Bergoglio calls a notorious Italian murderer after he wrote to the Pontiff asking for forgiveness!

St. Gregory the Great is not impressed with Bergoglio

Death Penalty Inappropriate “No Matter How Serious the Crime!” “All Christians and people of good will are thus called today to struggle not only for abolition of the death penalty, whether it be legal or illegal and in all its forms, but also to improve prison conditions, out of respect for the human dignity of persons deprived of their liberty.” – Bergoglio

Pope Francis-Bergoglio ‘calls murderer who asked for forgiveness!’

Bergoglio allegedly telephoned a murderer who wrote to him asking for forgiveness 25 years after he killed his parents.

Pietro Maso, now 45, beat his mother and father repeatedly with heavy kitchen saucepans and then suffocated them to death to collect his inheritance.

He spent 22 years in jail before he was released in 2013.

In the same year, Maso allegedly wrote to the Pontiff saying he was sorry for his crime.

“I wrote a letter to the Pope in which I asked forgiveness for what I did 25 years ago and that I was praying for peace,” Maso told Italian weekly magazine Chi. “After a few days the telephone rang.

“I was with Stefania, my girlfriend. I pick up and I hear: ‘It’s Francis, Pope Francis.’”

He told the magazine that following the phone call, he committed himself to “helping others” for the rest of his life.

The Vatican said it was unable to comment on private phone calls made by Pope Francis.

It would not be the first time the Pontiff has made unexpected phone calls to members of the public.

In 2013, a 19-year-old information technology student from near Padua in northern Italy received a phone call from Pope Francis after writing him a letter expressing hopes he would find a job at the end of his studies.

In fact it was the Pope’s second attempt to reach the young student after a first call went unanswered.

Two years later, the Pope telephoned a sick Italian man, who promptly hung up the phone thinking he was being pranked.

Maso murdered his parents in April 1991, when he was just 20 years old, with the help of three accomplices. It remains one of the most infamous domestic murders in recent Italian history.


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Late court plea to spare US man in case watched by Bergoglio

Pope Francis, a death penalty opponent, is closely following the case, said Austrian Cardinal Christoph Schonborn at a press conference Monday.

With moral support from Pope Francis, attorneys for a man scheduled to be executed Wednesday in Texas presented to the US Supreme Court their case for an 11th-hour reprieve. Richard Masterson, 43, admitted that he strangled Darin Honeycutt, a transvestite.

On Friday, the Texas Board of Pardons and Paroles refused a request for a stay of execution. Masterson, who is scheduled to be executed by lethal injection, would be the second person executed in the United States in 2016.

                      How convenient…  

Victim died of a heart attack during consensual sexual relations. Honeycutt asked to be choked to reach a state of erotic asphyxiation, a practice that deprives the brain of oxygen to reach a more intense orgasm!

Late court plea to spare US man in case watched by Bergoglio

Bergoglio Calls for Abolition of Death Penalty



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