Vatican denies LGBT White House invite dispute!!

Bishop of Rome poses in front of 'Gay Flag'

Bishop of Rome Francis-Bergoglio poses in front of ‘Homo Flag’

Judas Bergoglio showing his true colors again…

Now, It has come to surface the Vatican did NOT dispute  Obastard’s anti-Catholic but pro-Bergoglio LGBT guest list! A top Vatican official said Sunday that the Vatican NEVER gets involved with the guest lists of heads of state. Did the Pope Vet Obama’s Guest List? Yes, of course he did. In fact they would like the ‘unidentified’ high-level Vatican official, who falsely claimed Vatican disputed White House LGBT guest list to “come forward and give their name!” Once again Newchurch shows the entire world how UnCatholic they really are!

A report in the Wall Street Journal said the Vatican disputed the White House’s invite of several transgender and gay advocates to Pope Francis’ welcome ceremony, but a top Vatican official said Sunday that the Vatican never gets involved with the guest lists of heads of state.

Vatican adviser Father Thomas Rosica said on “Fox News Sunday” that the unnamed source that spoke to the Wall Street Journal, identified as a high-level Vatican official, should “come forward and give their name.”

“If some Vatican officials unnamed have expressed concern, that’s their issue and they should come forward and give their name,” according to a transcript of Rosica’s interview with host Chris Wallace.

Wallace asked Rosica that there has been no word that Obama invited leaders of the pro-life movement.

“There are 15,000 or so people invited to the White House and there are many pro-life people in that audience,” Rosica said.

The Pope is currently in Cuba and is set to visit the United States later this week.

While Pope Francis is in town he plans to address Congress and is expected to talk about climate change and also his issues with capitalism. But Francis could also deliver a “pastoral speech” where he talks about our obligations to one another, said Cardinal Donald Wuerl, the Archbishop of Washington, on the program.

“The political ramifications are a part of everything anybody says and if he’s speaking to Congress there will be the expectation that there would be policy that follows on this, but I don’t expect him to be announcing policy,” Wuerl said Sunday.

Pope Francis will arrive in Washington on Tuesday and leaves on Thursday for other stops in his tour.



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