Eleison Comments by Bishop Williamson – Issue 420, 421

Eleison Comments

by Mgr. Williamson

Eleison Comments – CDXX (420) 

Authority Limping 

The Shepherd is struck, the sheep are all dispersed.

Authority is upside down, reversed.

Good souls regularly wish me to “step up to the plate” and assume a position of authority at the head of today’s “Resistance” movement. Let me propose, without imposing, the reasons for my serious reluctance to attempt any such thing.

Authority in the Church is “shot,” from the top downwards. The present Pope (I am no sedevacantist) is out of his Catholic mind, if ever he had one. But even if his election as Pope was invalid for one reason or another, it was convalidated by his virtually universal acceptance as Pope throughout the worldwide Church. In any case nobody else is Pope, or can be, and therefore he has the supreme authority in the Church. Now the Church was so designed by Our Lord as to be a monarchy, with all authority descending in it through the Pope from God. For by definition authority can only come from above. As Jefferson says in the United States’ Declaration of Independence, authority given from below can always be taken back from below. Authority from below is in fact a contradiction in terms. It is no real authority at all.

Therefore unless this Pope were to give me authority to lead the “Resistance,” which is obviously inconceivable, I will never have official Catholic authority to head up the resistants. Can I have supplied authority due to the emergency? In theory, yes, but supplied authority is relatively weak. It is supplied from above (by the Church) when for instance a penitent asks a priest in unusual circumstances to hear his confession, i.e. when normally the priest would have no jurisdiction to do so. So supplied authority descends from the Church above, but it is triggered only by the demand from below. No demand, no supplied authority.

Take Archbishop Lefebvre’s own case. Firstly, it was very important to him that the Statutes of the original SSPX were officially approved by the diocesan bishop of Geneva, Lausanne and Fribourg . Secondly, for instance, if a priest of the SSPX wanted to quit the SSPX, to right or to left, the Archbishop had no power to stop him or to punish him except by having nothing more to do with him. And if that priest departed towards the Novus Ordo Church, he was often greeted, as one can imagine, with open arms. The SSPX under Bishop Fellay has more and more wanted to be normal and has pretended it is normal, but actually it is a weak structure insofar as it has never had any jurisdiction more than supplied (this is one reason why Bishop Fellay so wants to be re-integrated into the mainstream Church).

Now that was the Archbishop! And I am no Archbishop Lefebvre. Therefore a certain number of good souls can turn to me for guidance, as they do, but it is not in me to claim even a supplied jurisdiction, because of the enormous confusion reigning in the Church. At present I am more and more disinclined to impose even a true viewpoint on anybody, because souls are now so con fused that the least imposition is liable to increase rather than decrease that confusion. “I WILL STRIKE THE SHEPHERD AND THE SHEEP WILL BE SCATTERED” (Zachary XIII, 7), quoted by Our Lord in the Garden of Gethsemane (Mt. XXVI, 31), and that is how it is going to be in the Church, more and more, until God in his mercy restores the Shepherd, which he will do only when mankind will appreciate a true Shepherd of God. Until then God’s gift of such a Shepherd would risk doing more harm than good. So in the meantime we must all take our just punishment: the universal confusion!

That is why I will give to anybody who asks me my reasons for acting as I do, but I will propose those reasons rather than impose them, and I will not usually object to people disagreeing with me.

Kyrie eleison.

Eleison Comments – CDXXI (421)

Food, Water 

Without God man lives badly, and not well.

His “civilization” soon will crash to Hell.

I hate to be a prophet of doom, but what a retired US Government employee with numerous national awards for his services sees coming, and wrote to me, must be told, because I am sure it is the truth.

“The West is hurtling to destruction as it continues to abandon God and His Holy Apostolic Church. My family and I live in a Novus Ordo wasteland. We attend Mass at an SSPX chapel, but we are watching and praying, because the SSPX appears to be reconciled to its absorption and destruction by the modernists. The solution to the problem is the Consecration of Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Our Mother. But right now the Pope has no interest in doing it, nor does the Curia. Our Lord has informed us that the Consecration will be done, but it will be late. I believe this may mean after the beginning of the Chastisement, which will be unlike anything imaginable.

“I stay abreast of the news concerning the world economy, or should I say, the central banking Ponzi scheme. It cannot go on for ever. Debt is neither currency, nor money, nor wealth. It is slavery, a noose to be placed around the common people’s neck for the control of their labor and wealth. I believe an economic collapse will occur within a couple of years. It will be like the tulip bulb crash in 1637 in Holland when people realized that tulip bulbs really were just that, and not gold. Every world power is printing as much unbacked fiat currency as it can, and is lying about its economic figures. All economies will crash like an avalanche and be wiped out.

“Modern man having become a creature of extreme comfort and extreme ingratitude, one can only imagine how people will react when there is no more free stuff, Internet, television, cell phones, or food stamps on demand. It will be chaos. The powers that be are conditioning people for this moment by creating scapegoats. This has been done many times before, to justify the poor or destructive decisions by the criminal elite, and to provide cover for those that truly caused the trouble, notably those exposed by Father Denis Fahey.

“The US Government expects staggering life loss as a result of the collapse, and yet does nothing. Evil will be unleashed as people realize the incredible breadth and depth of the crisis, and turn their cities into unspeakable zones of violence and depravity. The population without God and morals will be hell-bent on personal survival. In an instant the modern world will be stopped in its tracks. Man will be faced with the stark reality of his weakness, his utter lack of control, his true dependence on God.

“Your Excellency, people are at a point that they can do anything with a cell-phone, but are unable to grow a potato, hammer a nail, or perform rudimentary plumbing. When the Ponzi scheme collapses, only skilled trades and the true priesthood will have any value. Carpentry, Plumbing, Electrical, Water Management, Waste Management, mechanics, farming, animal husbandry (not factory farms), that’s about it. Young Catholic men should be encouraged to enter these trades and then to create a new Guild system. Today’s corrupt universities, presently propped up by the debt market, will be clearly worthless. The truth is needed now more than ever. Traditional Catholics must be told to embrace traditional skills, traditional roles, and traditional lives. Indeed we must abandon the Bing-Crosby-Sunday-Mass-Only-Catholicism, but we must also embrace the daily work necessary to restore Christ and the Blessed Virgin Mary as Our King and Queen in our daily lives. The faithful must be advised to prepare for the safety of their families and others in need. This involves the securing of food and water, because most supermarkets only contain a 36-hour supply of goods for the local population.”

Kyrie eleison.


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