Benedict XVI receives book containing fake messages

St. Francis ora pro nobis!

St. Francis ora pro nobis!

Benedict XVI receives book containing fake messages against Francis!

Ratzinger was handed a volume containing the visions of false seer Conchiglia, who deifies the Virgin Mary, considers Pope Francis a “vicar of the Anti-Christ”, defines the Vatican as a den of deadly sins and claims that we are ruled by aliens. Mgr. Gänswein denied there being any support for the so-called seer or the content of the book. “Had Benedict XVI known what it was about he would never have agreed to the meeting”

During the course of a meeting that lasted just a few minutes after the rosary was prayed, in the Vatican Gardens, on 9 May, the Pope Emeritus, Benedict XVI, was handed a large book with a dark red cover and a stamp in the shape of a shell (conchiglia in Italian): the very same shell that appears in his episcopal and papal coat of arms. Neither the Pope Emeritus nor his personal secretary, Archbishop Georg Gänswein knew what it was about. Neither did the two envoys representing the false seer Franca Miscio – better known as Conchiglia, founder of an international movement whose model figures are Guadalupe and Juan Diego – have any knowledge of the contents of the volume.

The “messages” received from the fake seer are easy to find online. Conchiglia presents herself as a prophetess of our time and fills pages and pages with words that she assures come directly from God, Jesus and Mary. One of the strangest “revelations” she makes is an unshakable belief that aliens exist and that “alien DNA” has mixed with “Terrestrian” DNA so that there are now “alien beings” ruling the world.

The Vatican is described in the “prophesies” as den of all evils: “The Vatican is the center of the global power that wants to create a single global religion uniting all false religions … it is the den of the seven deadly sins and other kinds of vileness.” Conchiglia deifies the figure of Mary whom equals to other figures of the Trinity and adds her to the sign of the cross, which becomes: In the name of the Father, the Mother, the Son and the Holy Spirit!”

The false seer wrote a great deal about Benedict XVI’s resignation. She claims his resignation resulted from the workings of international masonry and that Ratzinger is apparently still the real and legitimate Pope, while Francis, whom she defines as a “wicked man seated at the Throne of Peter”, is an “imposter”, an anti-Pope, a representative of the Anti-Christ.

Bergoglio the Imposter

Bergoglio the Imposter

These comments speak for themselves and yet they seem to have attracted journalistic backing and used – without any direct references to the “seer” – as a basis for publications by people who are unable to contain their hatred toward the current Successor of Peter.

Various figures have recently warned against Conchiglia’s “messages”, including the Bishop of Jesi (Italy), Gerardo Rocconi who met her in person and the Bishop of Senigallia (Italy), Giuseppe Orlandoni, who has repeatedly described the words of the false seer as “objectively heretical and against the doctrine of the Church”.

Conchiglia’s movement has published the images of the meeting with the Pope Emeritus on her website, making them stand out and presenting him almost as a guarantee seal for the messages contained in the book. How did the meeting in the Vatican Gardens come about? Were Benedict XVI and his personal secretary aware of whom they were coming into contact with and what was their reaction when realization struck? Vatican Insider put these questions to Archbishop Georg Gänswein, Prefect of the Papal Household and personal secretary to Benedict XVI.

Gänswein explained that “a certain Mr. Mimmo Rocco who presented himself as chief superintendent of the Italian Carabinieri, had asked some time ago, along with many others, to meet the Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI. He was granted a brief meeting after the rosary. There were two of them, him and one other person. They didn’t know each other. During the meeting, they presented Benedict XVI with a book, as shown in a series of photos published on the website. We had no knowledge of the content. The meeting only lasted a few minutes.”

“When I got home,” Gänswein continued, “I looked at the book and so did Benedict XVI later on. We were surprised and shocked because we noticed straight away that the book contained some “private revelations”. It didn’t take long to work out that the whole thing was strange and incredible to say the least. The Pope Emeritus asked me to send the book to the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith which is competent in this field, immediately.”

“We didn’t think anything of the meeting,” Mgr. Gänswein concluded. “There are many people around who call themselves “seers”… We had no idea that the book contained those comments. Naturally, there is no support for the “seer” or the contents of the book in any way. Had Benedict XVI known that he was going to be given a collection of messages of this kind, he would never have agreed to the meeting”.

Bergoglio the Impostor Image: Daily Catholic

Vatican Insider


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