Novena to St. Joseph – Eighth Day

Novena to St. Joseph  – Eighth Day

Life of St. Joseph

He was the model of the contemplative life, by his interior spirit, by his love of silence, retreat, and prayer. His soul was consumed with love; his sleep was rather an ecstasy than a time of repose.

He was a model of the active life, by the assiduous care he took of the Holy Family. Labor and poverty did not disturb the serenity of his soul.

He was the model of the mixed or apostolical life, never wearied of assisting his neighbor, of consoling him in his pains, of enlightening him in his doubts, of instructing him in the law of God, as often as Providence presented him the occasion.

Virtues to imitate in St. Joseph

His recollection, and his aversion to all use less conversations.

His vigilance and exactitude in acquitting himself of the charge confided to him by God.

His zeal in assisting his neighbor, according to the means and opportunities given him by God.


Let all the contemplative saints, all the solitaries, all the anchorets learn of thee, glorious patriarch, the art of leading a heavenly life on earth a life of contemplation, of silence, of love, of union with God. Who among them had as lively a faith as thyself, as ardent a charity, and as clear and extensive a knowledge of the mysteries of the redemption? St. John and St. Paul were great contemplatives: the first, because, permitted to repose on the heart of Jesus, he entered into a profound and sweet ecstasy; the second, because he was raised to the third heaven, and there discovered ineffable mysteries. But, glorious Joseph, who could count the ecstasies, the secrets with which thou wast favored who, during so many years, hadst beneath thy eyes and in thy possession the true Paradise in the person of Jesus thou, who didst taste so many times the double happiness of reposing in His heart, true sanctuary of the Divinity, and of making Him repose on thine? What sweet sleep He took within thy arms, and what sweet repose thou didst enjoy when thou didst press Him to thy heart. It is, indeed, from thee that the most perfect souls should learn to direct their flight to wards Heaven, and to contemplate the Sun of Justice. But is it not thou, also, who will give to other saints useful lessons on the active and apostolic lives? Thou hadst been for them an accomplished model in the painful labors of thy profession; in thy care of the Holy Family, and thy journeys and pilgrimages; in the instructions, consolations, and the relief thou didst procure for thy neighbor with so much zeal in Egypt and in Nazareth. 0, thou most perfect of saints, obtain for me the grace to imitate thee in the interior life. I need more recollection, to pray with more faith and fervor. Thou art, as says St. Teresa, a great master of prayer; deign to admit me among thy disciples, and direct me in the science of the saints, that I may learn upon earth to converse with God, and that I may be thus prepared to glorify Him eternally with thee and all the other blessed in Heaven. Amen.

Act of Consecration to the Glorious Patriarch, St. Joseph

Most glorious Patriarch, chastest spouse of the great Mother of God, and reputed father of my Lord Jesus Christ, my loving Saint Joseph, confiding in the greatness of thy holiness, and inflamed with the love which Jesus and Mary bore thee, I choose thee this day in their presence to be my especial protector, advocate, and patron; and I firmly purpose to keep this devotion to thee always burning within my heart. And since I know that thou wert appointed by the eternal Father to be the head of the holy family upon earth, I desire to be one of its devoted servants and friends, and I beg of thee to admit me into their number. I desire, unworthy sinner though I be, to render to thee also the homage which I pay to the Infant Jesus, and to His Virgin Mother. I beseech thee also, O my most glorious father Saint Joseph, to obtain for me, through thy great merits, and by thy most powerful intercession, the grace to imitate in my life thy most holy conversation with Jesus and Mary, so that I too, like thyself, may enjoy the assistance of Jesus and of Mary at my death, and in their arms may breathe forth my soul, saying, Jesus, Mary, and Joseph, I give you my heart and my soul Amen.


Month of St. Joseph / Novena: Day 7

Novena st joseph


Lord, have mercy on us.

Christ, have mercy on us.

Lord, have mercy on us.

Christ, hear us.

Christ, graciously hear us.

God the Father of Heaven, Have mercy on us.

God the Son, Redeemer of the world, Have mercy on us.

God the Holy Ghost, Have mercy on us.

Holy Trinity, One God, Have mercy on us.

Holy Mary, Pray for us.

Saint Joseph, Pray for us.

Illustrious Son of David, Pray for us.

Light of Patriarchs, Pray for us.

Spouse of the Mother of God, Pray for us.

Chaste guardian of the Virgin, Pray for us.

Foster father of the Son of God, Pray for us.

Diligent protector of Christ, Pray for us.

Head of the Holy Family, Pray for us.

Joseph most just, Pray for us.

Joseph most chaste, Pray for us.

Joseph most prudent, Pray for us.

Joseph most valiant, Pray for us.

Joseph most obedient, Pray for us

Joseph most faithful, Pray for us.

Mirror of patience, Pray for us.

Lover of poverty, Pray for us.

Model of artisans, Pray for us.

Glory of home life, Pray for us.

Guardian of virgins, Pray for us.

Pillar of families, Pray for us.

Solace of the wretched, Pray for us.

Hope of the sick, Pray for us.

Patron of the dying, Pray for us.

Terror of demons, Pray for us.

Protector of Holy Church, Pray for us.

Lamb of God, Who takes away the sins of the world, Spare us, O Lord!

Lamb of God, Who takes away the sins of the world, Graciously hear us, O Lord!

Lamb of God, Who takes away the sins of the world, have mercy on us.

He made him the lord of His household.

And prince over all His possessions.

Let us pray.

O God, in Your ineffable providence You were pleased to choose Blessed Joseph to be the spouse of Your most holy Mother; grant, we beseech You, that we may be worthy to have him for our intercessor in heaven whom on earth we venerate as our Protector. Who lives and reigns, world without end.  Amen.

Favors granted to St. Joseph

He was singularly favored, assisted, and honored by the angels; he received consolation from them in his anguish, light in his perplexities, and relief in his fatigues. He was truly an angelical man; his office was to serve as a guardian angel to Jesus and to Mary. 

No saint has ever enjoyed Jesus as much as Joseph, who had the happiness of caressing Him, and carrying Him a thousand times in his arms. Also, no saint has received from Jesus as many caresses and favors.

The life he led with Jesus and Mary was more heavenly than terrestrial, more divine than Human; it was full of simplicity, innocence, and fervor;it was a foretaste of the life of the blessed in Heaven.

Virtues to imitate in St. Joseph

His respect for the ministers of God.

The peace and tranquility of his soul.

The sincerity of his words and the modesty of his manners.


I am not astonished, glorious Joseph, that the angels favored thee singularly, since thou didst resemble them so well by thy angelical purity. I do not wonder, either, that they had a kind of ambition to serve thee, since they saw thee superior to them in dignity. if envy could have entered into their hearts, doubtless they would have envied the happiness thou didst enjoy, that of living so familiarly with the Divine Infant, prodigy of love, center of all joy, source of all sweetness. I bless, happy saint, that mouth, which has praised and glorified Him so often; I bless those hands, which have so lovingly caressed Him; I bless that heart, upon which He has reposed so sweetly a thousand times. In conversing day and night with the Infant God, thou hast learnt to become little and childlike as he was; thou hast learnt to imitate the innocence, simplicity, the purity, and all the amiable virtues of the Incarnate Word. Thou didst know the desire he had even then to see every Christian become children again, to pass the narrow gate to enter the Kingdom of Heaven. And I also desire to become like the Child Jesus. Obtain for me, then, the virtues suitable to Christian infancy; may my heart be exempt from malice, my thoughts pure, my intentions upright, my words innocent, all my conduct conformable to simplicity and humility. In fine, grant that by penance I may return to that happy state of Christian infancy in which the sacrament of regeneration had placed me, and whence my iniquities made me fall. Amen.

To prove the power which Saint Joseph possesses in paradise, Saint Bernardine of Siena writes thus:

“We cannot doubt that Christ accords to Saint Joseph, now that he is in heaven, even more perfectly the respect and reverence which He paid to him on earth. Our Lord, Who on earth revered Saint Joseph as His father, will certainly deny him nothing that he asks in heaven.” Let us then say to him with confidence:

Saint Joseph, powerful protector of souls, keep us from all sin.



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