Novena to St. Joseph – Fourth Day

Sanctity of St. Joseph - The Greatness of St. Joseph has remained hidden from the world!!

 Sanctity of St. Joseph

Joseph, her husband, was a just man.

Whereupon Joseph her husband, being a just man, and not willing publicly to expose her, was minded to put her away privately.  Matthew 1:19

According to the opinion of a great many doctors, he was sanctified from the womb of his mother; and he is the first saint to whom the Holy Ghost gave, in the Gospel, the name of Just, wishing to make us understand that he possessed the plenitude of all virtues.

St Joseph Patron of the Catholic Church

His sanctity was proportioned to his dignity of spouse of Mary, of representative of the Eternal Father, guardian and foster-father of God made man.

No other saint approached so near, and for SO long a time, to the Source of all sanctity. He advanced always from virtue to virtue, under the eyes of Jesus and Mary, his models.

St Joseph Spouse of the Blessed Ever Virgin Mary Mother of God - Coronation of Joseph   Valdés Leal, c. 1670

St Joseph Spouse of the Blessed Ever Virgin Mary Mother of God – Coronation of Joseph
Valdés Leal, c. 1670

Virtues to imitate in St. Joseph

His purity of heart, which was never sullied by sin.

His detachment from all created objects.

His continual desire to increase in sanctity.


How admirably does the title of Just suit thee, blessed Joseph, since thou didst receive it from the Holy Ghost Himself, who can neither be deceived nor deceive! Yes, thou art just, because grace and sanctity met and were united in thee, even before thy birth. Thou art just by excellence, because God gave thee sanctity proportioned to the eminence of thy dignity, that thou mightest suitably represent the Eternal Father in the care thou wouldst take of His Son, and the Holy Ghost in the alliance which would unite thee to the Immaculate Virgin. But how much more worthy didst thou not become of so glorious a charge by adding unceasingly to the primitive sanctity with which God had favored thee, and by enriching thyself, each day, with new merits, by the exercise of all virtues I Thou hadst constantly before thee the two models of perfect sanctity, Jesus and Mary. Couldst thou do other wise than study them unceasingly and retrace them in thy actions? I honor and revere that eminent sanctity which distinguishes thee among all the saints; but that my homage may contribute at the same time to thy glory and my spiritual good, obtain, my protector and father, that from to-day I may truly dispose myself to receive of God that precious gift of sanctity without which I can neither be pleasing in His eyes nor in thine. Amen.


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