Ha Ha Sweet Irony, In the New Church of Francis, ‘The Cafeteria Catholics are the Conservatives!’

Catholics faithful to tradition

The Rise of Conservative Cafeteria Catholicism

by – Fr. Longnecker

(Standing on my head)  –   When Benedict XVI and John Paul II were pope the conservative Catholics loved to throw around the phrase “cafeteria Catholic” as a term of derision.

It’s a name I used a fair bit to parody those Catholics who would pick and choose what bits of Catholicism they liked and rejected the bits they didn’t like. The “cafeteria Catholic” was a liberal who picked peace and justice issues but was silent on abortion. The “cafeteria Catholic” picked up on the fellowship of the Lord’s Supper but declined the idea the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass. Cafeteria Catholics liked the authority of the individual conscience but put Humanae Vitae on one side. They chose ecumenism but turned up their nose at Catholic exclusivism. They were all for “we are church” and rejected any form of hierarchy.

Isn’t it interesting how the shoe is on the other foot?

Now with Pope Francis the cafeteria Catholics are the conservatives. They splutter and fume at Pope Francis. He’s the pope, but they disagree with him about this and reject his words about that just as avidly and with as much fervor as the liberals used to reject Pope Benedict. They pick him to pieces, refuse to give him the benefit of the doubt and paint him as a terrible pope—just like the liberals did with Benedict. The liberals thought Benedict was a bad and inadequate pope. Ditto the conservatives with Francis.

The liberals were disrespectful and referred to Benedict as “Nazi Ratzi” and “the Enforcer”. Now the conservatives call Pope Francis “Casual Frank”, “Mr Bergoglio” or “The Unholy Father.” The liberal cafeteria Catholics had their theological arguments. They quoted this church document or that theologian. The conservatives either reject the Second Vatican Council altogether or they “correct” it by pulling up quotes from this Pope who condemned all heretics or that Council that rained down anathemas.

The conservatives liked to call the liberals “Protestants” because they were trying to make the church just as they wanted it. Now they’re doing the same. They didn’t like when the liberals grumbled and dissented against Pope Benedict. Now they grumble and dissent against Pope Francis.

Is it okay to criticize a pope? Sure. I’ve criticized Pope Francis–so much so that I’ve been called ” a fierce critic of Pope Francis.”

However, what I sense among some conservative Catholics is not only a growing dislike of Pope Francis, but a very unpleasant and self righteous hatred of him, and any attempt to put the Pope into context, explain the wider implications, praise Francis or unlock his gift to the church is met with cynicism, scorn and ridicule.

When Benedict was Pope the conservatives wanted the liberals to listen and learn from Benedict. They wanted the liberal cafeteria Catholics to take on the whole of the Catholic faith and submit to the authority of the rightful pope.

Now with Pope Francis they find it rather difficult to listen and learn.

Where did I put that dictionary of literary terms? I want to look up “irony”


A False Prophet Speaks: The vocations crisis is over because people who remember pre-Vatican II years are dying?!!! / Pope Leo XIII’s – APOSTOLICAE CURAE

st francis de Sales declared enemies of the Church

A False Prophet Speaks ( Fr. Longenecker): The Vocations Crisis is Over

When I say this is a prophecy I don’t want to suggest that I have had some sort of supernatural vision. This is not a prophecy in that sense, but a prophecy because prophets not only sometimes have supernatural revelations, but they are people who are also able to see the big picture, understand the times and circumstances and know the past so they can therefore predict the future.

So here is my prediction: the vocations crisis in the Catholic Church in the United States is over.

Here’s why: Fifty years after the revolution of the Second Vatican Council we are moving on from the tensions it created. Those tensions existed because Catholics kept comparing the pre-Vatican II church to the post-Vatican II church. The ones who did this most were the folks who went through the Vatican II revolution. The Vatican II modern Catholics–for their whole life–could not help but compare the “new” church to the “old” church. Everything was viewed through that lens. A pope, bishop, priest or theologian was therefore either “conservative” and “pre Vatican 2″ and trying to turn the clock back or they were “liberal” in favor of the “Spirit of Vatican 2″ and progressive.

To be blunt, those people are old. Not only are they dying out, but their ideas are dying out. Their places are being taken by a younger generation of Catholics who do not remember the Vatican 2 wars. The old folks would like to brand the young Catholics as “conservatives” or “traditionalists” or even “arch conservatives”. Some of them are, burt most of them are not. They are young. They’re smart and they simply want to be Catholic. They’re not buying into the whole liberal agenda, but most of them also don’t care that much for the traditionalist agenda.

Read more – http://www.patheos.com/blogs/standingonmyhead/2014/07/a-prophecy-the-vocations-crisis-is-over.html


heretics-avoid (1)

Pope Leo XIII’s Apostolicae Curae


This is the Papal Bull by Pope Leo XIII issued on September 18, 1896. It officially alerted the Catholic world and Anglicans that those ordained in Anglican rite of Holy Orders is not a true sacrament and therefore Anglican priests are not true priests, their Orders are null and void, and therefore no sacrament is confected, ergo NO True Presence on Anglican, Episcopal or Novus Ordo “altars” for His Holiness Leo XIII also referred to the nullity of episcopal consecrations (consecration of bishops). When one studies the Anglican rite and what the Magisterium of the Church rightly rejected, one is shocked that those Anglican rites are actually much more Catholic than newchurch’s revamped synthetic so-called sacrament of Holy Orders, fashioned illegally by Giovanni Montini in 1968 with his novel revolutionary New Order nonsense in the counterfeit church of conciliarism. If Leo, through thorough study, prayer, and consultation with the infallible perennial Magisterium of the Church, determined that the Anglican rite is null and void, then there is no doubt that the Novus Ordorite of Holy Orders and episcopal consecration since 1968 have to be NULL AND VOID as well.