Catholics, community react to priest’s arrival amid sex abuse backdrop!

Never-ending Scandals of Newchurch - Sanctus Gregorius ora pro nobis! Sancta Maria, Mater Dei ora pro nobis!

Newchurch and Year of False Mercy Hoax…

Once again Newchurch of filth shows how little it cares about the poor innocent victims by their satanic pedophile and enabling clergy! So much for Zero Tolerance!

“The church is demonstrating that it is willing protect those who have hurt children—because they place the reputation of the clergy above all else.”  Samantha Pearl, parent

BATTLE CREEK, MI – A pastor was sick. Another priest was available.

When Archbishop John Nienstedt celebrated three Masses at St. Philip Catholic Church this weekend, he was merely helping out his old friend Fr. John Fleckenstein, who is ill. He plans to continue to help as needed for about a six months.

In the eyes of the Diocese of Kalamazoo, it’s just a matter of old friends who made an arrangement between themselves in a way that does not violate any rule of the Diocese, a spokesperson said.

Nienstedt may have passed muster with church leaders. But many parents, community members and former victims of sexual abuse are angered by the arrival of the archbishop who is embroiled in one of the ugliest clergy sex scandals in the country, at the Archdiocese of St. Paul and Minneapolis.

Nienstedt and his high-ranking clergy were accused of repeatedly ignoring warnings, for years, about sexually abusive priests, and of failing to contact law enforcement to report possible criminal acts they knew about.

“The entire nation’s Roman Catholic child sexual abuse scandal just moved to Battle Creek,” said former Catholic priest and monk Patrick Wall, now a Minnesota attorney, about the decision to allow Nienstedt to fill in as a temporary volunteer priest here.

Osborn told parents Nienstedt has not been “appointed, assigned or hired” by the Diocese, that he will not be scheduled for any interaction or involvement with schools, and that Bishop Bradley approved the arrangement after assuring Nienstedt was a priest in good standing as well as receiving “additional assurances regarding Archbishop Nienstedt.”

Read entire article here.


The church announced the move in a bulletin earlier this month. Nienstedt, 68,will celebrate some of the weekend and weekday Masses, visit the sick in the hospital, visit the sick and homebound, and celebrate Mass for the nursing home and assisted living facilities,” Fleckenstein’s memo said. “He will also celebrate some Masses on Sundays around the Diocese when there is a priest who needs to be away. … While the Archbishop is not ‘assigned’ to the parish, I’m grateful he will assist us in these next few months.


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