Bergoglio Effect: Calls on Buddhists and Christians to Stand Up Against Modern-Day Slavery!!

Bergoglio praying to false God of reincarnation:  Hindu priest Kurakkal Somasundaram presented a shawl to Anti pope Bergoglio, during an inter-religious meeting in Colombo, Sri Lanka.

Bergoglio praying to false God of reincarnation: Hindu priest Kurakkal Somasundaram presented a shawl to Anti pope Bergoglio, during an inter-religious meeting in Colombo, Sri Lanka. Jan/2015

Newchurch of Rot: honoring false gods again…

The Vatican is encouraging Buddhists and Christians to work together to end modern-day slavery, maintaining that the latter is an affront to human dignity and basic rights, a statement from the Pontifical Council for Inter-Religious Dialogue of the Roman Curia said.

The Council issued the statement, titled “Buddhists and Christians, together to counter modern slavery,” during the Buddhist holy month of Vesakh (April-May) when Buddhists commemorate Gautama Buddha’s birth, enlightenment and death.

The Vatican council emphasized the common respect that Buddhists and Christians have toward life.

“As Buddhists and Christians committed to respect for human life, we must cooperate together to end this social plague,” the Council said. “Pope Francis invites us to overcome indifference and ignorance by offering assistance to victims, in working for their psychological and educational rehabilitation, and in efforts to reintegrate them into society where they live or from which they come.”

Thou shalt not have strange gods before me. Exodus 20:3 - DRV

Thou shalt not have strange gods before me.
Exodus 20:3 – DRV

The Council recounted that Buddha himself opposed trade using human beings. Citing a section of the “Eightfold Path,” the Council said Gautama Buddha regarded trading in live beings such as slaves and prostitutes is one of the five occupations that should not be engaged in. According to Buddhist teachings, possessions should be obtained peacefully, with honesty, and through legal means, not in a way that causes harm or suffering and without coercion, violence or deceit, the Council noted.

The Council also blamed corruption as an impediment to seeing other people as one’s equal.

“Human hearts deformed by corruption and ignorance are, according to the Holy Father, the cause of these terrible evils against humanity. When hearts are corrupted, human beings no longer see others as ‘beings of equal dignity, as brothers or sisters sharing a common humanity, but rather as objects,'” the Council said.

In his message during this year’s World Day of Peace, Pope Francis said historically, slavery causes the “rejection of others, their mistreatment, violations of their dignity and fundamental rights, and institutionalized inequality.”

The Pontiff noted that even though the international community has already adopted several measures to end slavery, there are still “millions of people today – children, women and men of all ages – deprived of freedom and forced to live in conditions akin to slavery.”

Heretic Bergoglio honors false Gods!!!!  Sacred Relics of the Buddha's Disciples...nothing sacred about other religions and their idol worship!!!!

Heretic Bergoglio honors false Gods!!!! Sacred Relics of the Buddha’s Disciples…nothing sacred about other religions and their idol worship!!!! January 14, 2015

The Pope cited the following instances of modern-day slavery: “Men, women and child laborers; migrants who undergo physical, emotional and sexual abuse while working in shameful working conditions; persons forced into prostitution, many of whom are minors, as well as male and female sex slaves; those kidnapped by terrorists and forced to be combatants, and those who are tortured, mutilated or killed.”



Heresy: Pope may ride to rescue of interfaith marriages / Sermon Padre Pfeiffer

Absolute Truth Must be Unchangeable!!!!!  Pope St. Pius X

Are you a divorced non-Christian in love with a Catholic and are hoping to marry in a church? Are you dreading the long arduous process you have to go through to do so? Well it may not be so tortuous if the Pope has his way. In the current process the non-Christian must apply to the Pope through a tribunal and then wait for over a year for permission to be granted. But Pope Francis is likely to ease restrictions on the marriage of divorced non-Catholics to Catholics.

“In all likelihood the Holy Father [Pope] might be generous and decide that the Archbishop can give his consent for the remarriage of a divorced non-Christian with a Catholic. We will know in October when over 1,200 bishops from across the world meet in the Vatican,” said Reverend Dr John Abraham, the judicial vicar.

Though the church does not believe in divorce as a concept, it practices a detailed and exhaustive procedure before allowing a divorced non-Christian to marry a Catholic in church. The tribunal, consisting of three judges, studies the case and decides whether to send a final dossier to the Vatican to seek the permission of the Pope.

According to Reverend Abraham thus far only seven cases have been sent to Rome from Karnataka, since the tribunal began in 1971.

“But if the divorced non-Christian party gets baptized before the marriage then they can seek the permission through the Archbishop and not the Pope,” clarifies Reverend Abraham.

“But it is ridiculous if the Pope has to sit and give permission for every Catholic who wants to marry a non-Christian,” said 23-year-old Rhea D’Souza who is planning her marriage to a divorced non-Christian. (!!)

“So my partner has to apply to the Church requesting the Pope to annul his marriage. This whole process itself will take several months or even years as there are over 150 cases being filed every year,” she adds.
First the tribunal checks if the non-Christian in question has obtained a divorce from a civil court. After this the tribunal will summon the former spouse and other family members to check if the divorce was by mutual consent, and carried out in a fair and just manner. “It is important for us to find out if the ex-spouse was keen on staying in the marriage. We take statements of the ex-spouse, parents and other family members. In case we find out that the Catholic fell in love with the non-Christian while he’she was married, and that was the reason for the dissolution of the marriage then we will not give permission for the marriage to go ahead. The church cannot accept its own child to sin and be the reason for a broken marriage,” Reverend Abraham adds.
The tribunal then finds out whether there are valid reasons to annul the marriage, even if it is a non-Christian one. “Some of the grounds to annul the previous wedlock of a non-Christian include mental stability of the ex-spouse, whether the party [who is keen on marrying a Catholic] was forced or cheated into the first marriage, whether the marriage was consummated,” explains Vicar General of Bengaluru Archdiocese S Jayanathan.
The church also finds out whether the ex-spouse or the children from the first wedlock have been well cared for and their requirements have been taken care of.

“Once these issues have been set right by the divorcee and we feel that the two parties [from the previous wedding] are not willing to reconcile then we petition the Pope and the process of getting a reply from the Vatican takes about six months and then another four months to complete the paperwork before the two can marry in or outside the church,” says Reverend Abraham. In case this procedure is defied by the two parties and ends up in a civil court marriage, then the Church will not consider wedlock valid.

‘No need to convert’?? Absolute Heresy! NO SALVATION OUTSIDE THE CHURCH!

False Church: ‘No need to convert’ – Proselytism is solemn nonsense – Bergoglio 

Vicar general S Jayanathan and Judicial vicar Reverend John Abraham stated that the church does not insist on a non-Christian converting to Christianity in order to marry a Catholic, even if the ceremony were to be held in a church. The Church allows the marriage of a non-Christian to a Catholic on two conditions: One, that all children born out of this marriage will be baptized in a Catholic church. Two, the non-Christian party will accept the marriage as unbreakable and that he/she will not re-marry. “Though we don’t forbid non-Christians from converting, there is no obligation on the party to convert if they want to marry in the church,” Abraham told BM.

Source: Pope may ride to rescue of interfaith marriages

Watch the video for the Truth! Fr. Pfeiffer delivers another excellent sermon on the Beauty of Purity and the Rot of Impurity.

Cardinal ‘Bravo’ Dolan’s Critics Pushed Out Of Press Conference

sodomy satanic

Critics of New York’s Cardinal Timothy Dolan received a rather “unwelcome” response from his press handlers Tuesday when they were “pushed out” of the press conference after confronting his eminence for continuing to remain Grand Marshall at this year’s St. Patrick’s Day parade. Dolan was criticized because an openly gay group had been permitted to march under their own banner while Catholic pro-life groups were universally shunned.

The Catholic blogosphere lit up with outrage last September when Cardinal Dolan gave the St. Patrick’s Day parade committee his “confidence and support” after they elected to have OUT@NBCUNIVERSAL, an openly gay group affiliated with NBC, march in the parade under their own banner apart from Catholic and Irish culture for the first time in history. 

Despite numerous pleas from faithful Catholics to the contrary, Cardinal Dolan refused to step down as the parade’s Grand Marshall, dubiously saying the inclusiveness of an openly gay group did not contradict Catholic teaching because it only “allows a group to publicize its identity” as “gay people of Irish ancestry” rather than “promote actions contrary to the values of the church.” The scandal further deepened when Catholic League President Bill Donahue formally announced his organization’s withdrawal from the parade after learning the parade committee would not be allowing Catholic pro-life groups to openly march under their own banner as well. 

While Dolan has had his fair share of defenders and critics since the controversy, none have nearly been so up close and personal as Michael Voris of ChurchMilitant.TV (CMTV), a Catholic apostolate dedicated to combating heretical liberalism in the clergy. In a video posted shortly after Dolan gave the parade committee his approval, Voris rebuked the cardinal by calling him a “wicked bishop” who was “in the grip of the devil,” and cited multiple examples where his eminence showed tremendously bad judgment as a prince of the Church, such as: inviting pro-abortion Barack Obama to a public dinner, giving “shout outs” to pro-abortion politicians at Mass, and saying “bravo” on national television to football player Michael Sam’s coming out as gay.

Refusing to let Dolan off the hook, Voris confronted the cardinal at a press conference prior to the parade Tuesday by asking him point-blank, “Do you have anything to say to loyal Catholics who find what you’re doing here a great scandal to the faith?” Smiling jovially, Dolan gave his non-answer by saying, “No, come on in, we’d love to have you” before waltzing on his merry way. Then things got rough.

According to Voris, evidenced by video provided, one of Dolan’s press handlers immediately “elbowed” him in the stomach before he was forcefully escorted away by another press handler with the aid of police officers.

Cardinal Dolan has continued to repeat the “all are welcome” mantra of establishment Catholicism, but if faithful Catholics like Michael Voris provide any indication, that mantra does not apply to his critics.

Source: Truth Revolt

Pope Francis Equates Christian Fundamentalists to Islamist Killers & Terrorists!

Resist Bergoglio!

Resist Bergoglio!

Pope Francis equated Christianity with Islam while leaving Turkey.
“We have our share of fundamentalists” too.

The pope also said fighting poverty and hunger were key to defeating Islamist killers.
The Jerusalem Post reported:

Pope Francis said Sunday that equating Islam with violence was wrong and called on Muslim leaders to issue a global condemnation of terrorism to help dispel the stereotype.

Francis, the leader of 1.2 billion Roman Catholics, told reporters aboard his plane returning from a visit to Turkey that he understood why Muslims were offended by many in the West who automatically equated their religion with terrorism.

Francis’ predecessor, Benedict XVI, caused storms of protest throughout the Islamic world in 2006, when he made a speech that suggested to many Muslims that he believed Islam espoused violence.

Benedict said he had been misunderstood and apologized. But this year, the image of a violent religion has once more been promoted by Islamic State, who have seized swathes of Syria and Iraq, slaughtering or driving out Shi’ite Muslims, Christians and others who do not share their radical brand of Sunni Islam.

The Argentine pope, who has been trying to foster cooperation with moderate Islam in order to work for peace and protect Christians in the Middle East, said it was wrong for anyone to react to terrorism by being “enraged” against Islam.

“You just can’t say that, just as you can’t say that all Christians are fundamentalists. We have our share of them (fundamentalists). All religions have these little groups,” he said.

Muslims slaughtered 683 innocents THIS WEEK.
Christian fundamentalists have killed no one.
Someone needs to talk with this pope!!

Source: The Gateway Pundit

Pope Francis Prays in Turkey’s Mosque, Takes off shoes, bows toward Mecca!!!

Resist Heretic Bergoglio!

Pope Francis Prays in Turkey’s Mosque, Head Bowed Toward Mecca

A day after calling for inter-religious dialogue to end Islamist extremism, Pope Francis on Saturday visited a 17th-century mosque in Istanbul and spent several minutes in a silent prayer with his head bowed in the direction of Mecca.

The pope made the gesture to promote Christian-Muslim relations at the Sultan Ahmet Mosque, known as the Blue Mosque, on Saturday, the second day of his three-day Turkey visit, according to the Vatican Radio.

He removed his shoes before entering the mosque with blue tiles on its walls. Standing next to him was the Grand Mufti, who explained about the Koranic verses illustrated on the stones pillars and the dome.

The pontiff also toured on Saturday the nearby Hagia Sophia, a Byzantine basilica which was turned into a mosque after the fall of Constantinople in the mid-15th century before being transformed into a museum.

The pontiff’s visit is being seen as an effort to foster inter-faith relations.

“Fanaticism and fundamentalism, as well as irrational fears which foster misunderstanding and discrimination, need to be countered by the solidarity of all believers,” the pope said Friday in a speech to Turkey’s President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and other political leaders on the first day of his pastoral visit to the cities of Ankara and Istanbul.

“It is essential that all citizens – Muslim, Jewish and Christian – both in the provision and practice of the law, enjoy the same rights and respect the same duties,” the pope added in his speech Friday. “They will then find it easier to see each other as brothers and sisters who are travelling the same path, seeking always to reject misunderstandings while promoting cooperation and concord. Freedom of religion and freedom of expression, when truly guaranteed to each person, will help friendship to flourish and thus become an eloquent sign of peace.”

Is Bergoglio a 'Secret Muslim'??

Is Bergoglio a ‘Secret Muslim’??

Also on Saturday, Francis celebrated the only public Mass of his Turkey visit in Istanbul’s Latin Catholic cathedral dedicated to the Holy Spirit.

Surrounded by the Patriarch of Constantinople Bartholomew and leaders of all the other Christian communities, Francis reflected on how the Holy Spirit creates unity among believers. When we let the Spirit unsettle us to move us out of our comfort zones, turning instead to our brothers and sisters “with that tenderness which warms the heart,” then we have been touched by the Holy Spirit, he was quoted as saying.

The pope’s emphasis on having dialogue and improving inter-faith relations comes at a time when the Christian and Yazidi minorities are being targeted and killed in Iraq and Syria, large territories of which are now controlled by the Islamic State, or ISIS, terror group.

The ISIS, an al-Qaeda offshoot, seeks to form an Islamic emirate in the Levant region through “jihad.” In Iraq, ISIS men have killed hundreds of civilians. Numerous members of the Christian and Yazidi minorities have also been killed, and tens of thousands of them have fled their homes. About 5,000 Yazidi girls and women were recently taken captive by ISIS to be sold or given to fighters as slaves.

Original article at Christian Post

Pope Francis vs. St. Francis of Assisi – the “Blue Mosque” Affair

Heretic Bergoglio praying with Muslims, at the Blue Mosque, Istanbul.

Heretic Bergoglio praying with Muslims, at the Blue Mosque, Istanbul.

Pope Francis vs. St. Francis of Assisi

Contrast: Francis at the Blue Mosque, Francis of Assisi before the Sultan

By John Vennari

Pope Francis has “dared to do what none of his predecessors had ever done,” Le Figero’s Jean-Marie Guénois rejoiced, “to pray openly, side-by-side with a Muslim dignitary”.

The event took place at the Blue Mosque on November 29, the second day of Francis’ visit to Istanbul.

In 2006, Pope Benedict XVI – the ever-zealous advocate of Conciliar ecumenism – visited the Mosque but supposedly remained in contemplation. This gave rise to speculation as to whether or not the Pontiff actually prayed in the Mosque, and also gave rise to scandal.

Francis, according to Guénois, removed any hint of ambiguity. The Pontiff “bowed his head for long time while deeply closing his eyes from two to three minutes, in order to obviously pray – and to make clear he was praying. And this was in the direction of Mihrab, the niche in the wall framed by two pillars that indicates the qibla, that is, the direction of the Kaaba in Mecca.”

Vatican spokesman Father Federico Lombardi confirmed that the act was, in fact, a “silent adoration.” According to Lombardi, the Pope had also said to the Muslim Mufti, “we must adore God.”[1]

Ecumenism sin against faith

This action defies Catholic Tradition, spurns the perennial Papal doctrine against religious indifferentism, and mocks true Catholics such as St. Francis of Assisi who visited Muslims for one purpose alone, to convert them to Christ’s one true Church.

Bergoglio: Contra Saint Francis

Present-day Catholics, starting with the majority of Church leaders, appear to be ruled by sentiment rather than objective truth. We’ve seen the alleged comparisons made between St. Francis of Assisi and the Papa Bergoglio: Both are named “Francis,” both are concerned for the poor, both preach a kind of poverty, both “dialogue” with Muslims. Therefore, they are alike: Pope Francis follows in the footsteps of Francis of Assisi.

The assessment could not be more false. Here we will only contrast Francis of Assisi with Papa Bergoglio concerning Islam.

Saint Francis sought to convert Muslims from the darkness of their false religion to Christ’s one true Church for salvation.

By contrast, Pope Francis visits Muslims to pursue more dialogue, to revel in artificial religious camaraderie, and to indirectly assure Muslims they are on their own legitimate path to “God” and need not convert to Christ’s Church.

Such a program would horrify St. Francis of Assisi, as it would horrify any right-thinking Catholic.

Saint Francis and the Sultan

Around the year 1220 Saint Francis of Assisi sailed to Egypt to join the Christian army that was besieging Damietta. He did not go to fight alongside Crusaders but to preach Christ to the Infidels.

Saint Francis approached the Papal Legate who was with the army and “requested leave to cross over to the Muslim lines to preach to the Muslims.”

This rattled the Papal Legate, who knew the Sultan had offered a golden ducat for the head of any Christian sent to him.
In response, the Papal Legate simply asked Francis not to bring shame on the Christian name.

That was all Francis needed. He and some companions struck out at once for the Sultan’s camp.

They saw two lambs on the road while on their way. Francis took this as a good sign, saying to his comrades, “Behold I send you forth as sheep among wolves.”

Muslim soldiers apprehended Francis, took him before the Sultan and Francis began to preach. He spoke with power and conviction, zeal and fire. The love of God flowed through him. He was like a blast furnace, infectious, captivating.

The Sultan found himself drawn in by the power of Francis’ words, and ordered him to be treated with courtesy while at camp.

It appears that Francis stayed for a few days, and the Sultan asked Francis to remain in his court.

“Willingly,” answered Francis, “if you and your people will convert to Christ.”

Francis continued, “If you hesitate as to the merits of the law of Muhammad and the faith of Christ, command that a great fire be lighted, and I together with your priests, will enter the fire that you may know which is the more worthy and true.”

The Sultan replied that none of their Muftis would accept the challenge.

“Then if you promise for yourself and your people, to come to the worship of Christ if I come out of the fire unhurt,” Francis responded, “I will enter the fire alone.”

He added, “If I am burnt up, impute it to my sins, but if the Divine Power protects me, acknowledge Christ to be true God and the Savior of all.”

The Sultan dared not accept the challenge from the holy mendicant, but was captivated by Francis nonetheless, and asked him to accept some precious gifts if not for himself, then at least for the poor.

Francis responded this was not the purpose of his visit, and returned to Europe.[2]

What do you notice?

1) Saint Francis preached to the Sultan for no other purpose than the conversion of the Muslims;

2) The Sultan refused to convert, so Francis stopped the dialogue.

Saint Francis of Assisi: No Ecumenist

Saint Francis of Assisi was firmly committed to the truth that “outside the Catholic Church, there is no salvation.” He was an apostle of Christ who preached the Gospel,

1) for the salvation of those souls who were already Catholic, but had fallen away from the Gospel ideal;

2) for the salvation of infidels and non-believers, whom he knew would be lost if they did not embrace Christ and His one true Church.

Read entire article at Catholic Family News


Unusual Meeting at the Vatican: Communism: A Friend of the Poor?

communism a friend of the poor - Newchurch Bergoglio

Message to Vatican’s World Meeting of Popular Movements: ‘Detestable’ Communism is the Worst Enemy of the Poor!

It is not uncommon to hear that communism was “a good idea poorly implemented.”

In spite of its actual experiences – all ending with catastrophic results – the idea that communism contains a “positive core” and is “friendly to the poor” reemerged at the World Meeting of Popular Movements organized at the Vatican from October 28 to 30 by the Pontifical Council for Justice and Peace. It was held in the presence of Pope Francis and over one hundred representatives from movements often linked to the extreme left.

Besides being doctrinally questionable, this thesis is historically false. On the Catholic side, it was enunciated by Jacques Maritain, the ideologue of Catholic Action’s turn to the left. He applied it indiscriminately to both socialism and communism: “In the nineteenth century, socialism has been a protest of human consciousness and its more generous instincts against evils that cried out to heaven…. Socialism has loved the poor.”[1]

In this lyrical vision, Maritain included Soviet Communism: “For the first time in history, Maxim Gorky recently wrote about Soviet communism, the true love of man is organized as a creative force and sets as a goal the emancipation of thousands of workers. We believe in the profound sincerity of Gorky’s words.”[2]

This was also the thesis of Uruguayan Alberto Methol Ferré, philosophical mentor to an entire generation of Latin American churchmen of the “populist” line. According to Methol, the evil of Marxism lies only in his atheism: “The Church essentially rejected Marxism on account of the atheism it contained.” However, the system of Karl Marx had a valid element: “Marxism’s more valid [aspect] was its critique of capitalism.”[3]

his “valid” element leads the Uruguayan philosopher to defend aspects of the so-called liberation theology, of Marxist origin: “The theology of liberation can also be viewed as an attempt to assume the best of Marxism…. This theology has rendered an invaluable service by rethinking policy in light of the common good and therefore in close relationship with the preferential option for the poor and [for] justice.”[4]

It is amazing to see personages from the Catholic world exalting a system which the Magisterium of the Church defined as “detestable sect,”[5] “abominable sect,”[6] “intrinsically evil” system,[7] “shame of our time,”[8] the result of a “fundamental error;”[9] a system with which, in the words of Pius XI, “no collaboration can be admitted in any field.” Indeed, by a decree of the Holy Office of 1949, any collaboration with communism would lead to excommunication latae sententiae.

Continue reading:

The Advocate: Equally Blessed Coalition Calls on bishops to immediately initiate a program of dialogue with Catholics across the country!

francis a wolf in sheep's clothing advocate

Op-ed: Why Won’t U.S. Catholic Bishops Listen to Gay Laypeople?

Catholic leaders should talk about sexuality with those who aren’t members of the clergy.

(The Advocate) – As the U.S. Catholic bishops met in Baltimore this week, they discussed the synod on marriage and family that took place in Rome last month. That meeting sent shockwaves around the globe because of the frank discussion of birth control, cohabitation, divorce and remarriage, and, perhaps the biggest stunner of all, LGBT people.

Also on their minds was next October’s “part two” of the synod which will continue the conversation. The bishops should prepare for the 2015 meeting by taking their cue from Pope Francis: They should open conversations with the laity in their dioceses. LGBT Catholics and their families have been asking for such conversations for decades, and the pope tried to provide such opportunities. Last year he asked bishops to get input from the laity on the synod’s agenda topics. Not all bishops did so. With few exceptions, the U.S. bishops were particularly lax in collecting the ideas of the laity on these matters which impact their lives so directly and intimately.

That inaction has to end. Last month’s synod was a game changer for the Catholic Church, as it broke decades of silence by delivering honest assessments of how people perceive church teaching on sex and marriage. The public had the rare opportunity to see that bishops differ widely on sexual topics. The robust discussion indicates that more complete input from all in the church is greatly needed to develop doctrine and pastoral practices that better reflect the needs of God’s people.

Since LGBT issues caused so much discussion and disagreement, it will be especially important for U.S. bishops to open a dialogue with LGBT Catholics and their families. This synod showed that there were a majority of bishops who were willing to recognize that lesbian and gay people “have gifts and qualities to offer to the Christian community,” in the words of an early draft report. Similarly, that same report noted that the “mutual aid to the point of sacrifice” that same-sex partners offer one another “constitutes a precious support” in the couple’s life. It’s important for U.S. bishops to explore these ideas, and the best way of doing so is to listen intently to those closest to these issues.

In a letter to the U.S. bishops, the Equally Blessed Coalition (a coalition of four Catholic organizations committed to LGBT equality) called on them to immediately initiate a program of dialogue with Catholics across the country on the issues the upcoming synod will consider. LGBT Catholics and their families have valuable insights to offer about sanctity of the Catholic family, and pastors could do more to support the full diversity of families in our church. This is a particularly crucial time for them to enter into dialog with our bishops, and offer to share this wisdom.

The synod’s free and open discussion among bishops must be replicated in local churches. The Catholic laity are an educated and insightful resource. More importantly, they are the true experts on the topics of marriage, family, and sexual expression, since they are the people who live these realities every day, not the bishops. While Catholics develop their theology from scripture, tradition, and nature, they also develop it from examining the lived experience of people of faith. What leader of any organization would want to ignore the perspectives of the people who know an issue because they live it?

Laypeople participated in the Rome synod by addressing the bishops about their experiences of marriage and family. But, as many commentators pointed out, nearly all the laypeople who spoke people who were already well-known for their support of the current church teachings on marriage and family. Not all voices were heard. Most glaring was the absence of any openly LGBT person speaking at the synod, especially since same-sex relationships were a major discussion point.

How will bishops be able to have an honest discussion on lesbian and gay issues if they don’t take the time to hear and understand the perspectives of lesbian and gay Catholics and their families?  How can willful ignorance of this widely discussed issue of modern life be helpful in determining how church leaders should proceed pastorally? Bishops should not let fear or suspicion prevent them from engaging in simple, human conversations with lesbian and gay people, who have been asking for such opportunities for decades.

Last year a number of bishops complained that they could not gather input from laity because they only had two months to do so. Now they have 11 months, which is plenty of time to circulate surveys, hold listening sessions, meet with leaders, and post response forms on diocesan websites. When the bishops want to get a message out about opposing some legislative or judicial measure, they do not seem to lack in creativity in using all sorts of media to alert Catholics. Let’s see them use the same creativity to gather opinions on these matters.

The best thing that U.S. bishops can do to prepare for next year’s synod is listen to their people. As some synod participants acknowledged, bishops have a lot to learn about how people experience sexuality in the context of their faith. In their 1997 document Always Our Children, the U.S. bishops offered the following advice to pastors dealing with lesbian and gay issues: “Strive first to listen.” The best way that the bishops can prepare for the important synod next year is to follow their own advice and open their ears.

Let the conversations begin!


Three members of the feminist protest group Femen took to Saint Peter’s Square yesterday in criticism of Pope Francis’ upcoming visit to the European Parliament. Dressed only in black leather miniskirts, the three got down on all fours and simulated anal sex with wooden crucifixes until the police carried them off.

Two of the women had the words “Keep it Inside” scrawled across their backs, and one had “Pope is not a politician” across her chest, apparent expressions of their wish that the Pope’s activities would stay within the tiny papal enclave in Rome.

As the women were being carried off by police, one of them chanted in English: “The pope is not a politician; God is not a magician.” Femen has called the Pope’s upcoming visit to the EU Parliament “a direct attack on secularism.”

The Femen group is a militant feminist protest movement of Ukrainian origin that advocates gay rights, radical secularism, and “a world without religion.” Their website bears the motto: “My body, my manifesto.”

Baring one’s breasts seems to be a trendy way to call attention to issues these days. Just a week ago actress Keira Knightly made a news splash by posing topless for Interview Magazine, using the shoot as a protest against Photoshop and the manipulation of women’s images.

Oklahoma Bishop Compares Black Mass to Burning the Koran/Sign Protest Petition

Archbishop Coakley renews call to cancel public performance that would be offensive to Catholics.

Archbishop Paul Coakley of Oklahoma City has appealed to “community standards” to cancel a “black mass” that is scheduled for September.
In a renewed call for the city’s Civic Center Music Hall to cancel the Sept. 21 event, Archbishop Coakley said he was “astonished and grieved that the center would promote as entertainment and sell tickets for an event that is essentially a blasphemous and sacrilegious mockery of the Catholic Mass.”
As of today, there were 69 tickets left for sale for the event, which is scheduled to be performed in a 92-seat auditorium in the center.
Aleteia first reported on plans for the black mass July 1. At that time, Jim Brown, general manager of the Civic Center, said the public facility had no right to turn down a group that wanted to rent space there, as long as no the group was law-abiding.
But in his new statement, released today, the archbishop indicated that there should be other considerations besides free speech.
“It is hard to imagine the Civic Center turning a blind eye and allowing a group to use its facilities to burn a copy of the Koran, or to conduct an overtly anti-Semitic performance. Nor should they!” he said. “Why is this any different?  There are community standards to uphold.  And these prohibit works that are ‘illegal, indecent, obscene, immoral or in any manner publicly offensive.’ A Black Mass certainly qualifies as offensive, obscene and immoral.  Its sole purpose is to show hostility toward Catholicism and all that is sacred to Christians.”
Archbishop Coakley explained that a black mass is an “occult ritual normally carried out in secret among those initiated into its dark mysteries…. A consecrated Sacred Host, obtained by stealth from a Catholic Mass, is corrupted in a vile and sexual manner and then becomes the sacrifice of this pseudo Mass offered in homage to Satan.”
He added that acts of public sacrilege “undermine the foundations of civil society and have no redeeming social value.  They undermine respect for social, cultural and religious institutions.  They mock and tear down and provide no comparable social goods.
“A Black Mass is a satanic inversion and mockery of the most sacred beliefs not only of Catholics but of all Christians,” the archbishop said.
The Civic Center’s Brown was unavailable to comment on the archbishop’s new statement today.
Sign Your Protest Petition to STOP the “Black Mass” HERE
Archbishop Coakley renewed his call that “those allowing this event will reconsider whether this is an appropriate use of public space.  We trust that community leaders do not actually wish to enable or encourage such a flagrantly inflammatory event and that they can surely find a way to remedy this situation.”
Aleteia tried to reach Joe Hodges, CEO of SMM Healthcare Oklahoma, a Catholic healthcare system, who is listed on the Civic Center’s website as a member of the board of directors.
A spokeswoman for SMM, Sandra Payne, returned Aleteia’s call on Hodges’ behalf, explaining that Hodges is on the Civic Center Foundation, which raises funds for the Civic Center building and which has nothing to do the planning of events there.
“So he would not have, in that capacity, influence in that decision,” Payne said Wednesday. She declined to comment further.

The archbishop restated the intention, if the event does move forward, to “consider other peaceful, prayerful and respectful options to demonstrate our opposition to this publicly supported sacrilegious act.”

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