“Pope is Anti-Christ” says de-frocked priest

Defrocked priest - pope is anti-christ

The former priest who famously disrupted the men’s  marathon at the Athens Olympics in 2004 and ran on to the track at the British Grand Prix at Silverstone the previous year intends to stage a protest against the Catholic Church next week at The Epsom Derby.

Some background on Wacko Ex-priest…

Cornelius “Neil” Horan, sometimes referred to as The Grand Prix Priest or The Dancing Priest (born 22 April 1947), is a laicized Irish Roman Catholic priest who is noted for his interference with the running of the 2003 British Grand Prix and the 2004 Summer Olympics men’s marathon in order to promote his religious belief that the end of the world is near. He went on to appear on Britain’s Got Talent in May 2009. He danced a soft jig on the show, received a standing ovation by the audience and was put through to the next round. He did not make the live semi-finals.

The second of 13 children born to Catherine Kelly and John Horan, Horan is a native of Knockeenahone, Scartaglen in County Kerry. He currently lives in South London. Horan studied to be a priest at St. Brendan’s College, Killarney and St Peter’s College, Wexford and was ordained in 1973. In 1974 he showed an interest in the Apostolic Fellowship of Christ and resigned from the priesthood, but later rejoined in 1980.

Horan became more interested in prophecy and published an electronic book, entitled A Glorious New World Very Soon to Come, that predicted the end of the world. He published another electronic booklet along similar lines entitled A Glorious New World. Other works include Christ Will Soon Take Power From All Governments. According to Horan, in the Second Coming of Christ, Jesus will rule the world from Jerusalem and there will be two classes of people, “immortal saints” who will rule a world government for a millennium from the religious city and “mortal citizens” who will become “adopted Jews” and live for 900 years.

“Pope is Anti-Christ” says de-frocked priest Neil Horan ahead of Epsom protest

Cornelius ‘Neil’ Horan, will demonstrate for the tenth year in a row at Epsom on Derby day. The defrocked Roman Catholic priest will perform a jig at Epsom Station before being escorted by police into the racecourse.Horan says his protest is directed at the Catholic Church which he believes is a a pagan organization.The Irishman, dubbed The Grand Prix Priest or The Dancing Priest has called the Pope “a false prophet” and “Anti-Christ”. Neil Horan, now in his late sixties, will will attend the Epsom Derby sporting event on Saturday with posters that read “The Catholic Church is the whore of Babylon, says the Bible”.

Irish Post

Read more about Ex-priest here.


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