Cardinal ‘Bravo’ Dolan’s Critics Pushed Out Of Press Conference

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Critics of New York’s Cardinal Timothy Dolan received a rather “unwelcome” response from his press handlers Tuesday when they were “pushed out” of the press conference after confronting his eminence for continuing to remain Grand Marshall at this year’s St. Patrick’s Day parade. Dolan was criticized because an openly gay group had been permitted to march under their own banner while Catholic pro-life groups were universally shunned.

The Catholic blogosphere lit up with outrage last September when Cardinal Dolan gave the St. Patrick’s Day parade committee his “confidence and support” after they elected to have OUT@NBCUNIVERSAL, an openly gay group affiliated with NBC, march in the parade under their own banner apart from Catholic and Irish culture for the first time in history. 

Despite numerous pleas from faithful Catholics to the contrary, Cardinal Dolan refused to step down as the parade’s Grand Marshall, dubiously saying the inclusiveness of an openly gay group did not contradict Catholic teaching because it only “allows a group to publicize its identity” as “gay people of Irish ancestry” rather than “promote actions contrary to the values of the church.” The scandal further deepened when Catholic League President Bill Donahue formally announced his organization’s withdrawal from the parade after learning the parade committee would not be allowing Catholic pro-life groups to openly march under their own banner as well. 

While Dolan has had his fair share of defenders and critics since the controversy, none have nearly been so up close and personal as Michael Voris of ChurchMilitant.TV (CMTV), a Catholic apostolate dedicated to combating heretical liberalism in the clergy. In a video posted shortly after Dolan gave the parade committee his approval, Voris rebuked the cardinal by calling him a “wicked bishop” who was “in the grip of the devil,” and cited multiple examples where his eminence showed tremendously bad judgment as a prince of the Church, such as: inviting pro-abortion Barack Obama to a public dinner, giving “shout outs” to pro-abortion politicians at Mass, and saying “bravo” on national television to football player Michael Sam’s coming out as gay.

Refusing to let Dolan off the hook, Voris confronted the cardinal at a press conference prior to the parade Tuesday by asking him point-blank, “Do you have anything to say to loyal Catholics who find what you’re doing here a great scandal to the faith?” Smiling jovially, Dolan gave his non-answer by saying, “No, come on in, we’d love to have you” before waltzing on his merry way. Then things got rough.

According to Voris, evidenced by video provided, one of Dolan’s press handlers immediately “elbowed” him in the stomach before he was forcefully escorted away by another press handler with the aid of police officers.

Cardinal Dolan has continued to repeat the “all are welcome” mantra of establishment Catholicism, but if faithful Catholics like Michael Voris provide any indication, that mantra does not apply to his critics.

Source: Truth Revolt


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