphere within the Institute had become intolerable and suffocating for them, with extremely grave effects both physical and psychological. To save their vocations and to not lose their faith altogether, they decided to ask for the dispensation of their Religious Vows that bound them to the Commissioner, and to ask various bishops to incardinate them in their dioceses as simple priests.

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La Stampa: Police now Used to Intimidate and Censor Critics (and their family members) of Persecution of Franciscans of the Immaculate – Freedom of the Press Under Threat by Church Authorities

By the senior religious correspondent of Italian daily La Stampa, the startling news: those responsible for the intervention of the Franciscans of the Immaculate, after silencing their innocent victims inside the Church, now use the Police to intimidate journalists and bloggers  and their family members ! in Italy.

It is probably the most serious attempt by an ecclesial authority to make use of the police forces (and police that are members of the military forces) to limit the freedom of the press or public free speech by laymen in Italy in living memory — the attempt is based on scraps of a couple of past posts, but the intent and likely result is obviously to intimidate and limit (even by the sheer weight and cost of litigation, and the fear of having family members summoned by the military or the police) the future activity of the media on covering some suspicious ecclesial activities. The end practical result is plain censorship. It is a shocking new chapter in the grotesque soap opera of the intervention in the Franciscans of the Immaculate.

(Note: Exactly one year ago, the terrible news of the Intervention was first made public — July 29, 2013: see Sandro Magister and Rorate.)


From the United States, we have been sent the text of a letter in which Francesco Colafemmina, the owner of a blog widely known and followed in the ecclesial camp, “Fides et Forma”, tells his story: and that was being summoned, with his wife, by the Carabinieri [the Italian Gerdarmerie, the Carabinieri are the national military armed police corps and one of the four Armed Forces of the Italian military]following an accusation of defamation by Father Alfonso Bruno, the right-hand man of the Commissioner of the Franciscans of the Immaculate [Father Fidenzio Volpi]. This is Italy! This is the Vatican! The letter was in English, the translation is ours.

 by Marco Tosatti

[senior religious correspondent for Italian daily] La Stampa
July 29, 2014
From the United States we have been sent the text of a letter that Francesco Colafemmina, the owner of a blog widely known and followed in the ecclesial camp, “Fides et Forma”, tells his story. This is how the author is presented by the blog: “A philologist, essayist, and writer from Apulia [Puglia], passionate for sacred art and architecture. Obviously for that art that embodies Catholicism and the tradition of the Church authentically. We live today in a frantic Western society in decadence and without memory. We live in a world where beauty is a simple speck, a moment destined to disappear, to be reabsorbed in the magma of images, of feelings, of emotions that discolor daily life in a film that has already been seen, boring and repetitive. My goal since the year of creation of ‘Fides et Forma’ has been that of giving voice to that ancient soul of Catholicism that was left buried under the layers of the rhetoric of aggiornamento. A strange dynamic inclined to wiping out the identity of the Church in a vaguely irenistic idea of modernity and progress reduced also sacred are and architecture to mere senseless automatons.”
It is therefore a blog of a traditional character. That took a stand vigorously against the intervention on the Franciscan Friars of the Immaculate, intervened without any specific accusation having been raised against them, but only that vague one of “crypto-lefebvrism”, and with procedures, according to what has appeared in the newspapers, far away from the mercy proclaimed many times by Pope Francis.
This is the letter, which we have received in English and that we have translated.

Update on the Franciscan Friars of the Immaculate – Continue Praying

Franciscan Friars of the Immaculate

Dear friends in Christ,

It is summer time and some are having their fair share of relax, but please don’t stop praying for reconciliation among the friars and restoration of the FFI. Offer also some prayers for the Franciscan Sisters of Immaculate and for Sr. Barbiero, apostolic visitor. Ask your friends and relatives to pray for the institute, God will reward you!

Please don’t forget Fr. Stefano M. Manelli, who is still suffering and still under severe limited freedom of movement measure (which is a correct definition of his situation, more than “house arrest”, a term that I’ve been erroneously using sometimes – and for this I ask everyone pardon). Anyway, limitation of movement with bureaucratic measures has now been extended to all the friars. Currently Fr. Manelli is bearing so much pain for what’s happening and for the fate of his spiritual children. And will you forget Fr. Gabriele M. Pellettieri when saying your rosaries? I bet no. These two men are still charged of misconducts and drifts, but nothing has been proved so far.


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Franciscans of the Immaculate: Official Note of the Authority of the Institute

FFI volpi-francescani-dellimmacolata

Official Note of the Authority of the Institute The Commissioner Volpi liquid Church law!!!

On 1 July the following output is “Official Note of the Authority of the Institute,” dual signature of the Secretary-General, Father Alphonsus Maria Bruno FI, and Commissioner Apostolic Father Fidenzio Volpi OMF Capp., Franciscan Friars of the Immaculate Conception:

” In view of some serious abuses that have harmed the image and at the same proper religious life of the Institute, please note the heads of all the homes that Mariane removal, even for short periods of Religious assigned to them can be only with the express written permission from the respective national delegation if the trip takes place within it, or the Commissioner’s Apostolic if you go abroad.

These provisions shall also apply to the Reverend Fathers Guardians and Vicars Officers.

To them require the posting of this notice in the albo of each House Mariana, his reading of the Community and the timely execution of the provisions in it.

Rome, July 1, 2014 »

We would like to argue that this Note is a further step towards the degiuridizzazione of the Church. The statement may appear severe and disproportionate, but we will try to show how the value of the document in question goes far beyond the events of the Institute founded by Father Stefano Manelli.

The question of the role of law in the Church is one of the crucial clash between the Catholic tradition and modernism, although it is among the least openly discussed. The Church was built by our Lord Jesus Christ as asocietas perfecta , ie a society sufficient to itself, with, at its core, all that needs. That’s the legal time is essential for every human community, which, if it is not regulated by your own, must borrow to others, thus ceasing to besocietas perfecta , to become societas imperfecta , indebted to another company in its own right. Hence the traditional care of the Church in respect of its domestic law, with attention to the forms and formalities, note that, at first glance, you could also appear excessive, but that has always played the dual role of safeguarding the independence of the Body Mystical Christ, in his human side, and to give greater substance and strength in the salvific mission of the Bride of Jesus, for this purpose has always been present in canon law as a norm “supercostituzionale” we would say today, through the principle of salus animarum suprema lex .

Modernism, however, attempted to deprive the life of the Church the legal aspect, considered unsuitable to accommodate the changing nature of the inspiration of the Spirit, in the name of a carismatismo, often unexpressed, which tends to justify or condemn individual stocks, not on the basis of legal certainty, but according to their membership or not the line of the renewal pursued by it, in a sort of double standard Leninist sauce Catholic: when the norm contradicts the anxiety of novelty, it should not be applied, as it contradicts “the inspiration of the Spirit”; when, however, the same rule may help quell the Tradition, sorry to “modernize the Church”, hitting those who are opposed to the “winds of change”, then it must be applied with extreme rigor, perhaps forcing it to what you need.

Canon law, far from the oppression of formalist whose fabled modernists, is the most concrete guarantee of a concrete realization of justice in the life of the Church, why unfair rules may find application, if not abuse, and thus with a crime, even on a purely legal: the unjust rule is never true norm, but always anti-juridical action, because it contradicts the natural law, hierarchically superior to the positive rules (imposed by the legislator).This principle is valid for all legal, even for those who deny it, in canon law is formalized explicitly.

Here is the elimination of legality and its replacement with the carismatismo and ideological politicization of action, far from opening up spaces of freedom, allowing the most blatant abuses.

And the note from which we started is an outstanding example. The Constitutions of the Franciscans of the Immaculate, no. 70, read as follows:

” The brothers should dwell in their own religious house observing a common life and can not assentarsene unlicensed Father’s guardian. And if it comes to a prolonged absence [for months] , the Minister General, with the consent of his Council, and for good cause, may grant to a monk living outside the home of the Institute, but for no more than a year, unless it is for health reasons, study or ministry to be carried out on behalf of the Institute (cf. canon 665 § 1). For a longer period is necessary indult from the Holy See . ”

Etiquette According to the interior, then, to go abroad you have to ask permission from the National Delegate (acting as Provincial).

What is the logic of the conjunction of the Constitutions and the internal Etiquette? The validity of the reasons why a brother may leave his habitual residence is decided by the nearest or, to be more precise, by the scope from which the friar himself out if he leaves the house and, therefore, comes from ‘ authority of the Father Guardian, the latter will give permission; if you have to go abroad, and thus evade the authority of the National Delegate, these will be to authorize it. The logic is so simple as to be trivial: who better than the person who has authority over a particular area can be related to the needs of the individual friar with those in the field governed by him? With the added benefit that is to decide who is closest to the actual personal situation (the monk) and collective.

What he says, however, the Note: For travel within the state, decides the national delegation, and for those abroad, even the Apostolic Commissioner.

For the canon law (constitutions) the friar is a resource, an asset, a grace of God, of which the manager may decide to deprive the scope that it lacks. To abuse (hereafter prove that the Note is a legal violation disguised as a rule), however, the presence of the friar in a given area is a danger, which may decide to run the monk in charge of the environment in which the present becomes . The right part of the confidence in the subject, until proven otherwise; abuse totalitarian and anti-juridical, however, part of the systematic mistrust, against which even the evidence to the contrary becomes, de facto , impossible.

The law is the protection of people, while deposing his freedom of will is for the holder of power, which is not seen more limited in his activity, from the norm.

More specifically, the Commissioner may extend beyond the Constitutions? Can violate them? It can change them? No, because the Commissioner is a superior general pro tempore . And, if the Superior General could change at will the Constitutions, they have no further value and reduce the life of the Order to the pure subjection to the will of the Superior. Other than the self-attributed to Father Manelli!

You could say that the pope’s authority is superior to that of the Constitutions and that, therefore, as Father Volpi enjoys the confidence of the Pope, the authority of the Pope covers the Commissioner’s actions. But this is false.

Official Note of the Authority of the Institute

It will be said that it is formalism. I have not! It is the most elementary rules of guarantee against abuse. The Constitutions are written codification of the lives of members of a religious order: violate them is to violate their lives, changing them means changing their lives. It’s just that, if the Pope wants to do it, is forced to do it in person, assuming full responsibility and that this power can not be left to someone who, at least in theory, can then be repudiated tomorrow by the Holy See.

As you can see, this note is not only a violation of the law, but it is a blatant violation; and this being obvious (would almost say ostentatious) makes a real attack to the whole legal system: it is as if the Commissioner said: “Canon law does not allow it, but my mission is over the legal system because I enjoy the confidence of the Pope and, therefore, I do what I think is appropriate, regardless of the law. “

Once again (and we fear that it will not be the last) the story of the Franciscans of the Immaculate Conception is true litmus test of the degree of depth reached by the crisis in the Church, the crisis of which the eclipse of the law is far from being an integral part secondary.

Carlo Manetti

FFI to Get House in Rome!!


Fr. Lombardi: This demonstrates the Pope’s closeness to the work Fr. Volpi is carrying out!!!

Franciscans of the Immaculate to receive house in Rome!!!  

.- The Vatican has revealed that a house is being sought for members of the Friars of the Immaculate who study in Rome, and assured that Pope Francis is well-informed on the order’s temporary receivership.

In a statement released June 24, Vatican spokesman Fr. Federico Lombardi S.J. published the answer of Archbishop Jose Rodriguez Carballo addressing several questions regarding the Franciscans of the Immaculate following a June 10 meeting with Pope Francis.

“The Holy Father is punctually informed of all the steps as they are taken,” he observed, explaining that currently “a house in Rome is being sought to accommodate the Friars…who attend a Pontifical university in Rome to pursue their studies.”

Archbishop Caraballo is the secretary for the Congregation for the Institutes of Consecrated Life and the Societies of Apostolic Life, and assists the congregation’s prefect, Cardinal Joao Braz de Aviz, in overseeing the order.

“Both the commissioner, Fr. Volpi, and all the seminarians of the Franciscans of the Immaculate were received by the Holy Father on June 10 at the Domus Sanctae Marthae,” Archbishop Caraballo said. 

This is “a gesture that demonstrates the interest with which Pope Francis follows the situation of the Franciscans of the Immaculate and his closeness to the work that the commissioner is carrying out in the name of the Congregation for the Institutes of Consecrated Life and the Societies of Apostolic Life.”

Founded by Fr. Stefano Manelli in 1970 with strong Marian charism, the Franciscans of the Immaculate were placed under temporary receivership last year in order to resolve internal differences involving the government and administration of the order, their relationship with their female branch, the use of the exclusive old missal and the interpretations of the Second Vatican Council.

During the hour and a half long meeting between the Pope and members of the religious order, all of the Friars present sang the Ave Maria di Fatima and renewed their vows of total consecration to the Immaculate.

Afterward the friars had the opportunity to ask Pope Francis questions on the most highly debated topics regarding their internal operations.

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Pope meets Franciscans of the Immaculate and knows neither law nor grace!!


Francis to sympathetic FFI minority: If the Pope says Black is White, Then it’s White!!!”

(Vatican) – How was released on Monday, a meeting between the Pope and Francis was already on 10 June Franciscans of the Immaculate instead. The meeting was known by Andrea Tornielli, who has risen in this pontificate to a kind of house and Hofvatikanisten of the Pope. Therefore can be no doubt about the authenticity of the content. It reproduces the line of the Pope and thus provides revealing insight. The first message is: For the Franciscans of the Immakualata there is no clear signal. Pope Francis was unmistakably understand that the rebuilding and penalties by Commissioner Volpi back to his express wish.

As the treatment of this until a year ago blossoming Order is as a shadow over the papacy, the meeting seems to have been thought outward to the image building and inwards to take any illusion that there will be a return to the charism of the founder. The article also suggests that Rome no altrituelle foundation of the Order of the Franciscans of the Immaculate wishes, as it is of a far greater part of the brethren as claimed in the article sought.

Once again, Pope Francis in connection with the Old Rite and the tradition of “ideology.” A one-sided partisanship, denied by both the equivalence of the rites and a priori for the new rite of the “true” normative, not ideological position is claimed.

This doubt will be automatically raised as Pope Francis his consent to the council hermeneutics Benedict XVI. says.Especially in connection with the handling of the Franciscans of the Immaculate Conception , which, unlike in the article shown in counseling were always birituell while they were orden internally altrituell that a continuity to Benedict XVI.more works constructed.

We publish Torniellis report in full, so that the reader can make a picture of will officially convey the impression of the Holy See. .

The meeting lasted one and a half hours – Proper hermeneutics is that of Benedict XVI.

by Andrea Tornielli
The encounter took place on Tuesday morning of June 10 in the chapel of the guest house Santa Marta at the Vatican in spite of the indisposition of the Pope, who had previously performed on the day the cancellation of several dates.Francis talked to one and a half hours with about 60 Franciscans of the Immaculate, founded by Father Stefano Manelli Orders, the Holy See last year made under provisional administration to resolve internal disputes, with the Order of management, administration, relations which female branch, now the exclusive use of the old Missal and the interpretation of the recent Council were related. The group consisted of about 40 seminarians, novices or theology and philosophy students along with their trainers and the papal commissioner Father Fidenzio Volpi.

The Franciscans sang the Ave Maria of Fatima and renewed in the hands of the Pope her vow of total consecration to the Immaculate. Then Francis were also questions about the thorniest issues that affect the internal life of the Order. Pope Bergoglio appeared well informed about everything, he pursued the matter at close range. He showed several times his appreciation for Father Volpi and denied the fact that the routing decisions of the Commissioner and his staff shall be made without his knowledge.

Because of the provisional administration and the restriction of the use of the old Missal, in contrast to what Summorum Pontificum Motu proprio be applicable according to the case of the Franciscans of the Immaculate can only be used after prior request and approval by the superiors, it came under brothers and seminarians to apostasy.

From 400 world religious men there are about 40 who applied for dispensation from the vows, about half of which are seminarians and therefore even students who have only taken temporary vows.

For motu proprio, Pope Francis, not. From the line of Benedict XVI an element that was not part of the founding charism of the Order – – one to want, and declared that even the Franciscans of the Immaculate Conception is the freedom to celebrate the Old Mass, even if for the moment because of the polemics about the exclusive use of this Missale solve “distinction” with the superiors and the bishop is necessary when it comes to celebrations in parishes, shrines and houses of formation. The Pope explained that there was a need freedom, both for those who, without the rite to an ideological flag in the Old as well as for those who want to celebrate in the New Rite.

One question concerned the interpretation of the Second Vatican Council. Francis reiterated his appreciation for the work of Archbishop Agostino Marchetto, whom he described as “the best Hermeneuten” of the Council. Then he replied to the objection that the Second Vatican Council was a pastoral council that has harmed the Church. The Pope said that although it was pastoral, contains doctrinal elements and a Catholic council is by emphasizing the line of the hermeneutic of reform in continuity of the single subject-Church, as Benedict XVI. had shown in his speech to the Roman Curia in December 2005. He recalled further that all councils triggered noise and reactions, because the demon “does not want that the Church is strong.” And he also said that we must go forward with a theological and not ideological hermeneutics of Vatican II.

Francis also said he was the closure of the convent’s Theological Institute of the Franciscans of the Immaculatewanted (STIM) so that the seminarians are studying at the Pontifical Theological Faculties in Rome. He specified also that in the Church, Orthodoxy is guaranteed by the successor of Peter.

There was no shortage of moments where Bergoglio told personal memories of Brother Anselmo, a Franciscan of the Immaculate Philippine ancestry, whom he met as a cardinal, when he visited the Church of Maria Santissima Annunziata on the Tiber, where he him the first time with a bucket had encountered in his hand when he was cleaning. Fra Anselmo is today in Nigeria. “He taught me humility, which has done me so well,” Francis said.

At the end of the encounter, the Pope greeted all those present in person. Two of them expressed their irritation at the treatment, which is subject to the Father Stefano Manelli founder. One of these two seminarians were few days after the meeting with the Pope announced his decision to leave the novitiate because he declared himself against the Second Vatican Council.

[Update 24.6. | 14:10: Colleagues of “Rorate Caeli” has managed to get some more exclusive details in experience.First, it states in general in terms of the unprecedented process by which the priests of the young Congregation her in the motu proprio “Summorum Pontificum” legal rights are deprived, but can ask for the celebration according to the traditional missal in the superiors for permission: “A permit, […] that for a large majority of those who had asked that went unanswered or rejected. “In the beginning of the struggle against the Franciscans of the Immaculate (FFI) many neo-conservative Catholics had commented that it still give an exemption, certain of the also generous use’m made ​​- well as it turns out, those circles undue apologetics Vatican and papal measures are even more dilapidated.

” Rorate Caeli “sees in the proceedings against the Franciscans a precedent that could be found throughout the Latin Church application in principle – this is clear from the institutions that are directly under the supervision of the Pontifical Commission” Ecclesia Dei “. However, one would have to add about “Rorate Caeli” beyond that peddled by Andrea Tornielli grounds that the traditional liturgy does not correspond to the founding charism of the Franciscans of the Immaculate Conception, also can be reversed: And then would the Pope all the communities of the Benedictines to the Dominicans, the Franciscans commit to the Jesuits, again return to the traditional liturgy.

Further reports “Rorate Caeli” as Giuseppe Nardi suggested in the introduction, the only reason for the meeting of the Pope with a delegation of FFI have been to “stop the bleeding” and to make it clear that the Holy Father behind the draconian measures against the Franciscans stand. During the audience the Pope Franzikus have St. Ignatius of Loyola quotes (or at least paraphrased). In his spiritual exercises of the founder of the Jesuit writes: “We need to make sure in all, keep a firm hold. Appears what my eyes do, I think is black if the hierarchical Church so decides” whether At the meeting, so ” Rorate Caeli was “not a member of the Congregation on the spot, which assume a critical attitude towards the papal intervention. However, an attendee asked the Holy Father personally, why there was another secret meeting in which the different perspective was not represented. Pope Francis was speechless face of unexpected boldness “this desperate brother.” / M. Benedict Buerger ]




The Passion of the Franciscans of the Immaculate – 11 months The Pope receives a delegation of the FI – and an introductory explanation with some exclusive information…

What happened on June 10?

(Rorate Caeli) –  

Two weeks ago, Pope Francis received around 40 members of the Franciscans Friars of the Immaculate, along with the commissioner appointed by the Congregation for Religious for the intervention on the FI, Capuchin Father Fidenzio Volpi. Though it was a large and scheduled meeting, it was kept in secret and unrecorded in the Vatican official media.

Silence from the official sources.

Oddly enough, it was only made public today, along with a photograph, still not by Vatican Radio, L’Osservatore Romano, or the Holy See Press Office, but by La Stampa  (full report below) — one of whose journalists has been acting as a kind of unofficial spokesman of the Volpi Intervention since July 2013. In such cases, the Holy See Press Office usually comes out to clarify something — after all, it is a large meeting, on a very delicate matter, and some points may be obscured by the report, but that has not happened. Why? That is not the usual Vatican modus operandi.
What is strange about the report on the Traditional Mass and Summorum?

It is that if it reflects the whole sentiment of the Pope, then the intervention should never have even happened. The Traditional Mass was not “part of the founding charism” of the Friars? Who did not know this? But if it is understood as a right of all priests of the Latin Church — which is the whole purpose of Summorum Pontificum — then it makes sense that priests with a traditional sensibility (as the Franciscan Friars always were) feel attached to it. In any event, it was never the Mass celebrated exclusively by the Friars, and no faithful who ever went to any Traditional Mass ever celebrated by the Friars ever heard anything against the Paul VI Mass; quite simply because it was never an ideological banner, but a sign of liturgical sensibility. The precedent of the intervention regarding the curtailing of the rights recognized by Summorum Pontificum, the need for a prior “authorization by the superiors” (an authorization that, Rorate has learned, has been denied to all or, at the very least, to the immense majority of those who explicitly asked for it) remain grave. Other than the very small proportion of priests ordained for institutes under the Pontifical Commission Ecclesia Dei (fewer than 1000 out of over 410,000 priests), the excuse of the Traditional Mass not being their specific “charism” or of “ideological manipulation” can be used in the future to curtail the rights of any priest of the Latin Church, except (perhaps) those of the Ecclesia Dei institutes (for whom, strictly speaking, Summorum Pontificum was a very good thing, but legally unnecessary). So despite the papal assurances, this intervention remains and will remain an enormous shadow over the application of Summorum Pontificum. Of course the Pope will not alter the text of Summorum Pontificum — but this is a Pope for whom texts are not as important as what he understands to be the needs of the Church required by the spirit of the times.

What is strange about the report on theology and the Theological Institute of the FI?

Second, and most strangely, if there was one –a single one– institute in the Catholic Church working to try to implement the vision of Benedict XVI regarding the Council it was the Franciscan Friars of the Immaculate.  It is scandalous that their Theological Institute was shut down and that the decision is defended by the Higher Authority. Is there a sign that it was propagating heresy, schism, apostasy? Where is the evidence? If it was, there are two congregations of the Roman Curia ready to study the matter in its educational (Congregation for Catholic Education) and in particular doctrinal (Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith) points of view. In the history of the Institute, it is clear that the call to help bridge any apparent differences between Vatican II and the preceding Magisterium came only after the public call of Pope Benedict XVI in his December 22, 2005, address to the Roman Curia. 



On June 14, there was a gathering in Rome, on the whole little attended, built environments of the right to reconcile with this slogan: “With Papa Francesco in Favor of the Founders of the Franciscans of the Immaculate.” Frankly, this event has left me very puzzled. For almost a year we have heard and read of ‘persecution’ that this congregation suffered by the ecclesiastical hierarchy, following a bitter showdown over inside with a commissioner and with the removal of the founder. This event actually was in favor of a part of the FFI (the ‘persecuted’) against the other (‘coup’) and against the hierarchy (‘persecutor’), but he would not be so explicitly. The measures against some of the brothers, are doctrinal or disciplinary nature? According to some question of the persecution (someone talked about the camp) of a hierarchy (Hitler?) Sees with annoyance, ‘the only remaining Catholic order’ in a ‘church’ is now an instrument of Satan. So you may wonder how you can remain in communion with a ‘Church’, now considered an instrument of Satan to ‘oppress’ the’ santi’e promote heretics. Many friars of the same order on the other hand, rarely brought into vogue by the various sites ‘criptolefevristi’, argue that the case of disciplinary action as a result of scabrous tales of a very secular, even regarding movable assets and real estate. Who is right? Everything is decided and approved by the ‘high and therefore appears curious manifest “With Papa Francesco,” as if the’ persecution ‘came from an Islamic terrorist group or by a Head of State and Calles had not already started instead with his predecessor JM Bergoglio . 
There would be an internal matter in short, perhaps marked by different sensitivities or preferences ‘liturgical’, but also other economic, that remittances should not be the votes or the number of signatures of the laity, something so anti-traditional. Anti-traditional thinking is that a procession should affect the internal balance of an order. Antitraditional is to minimize the maximum value of the measures of the hierarchy of that order. If we say it’s all a miserable conspiracy, then it is not martyrdom and masochism, but it is not true obedience but of convenience. In other words, love is complicity with his own executioner. Therefore it should not be a conspiracy, but the ‘traditionalists’ do not want to know: the whole reason and holiness are only one faction, the other infamy. Paradoxical then the Defense of Tradition certain ‘traditionalists’ motivations untraditional, like that of a holy order half and half infamous, the ‘Church persecutor of the Saints’ and with equally untraditional methods as an attempt to interfere media and piazzaiola in favor of a part, the one closer to the “Founders”, as if the other brothers were KGB agents and not their brothers. If this is true obedience and punished (almost suspended divinis) are wrong, assuming you really have to obey and conform (explaining it to their followers), but if you are really convinced of being persecuted for no reason, should publicly stand strong in the Faith ( also for the Good of their followers) and maybe share a serious reflection on the crisis facing the Church until the issue of the Authority. The tragicomic thing then, is that these poor friars, tralaltro people often excellent and prepared, are also mocked by almost all of the rest of the clergy to reconcile, but that is more consistent with the spirit of the post-conciliar. 
– Peter Ferrari

This disgusting and irreverent worship must stop!!

Yes, I know this has been around for a while and it is very beautiful but, someone obviously believes it to be disgusting and irreverent else why would the shackles have been placed on the wonderful Franciscan Friars of the Immaculate?

Franciscans of the Immaculate: New Order? The ridicule of the Commissary General Curia!

“Rorate Caeli is lying again about us”. For the brothers who want to keep the old rite, the Secretary-General only disparaging, little merciful words has left!!
Pope Francis and Commissioner Father Fidenzio Volpi
(Rome) The Acting General Curia of the Franciscans of the Immaculate (FI) increased mocking tone to a recent article by Rorate Caeli position. The well-known tradition associated English language website reported on 14 May that a “substantial” part of the Order, between 100 and 150 brothers have appealed to the Roman Curia, to be dismissed from the Order of pontifical right and to be a community of diocesan right.
The Franciscans of the Immaculate , since 1998, an institute of pontifical right, were provided with papal approval of the religious congregation on July 11, 2013 under provisional administration. Officially no reasons for the drastic intervention were called until today. In reality, the reasons can be quite reconstruct. The management of the religious congregation bothered the change in orden internal liturgy from the new to the old rite, the participation of the Order to a critical review of the council and its documents, and the post-conciliar period, and not least the fact that the order because of its seriousness and rigor of the was flourishing Order of the Catholic Church.

Since the hard engagement of the religious congregation with the dismissal of the General Government and the imposition of house arrest above the Founder, Father Stefano Maria Manelli, the brothers looking for a way to save the charism of the Order and continue to maintain the old rite.

Request for change of FI to Ecclesia Dei ignored

Already in the autumn made ​​a motion that the order recognized as altritueller Order and the jurisdiction of the Pontifical Commission a considerable part of the brothers Ecclesia Dei is assumed. The request was ignored by the religious congregation before. In this context, the new test is to see, to dispense with the already granted papal rights. Under a benevolent diocesan bishop should, as the desire of the signatories of the petition, a new order of diocesan right to be built.

The Acting General Curia of the Fanziskaner of the Immaculate Conception , to be exact the papal commissioner appointed by the Secretary-General Father Alfonso Bruno answered now on the article: “Rorate Caeli is lying again about us”. For the brothers who want to keep the old rite, the Secretary-General only disparaging, little merciful words has left.

New Order of diocesan right?

However, the General Curia, upheld the request to “be released from religious vows,” but played down the scope. “Only about 15 priests and seminarians as much in temporary vows” would have made the request. In short, only about ten percent of the remaining members of the Order and not 30-40 percent. The inner need of the friars after a year under provisional administration, the prohibition of the Old Rite, the imposition of numerous restrictions, the resolution of several monasteries, the suspension and removal of the international seminary is completely hidden by the Secretary-General set up.

“Did not even bishop who she wants”

In a mocking tone writes the General Curia that the priests who want to leave the Order, “have not even found in two months a bishop” who would be willing to accept them. Father Alfonso Bruno, the orden internal gray eminence behind the coup of 2013 against the order leadership simultaneously provides his interpretation of things corresponding to that line he spread since last summer: When the request for release of the religious vows and desire a new order to found that it was “merely a destructive and sabotaging strategy of former superiors who do not want the end of the crisis for ideological reasons and personal interests.” However, the Secretary-General also called in this case, no reasons for the provisional administration, nor to which “crisis” is and who caused this “crisis”.

Text: Giuseppe Nardi 
image: Franciscans of the Immaculate