Sodomite Catholics urge Synod of Doom fathers to reject ‘harsh language!’


  We Were Warned!

 Prophecy of St. Nilus the Ascetic 

After 1900, toward the middle of the 20th Century, the people of that time will become unrecognizable. When the time for the Advent of the Antichrist approaches, people’s minds will grow cloudy from carnal passions, and dishonor and lawlessness will grow stronger. Then the world will become unrecognizable. People’s appearances will change, and it will be impossible to distinguish men from women due to their shamelessness in dress and style of hair. These people will be cruel and will be like wild animals because of the temptations of the Antichrist.

There will be no respect for parents and elders, love will disappear, and Christian pastors, bishops, and priests will become vain men, completely failing to distinguish the right hand from the left. At that time the morals and traditions of Christians and of the Church will change. People will abandon modesty, and dissipation will reign. Falsehood and greed will attain great proportions, and woe to those who pile up treasures. Lust, adultery, homosexuality, secret deeds and murder will rule in society.

       At that future time, due to the power of such great crimes and licentiousness, people will be deprived of the grace of the Holy Spirit, which they received in Holy Baptism, and equally of remorse.

       The Churches of God will be deprived of God-fearing and pious pastors, and woe to the Christians remaining in the world at that time; many will completely lose their Faith because they will lack the opportunity of seeing the light of knowledge from anyone at all.

Appeal comes in briefing paper sent to English bishops attending family synod

Sodomite Catholics have sent a briefing paper to the two English bishops attending the family synod next week, urging them to reject “harsh” language about homosexuality.

The LGBT Catholics Briefing Paper resulted from a reflection day, sponsored by the LGBT Catholics Westminster Pastoral Council, held in June 2013.

The briefing paper is addressed to Cardinal Vincent Nichols, Archbishop of Westminster, and Bishop Peter Doyle, Bishop of Northampton and chairman of the bishops’ conference Committee for Marriage and Family Life, who will be at the synod which opens on Sunday.

An accompanying press release says the briefing paper “calls for the harsh language of previous Vatican documents referring to LGBT people as ‘disordered’ to be rescinded” and urges the synod to reject the global criminalization of homosexual activities, including the use of the death penalty.

It also calls on the Vatican to begin a “listening process”, to last between three to five years, including bishops, theologians, gay people and their parents, parish clergy and pastoral workers.

The aim, it says, would be to develop models of pastoral care “which more closely reflect Pope Francis’s call for mercy, justice and equality, particularly applying this to the concerns of LGBT people, parents and families”.

Sodomite Catholics from the Diocese of Westminster will also be involved in the launch of the Global Network of Rainbow Catholicism in Rome.

The new group will hold a conference, called “Ways of Love: Catholic Encounters with LGBT People & Families”.

Speakers will include former Irish president Dr Mary McAleese and Bishop Raúl Vera, an outspoken Mexican prelate.

Catholic Herald

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