PURE EVIL: Elderly Indian nun ‘gang-raped’ in convent school

Indian gang-rape horror after nun, 75, was attacked by up to eight raiders as she tried to stop robbery at Christian school in India

  • Nun attacked after she confronted gang of 12 robbers in convent

  • Gang believed to have tied up security guard before violent rampage

  • Three other nuns reported to have been injured in the assault

  • Latest in a series of violent gang-rapes that has shocked the country

A nun aged 75 has been gang-raped by a group of up to eight robbers in India in the latest attack to shock the country. She is in a serious condition in hospital after confronting the gang of 12 men who broke into the Christian missionary school in eastern India, police said. Officers are searching for the bandits who escaped with cash, a mobile phone, a laptop computer and a camera belonging to the school.

Protest: Recent attacks in India have resulted in street protests with many calling for more protection for women

Furious: The violence of recent attacks has shocked the nation, with protestors calling for severe punishment for rapists

The attack was carried out by seven or eight robbers at the Convent of Jesus and Mary School in West Bengal state’s Nadia district, investigators said. Police Inspector General Anuj Sharma said: ‘A preliminary investigation has revealed that a nun at the school was gagged and gang-raped. Two people have so far been arrested.’ Indian media reported that the gang broke into the convent and tied up the security guard before going on the rampage. It is alleged that three other nuns were assault and suffered injury in the violent attack. Furious local residents took to the streets in anger, shouting slogans demanding action and blocking off the main highway. West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee tweeted her condemnation of what she called a ‘horrific attack’, promising ‘swift, strongest action’.

The incident came at a time of heightened sensitivity over women’s safety in India, which last week banned a documentary about the 2012 gang-rape of a student in Delhi that sparked mass protests.

Authorities said screening the documentary could have caused public disorder, but critics accused the government of being more concerned with the country’s reputation than the safety of its women.

The December 2012 gang-rape of a young physiotherapy student, who cannot be named, highlighted the frightening level of violence against women in the world’s second most populous country and triggered mass protests.

It led to a major reform of India’s rape laws, speeding up trials and increasing penalties, although many campaigners say little has changed for women on the ground.

Shocking footage also emerged this week of an angry mob stripping and slowly beating a man to death after he was accused of raping and murdering an 11-year-old girl.

Vigilante violence: Shocking video footage has emerged of the 18-year-old being beaten to death as a crowd of 1,000 people watch

Accused: Ibo Cha allegedly murdered and raped an 11-year-old girl but the police said he had not been arrested

Video footage showed the brutal prolonged attack on the 18-year-old, which was watched by a jeering 1,000-strong crowd. Ibo Cha was dragged into the centre Meluri village, stripped, strung up with rope and beaten for an hour before dying of his injuries. Men took turns attacking him and a ‘ring-leader’ appears to stop them from killing him too quickly. The footage was shot in September, but has only come to light following the kidnapping and murder of alleged rapist Syed Sarif Khan in Dimapur.  Last week, a mob tore open the gates of Central Jail in Dimapur and dragged Mr Khan naked through the streets before beating him to death.


Shocking: The man allegedly raped a student from a local women's college multiple times in February and he was arrested a day later

 Earlier this month, police in India were also investigating another attack in the northern city of Varanasi. A man was killed in a mob attack in Varanasi after a group of girls alleged they were molested while celebrating the recent Hindu festival of Holi, police said.

 Daily Mail


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