Bergoglio “Not Offended” by Blasphemous hammer and sickle crucifix gift!

Jesus betrayed by Judas 'Bergoglio'

For the Record: Pope “not offended” by gift of hammer and sickle crucifix

AGI-  Vatican, July 13 – Pope Francis has said he was “not offended” by Bolivian President Evo Morales’s gift of a hammer and sickle crucifix. He told journalists on the flight back to Rome from Asuncion that he had left the two decorative honours Mr Morales had presented him with at the feet of Our Lady of Capocabana, because he never accepted such honours, but carried Christ with him. The Pope went on to add that he always enjoyed a good cup of Argentinian “mate” tea, and drank some a few days ago on the flight from Quito to El Alto. He clarified to a steward that he liked mate, but had obviously never sampled coca. Commenting on the Greek crisis, the Pope said past Greek governments bore the responsibility for accumulating the country’s huge debt, but that he hoped the new government would work towards finding a solution to the Greek problem and that it would not have knock-on effects for other countries. This would help everyone move on, because going down the road of loans and debts was never-ending, he added. (AGI).



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