Eleison Comments by Mgr. Williamson – Number CDXV (415) / CDXIV (414)

Eleison Comments

Arguing Awry

Should Menzingen ask Rome for recognition?
No! How can apostates grant such a petition?

In the latest issue of the Society of St Pius X’s internal publication (mainly for Society priests), “Cor Unum,” the Superior General publishes arguments to defend and justify his relentless pursuit of the SSPX’s incorporation into the mainstream Church. He argues that the Society is right to be talking to today’s Roman officials. He presents basically two arguments. These need to be examined if they are not to continue creating confusion.

The first of the two arguments runs as follows: The Catholic Church, as the Immaculate Bride of Christ, is much more than just its corrupt officials, because it is a whole of which these officials are merely a part. But the Catholic Society of St Pius X must remain in contact with the Catholic Church. Therefore it must maintain contact, and continue to negotiate, with the corrupt officials.

The argument is easy to refute, as soon as one brings into view the Faith. Indeed Catholics must draw from the Immaculate Bride of Christ whatever they need to get to Heaven, but it is never from the corruption of the corrupt Church officials that they will be able to draw their spiritual life. And if these officials are so corrupt in the Faith that contact with them positively endangers that faith of Catholics which is the very basis of Catholics’ spiritual life, then Catholics must positively avoid such officials. Now the neo-modernism of today’s Roman officials is highly corrupt and corrupting, all the more objectively dangerous for its being more or less, on their part, subjectively innocent. Therefore Catholics wishing to keep the faith must stay well away from these Romans. “Cor Unum” argues as though neo-modernists present no danger to the Faith!

Archbishop Lefebvre drew the correct conclusion. When in the spring of 1988 he did everything he could have done (even, one may say, more than he should have done) to get the Roman officials to do their duty to look after Catholic Tradition, and even after over 10 years of the Archbishop’s efforts, they still refused, showing that, far from wanting to look after Tradition, they merely wanted to absorb it into their Newchurch, then the Archbishop concluded they they were so corrupt in the Faith that he would have nothing more to do with them until they professed once more the Faith of the great anti-liberal papal documents, such as the Syllabus, Pascendi, and Quas Primas.

For indeed the Faith does not exist for the appointed Church officials, but they exist for the Faith. So if their fruits demonstrate beyond any doubt that they are destroying the Faith, then, to defend the Faith, not only should the Society not be talking to the Conciliar officials, it should, while observing all charity and respect, be fleeing them like the plague, for fear of itself being infected by their dangerously infectious Conciliar errors, unless and until, exactly as Archbishop Lefebvre said, they show that they are quitting their Conciliarism and coming back to true Catholic doctrine.

The second argument is that Rome’s granting of bishops to visit the Society’s seminaries (including Écône) is proof of Rome’s “benevolence” towards the Society, because Rome is “at a loss how to deal with the Society.” And once more a swallow here and there is taken to be signifying the summer of Rome’s conversion. The naivete is breathtaking. Rome knows exactly how to deal with the Society: send Conciliar bishops into Society seminaries to show its future priests how nice the Conciliar churchmen are. Then eventually the Society will just flow into the Newchurch.

The SSPX has no business to be asking for anything whatsoever from these Roman officials, appointees perhaps, apostates certainly. And if it gives them to think that, objectively and collectively, they are anything other than apostates, it will be “like to them, a liar” (cf. Jn. VIII, 55).

Kyrie eleison.

our lady of fatima warning

Fatima Reversed?

Is Russia’s Consecration out of date?
It’s indispensable, however late.

When on June 13, 1929, Our Lady of Fatima appeared to Sister Lucy at Tuy in Spain to ask for the Consecration of Russia to her Immaculate Heart, it made perfect sense, because ever since the Russian Revolution broke out in October, 1917, Russia had been persecuting the Church and acting as the main instrument of Communism to spread its deadly errors throughout the world. However, Russia is now playing such a different part on the stage of world affairs that a number of Catholics are wondering if that Consecration is still needed. Has it not been overtaken by events?

True, with the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989 the Russian people began to repudiate the godless Communism under which they had suffered so much for 70 years, and since then they have not ceased to evolve towards God instead of away from him. Leading this evolution has been Russia’a Prime Minister or President since 1999, Vladimir Putin (born in 1952), who by his personal example and public leadership has done all he could to promote the real revival of the Christian Orthodox religion within Russia. Some observers still doubt that Putin is genuine, but the fruits are there: thousands of churches and cathedrals rebuilt all over Russia and morality defended, while outside of Russia Putin has more than once delayed the outbreak of World War III by outwitting the delinquent Western politicians, puppets of the godless New World Order and pushing for its triumph.

Then can one say that Russia today no longer needs to be converted? No, because Orthodox Christianity is not yet Catholicism, and because Communism has reportedly left its mark on the morals of the Russian people, for instance in the still widespread practice of abortion. But what one can surely say is that by the present religious revival, witnessed for many a year now by Western visitors to Russia, Our Lady is preparing for the full conversion of Russia, and while that full conversion may no longer be needed to put an end to Russian Communism, in the 21st century it may be even more needed to overcome world Globalism. Let us speculate on how that might happen.

To break out of the aggressive encirclement of Russia by military bases of a nameless western power which has let itself be instrumentalist by the evil Masters of Globalism, Russia, the apparent but not the real aggressor (the two are not always the same), invades and conquers Europe thoroughly corrupted by atheistic materialism. Under the pressure of war and occupation, the Pope at last performs the Consecration of Russia, as requested by Our Lady at Fatima, and the miraculous full conversion begins to take place, but not to the putrid religion of Conciliar Rome, rather to a brand-new (and brand-old) Catholicism (Mt.XIII, 52), in which all the Truth of Eternal Rome and of the once faithful West is revitalized by the religious freshness of the post-Communist Russians drawing on everything truest and best in their own Eastern traditions.

Wishful thinking? The details here stitched together from prophecies, and even the grand lines of the speculation can be wrong, but in any case some such miracle will be wrought by Our Lady to cleanse the East of its errors and the West of its corruption, so that the Church can again breathe with both lungs, and so that there can come about that “period of peace for the world” which she promised at Fatima. In any case believers will be crying out with St Paul, “O the depth of the riches of the wisdom and of the knowledge of God! How incomprehensible are his judgments, and how unsearchable his ways!” (Rom. XI, 33). If we are among the survivors, we shall be marveling at the works of God and of his Blessed Mother.

Kyrie eleison.


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