’Exhausted’ Pope cancels meeting with Sri Lanka bishops!!

Wind blows Pope Francis' mantle as he delivers his speech after arriving at Bandaranaike International Airport in Katunayake, Sri Lanka. (Ishara S Kodikara, AFP)

Wind blows Pope Francis’ mantle as he delivers his speech after arriving at Bandaranaike International Airport in Katunayake, Sri Lanka. (Ishara S Kodikara, AFP)

Pope cancels meeting with Sri Lanka bishops!

COLOMBO: Pope Francis has canceled a planned meeting with Sri Lankan bishops, with one security official saying he was “exhausted” after a long journey from the airport exposed to the hot sun.
The 78-year-old, who arrived in Colombo on an Asia tour that will also take him to the Philippines, took over an hour to travel into the city from the airport on roads thronged with well-wishers.
The Pope traveled in an open-top car with no protection from the strong sun and after a long overnight flight from Rome.
Vatican spokesman Federico Lombardi said only that the meeting with the bishops had been canceled due to the pope’s late arrival from the airport.

Sri Lankan President Maithripala Sirisena with Pope Francis during a welcoming ceremony in Colombo. (AFP)

Sri Lankan President Maithripala Sirisena with Pope Francis during a welcoming ceremony in Colombo. (AFP)

But a source working on security arrangements who asked not to be named said that the pontiff looked “exhausted” after his journey.
Pope Francis has shunned the pomp of his predecessors, and said earlier this year he prefers not to use the bulletproof “popemobile” favored by previous pontiffs.

 Journalists traveling with him said he appeared on good form during the flight.

Source: Arab News

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Papa Francesco in the viewfinder Isis: The photo of the horror“

francis kafir

Kafir (Unbeliever) – DEATH THREATS TO BERGOGLIO FROM ISLAMISTS: Father Lombardi downplays and does not take seriously!

Papa Francesco in the viewfinder Isis: “Risk to attack him”
In less than a week, the Pope will visit in Albania. And the jihadist cells in the Balkans are preparing in their own way!

Papa Francesco in the viewfinder Isis: “Risk to attack him”

They vowed that “take” Rome. And that they will, as always, with their methods horror . Now, after the beheading third in less than a month , the threats Isis began to be really afraid. And a growing concern for the safety of Pope Francis . To start the alarm, in addition to the words of the Caliph, a montage of the Holy Father between the posts on the network of Islamic radicals and a trip to Albania that Francis will face in the coming days.

A rebuild the whole thing is “Il Giornale” , in which a piece from the “many voices” finds confirmation of apprehension for the Pontiff.

“Some crazy Jihad, already present in our country, could groped to hit the Pope” confirms Giuseppe Esposito, vice president of Copasir, the Audit Committee of the secret services in the Journal.

Alarms are also coming Iraqi Ambassador to the Vatican, Habeeb Al Sadr. “Pope is a target – he admits – Our analysts and intelligence make assumptions in this regard. Islamic State points to the media hype, just see the beheadings. Not rule out that the Isis arrivals to hit him. ”

And, he notes, “Il Giornale”, the first good chance it could be a trip to Albania Pope Francis has planned for the next twenty-September.

The threat could come from cells in Kosovo, Bosnia and Macedonia, from where they started hundreds of fighters holy war in Syria and Iraq. On June 19, on the Facebook page of Safet Kuduzovic ‘, a Bosnian Salafi preacher, appeared the photomontage of Pope Francis with his forehead written in red “Kafir” , which means unbeliever. And below the Quranic verse which reserves the unbelievers the fire of hell.

Potrebbe interessarti:http://www.today.it/rassegna/papa-francesco-attentato-isis.html


francis poor

Bergoglio is  loved by the world because he does not judge and stays away from hot-button issues.  Bergoglio is a false teacher, he speaks the word according to Bergoglio which pleases the people.  It is everything the people want to hear!!!!  The poor… The poor… “You do not believe in God?”  “Oh that is okay we will meet in heaven.”  “You are homosexual?” “Who am I to judge?” “Outside the Catholic Church.” “Do not worry, you are fine where you are!!!”

Erit enim tempus, cum sanam doctrinam non sustinebunt, sed ad sua desideria coacervabunt sibi magistros, prurientes auribus. 

For there shall be a time, when they will not endure sound doctrine; but, according to their own desires, they will heap to themselves teachers, having itching ears.  2 Timothy 4:3  Douay-Rheims Bible


Thai pilgrims: Pope not just for Catholics, but for the world

.- A group of pilgrims who traveled from Thailand to participate in events surrounding Pope Francis’ visit have expressed their joy at seeing him, particularly for the beatification of 124 Korean martyrs.

“It is the first time have attended such a huge event with so many people. And I just heard on the news that about 1 million people attended the mass, and only about 17 to 19 percent of them were Catholics,” one of the group members, Theresa, told CNA Aug. 17.

“I think that the Pope is not just for Catholics, but for the world. He is for peace, and his kindness to the whole of humanity” displays that, she said.

Coming as part of a group of 50 from Sacred Heart Parish in Taipei with her twin sister, Theresa explained that participating in the Aug. 16 Mass with Pope Francis, during which he beatified 124 Korean martyrs, was especially impactful.

“I was very touched, even though I don’t know the language and I don’t know the Koreans, the whole atmosphere was quite great.”

During his homily, Pope Francis spoke of the great witness that the martyrs give, stating that “All of them lived and died for Christ, and now they reign with him in joy and in glory.”

“The victory of the martyrs, their witness to the power of God’s love, continues to bear fruit today in Korea, in the Church which received growth from their sacrifice,” the pontiff told the congregation, asking what each of them would be willing to give up their life for.

Reflecting on what the witness of the martyrs means for her personally, Theresa recalled how the parish priest leading the group has asked them to reflect on the topic throughout their five day journey, saying that “I need to reflect more.”

“In Taiwan we do not have such occasions (of martyrdom) because our religion is quite free, but during our daily lives we can also do little small things to witness to God,” who is “love, and truth and hope.”

“I think if we can do little things day by day and express such faith, such truth to all, and make some little sacrifices, I think it’s a tiny, tiny small way of martyrdom,” she said, recalling how she had seen photos of the martyrs that were beatified, which were displayed throughout the Mass.

When seeing the faces of those who were killed for their faith, Theresa noted that “they are had such a big smile, and they don’t feel any pain in such a strong sacrifice. I was really touched.”

One of the priests serving as a guide for the trip, Fr. Pak Yont-Chon, explained to CNA Aug. 17 that as a Korean native, “I already know these martyrs.”

Speaking on the significance of being present for their beatification with Pope Francis, Fr. Pak stated that “in my case I went to Brazil and saw the Pope, and then this year I saw the Pope again,” so to see him beatify the martyrs was “such an awesome and wonderful experience.”






He excommunicated the mobsters and coincidentally (??) Today police Palermo has had a very large anti-mafia operation, called “Apocalisse” with 95 mobsters arrested and kidnapped million! Foul … only to say that the operation was a miracle Francisco. All I know … a secret plan very carefully studied and well in advance by occult powers (Freemasonry-prelates politically corrupt) to be held at the highest levels, this “priest” is out. This is the news …

Rome, June 23 (Notimex) -. The Italian authorities today dismantled a clan of the Cosa Nostra, the Sicilian mafia, in a wide operation that included the arrest of 95 people accused of Mafia association, extortion and other crimes. According to the Chief Prosecutor of Palermo, Francesco Messineo, detainees were part of the mafia clans Resuttana and San Lorenzo, on the outskirts of Palermo, the Sicilian capital.

“The operation is a very important strategic poque hits Cosa Nostra clan,” said Mesineo the media. Mesineo said inquiries were headed by the District Anti-Mafia Directorate palermitana, who rebuilt the chart of historical Mafia clan who commanded on the western outskirts of the Sicilian capital.

The operation, called “Revelation”, involving hundreds of policemen, carabinieri and finance guard, said the prosecutor, according to spokesmen for the police, the arrested countless extortions committed against businesses and shops in the area during operation and confiscated several complex business worth several million euros.


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Pope Francis should stick to doctrine, stay away from economic ‘redistribution!!



Bergoglio and his modernist agenda…. 

Pope Francis should stick to doctrine, stay away from economic ‘redistribution’!!

Pope Francis has spent a year on the Throne of Peter. In that time, his modest style and high-minded ideals have ignited a new optimism and fervor among Roman Catholics, including those who left because of disagreements with some of its teachings.

Francis has gone out of his way to voice support for the world’s poorest citizens, rightly noting that their plight is too often ignored or brushed aside. Until this week, his statements have called for voluntary action by wealthier countries and individuals as the right way to relieve economic inequality. He appealed to our better selves, and in so doing, made us all ask if we could be kinder and more generous. The answer, of course, is yes.

On Friday, however, Francis chose a meeting with – of all people — officials of the United Nations to endorse what he called “the legitimate redistribution of economic benefits by the state, as well as indispensable cooperation between the private sector and civil society.”

By appearing to sanction what amounts to forced redistribution, Francis grievously exceeded his authority and became what amounts to a robe-wearing politician.

By appearing to sanction what amounts to forced redistribution, Francis grievously exceeded his authority and became what amounts to a robe-wearing politician. He also exposed his Church, one of the wealthiest institutions in the world, to inevitable charges of hypocrisy. And he put himself in a position of having to back up his frothy talk with ruinous action.

The pope is the head of the Church. He is the Vicar of Christ and is infallible on matters of doctrine.

When it comes to economics, however, Francis should stick to making suggestions for how to voluntarily reduce economic inequality and leave tax policy to the politicians. Perhaps he can help by offering a prayer for them. God knows, they need it.

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There is only one human dignity and that is Catholic dignity – Pope St. Pius X



Double canonization is a historic victory for the Jewish people!

Never has a religion so thoroughly changed their attitude to what was once seen as their worst enemy as did the Roman Catholic Church under Pope John XXIII and John Paul II.

By Anshel Pfeffer 

The business of manufacturing new saints happening today in Rome is a mystery to non-Catholics, even laughable for atheists. The canonization of Giuseppe Roncalli Angello and Karol Jozef Woytyla, better known as Popes John XXIII and John Paul II, with all its attendant process of discovering the miracles of today, recognizing its high position in heaven and subsequent veneration represents for many of us much that is false and artificial in modern religion. Even many Catholics tend to see this from a cynical perspective; Experienced observers watching Vatican Pope Francis has withdrawn a “balancing act” crafty canonize once a liberal Pope (J23) with a conservative (JP2). And there are critics who accuse the new pope to lose too much time in the celestial pageantry rather than addressing the very real problems still facing a church struggling to acclimate to the 21st century.

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