Mass exorcism of schoolkids leaves many in hysterics as priest attempts to Banish the Devil!!


Priest carries out mass exorcism at religious camp for children — leaving them screaming and in tears…

SCHOOL children at a religious camp to celebrate Lent were left screaming and in tears when instead of singing songs and praying, the priest carried out a mass exorcism.

The 1000 children from schools in the town of Gryfice in north-western Poland had gone to the camp for a three-day trip for what was billed as a way of helping “young people explore God and devote themselves to spiritual renewal through prayer.”

But when they got there, they found priest Tomas Wieczorek, 37, was more interested in exorcising their demons and replacing them with God.

Horrified mum Magda Rutkowska, 43, said: “On the first day he took a few of the children on stage and placed his hand on their foreheads one by one and started repeating ‘Holy Spirit, Come. Holy Spirit, Come.’

“Some of the children fainted while others started crying.”

Outrage: Exorcism at a religious camp to celebrate Lent in Poland. Picture -  Australscope

Outrage: Exorcism at a religious camp to celebrate Lent in Poland. Picture – Australscope

When school pals went to help the semiconscious friends they were told by the priest to stay where they were, telling them: “God is entering their souls and banishing the Devil.”

Other children the priest had touched began screaming while others burst out into fits of laughter.

One of the students said: “It was really scary, almost like a mental asylum.

“Some of them were writhing on the floor, others were laughing hysterically and others were screaming and crying.

“The priest said he was purifying them but it was all too much for most of us.

“The next day we didn’t turn up because we were scared about what would happen.”

School psychologist Halina Wysocka said: “Children are not emotionally mature enough to experience prayer during which the Holy Spirit may enter them.

“The methods presented were similar to those in religious sects.”

A church spokesman for the area said: “We haven’t received any complaints so far, so there’s no problem.”



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