By their Rotten Fruits…Transsexual allowed to be the godfather of his nephew!

Abomination Of God's Divine Laws

Bishop bows to trans man…

The bishop allows Alex Salinas to be the godfather of his nephew

The young transsexual received the news of the holder of the parish which was to take place the ceremony after receiving the approval of the bishopric

The Bishop of Cadiz and Ceuta allow Alex Salinas, a young transsexual San Fernando, to be the godfather of his nephew’s baptism, as announced him the head of the parish which was to take place the ceremony. Salinas explained that the pastor would announced that he had talked with the Bishop and had taken him to the decision to keep him from being godfather had been a mistake because being transsexual is not an obstacle to be godfather to a church christening. “I’m very happy with what it means for me but, especially because what is true for me is true for other transsexuals who are Catholic and want to be part of the Church, “he explained. Salinas has received the message from the pastor after an intense campaign on social networks and the Internet and, once his sister announced the cancellation of baptism until the young could be the godfather. As he told the godfather future, the pastor has already urged his family to set a date for this celebration, which in principle is expected for the month of September. For its part, the Socialist deputy Carla Antonelli, has welcomed the decision of the diocese and said that “it is wise to rectify and the Church has had time in 2,000 years to learn how to do it.”

“The Church neither can reject anyone that way because he did not spare faithful and because that decision was not worthy of the word of God because Jesus Christ never conceived this hatred, “he added. Antonelli, has relied on the case of Alex Salinas also serve other transsexuals believers, “you may be transsexual, and being a believer, as can be transsexual and good person or a bad person.” Shown certain that this “historic” decision of the Church helps to strengthen the message.

The baptism was intended in the parish of San José Artesano de San Fernando, but Salinas was rejected as godfather for being a transsexual, in a decision the Bishop of Cadiz and Ceuta justified that for their position must lead a life consistent with the provisions of the Church. The spread of this negative led a petition platform for Pope Francisco would receive a Salinas and dealing with the group of transgender equality, an initiative that has so far gathered more than 34,000 signatures.



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