Pope Francis: The Catholic’s Final Solution?

Alex Jones breaks down how Pope Francis is being used to push the globalist agenda and how it will kill millions of people across the world.

2015: The Forecast is for Stormy Weather

Via: That the bones you have crushed may thrill

Well, His Holiness Pope Francis has not yet issued his encyclical on the environment, but already it is attracting a great deal of attention. Fr Alexander Lucie-Smith makes a good case in his article suggesting that such an encyclical is perhaps not such a great idea. I’m with him on that, but of course there are various interests and various groups for whom such an encyclical will most likely be a ‘godsend’.
During this post, I am going to be as balanced and level-headed as a conspiracy theorist fruit-cake can be, but I am confident that within the next year, readers of this blog may be joining me in my unshakable feeling that there is something going on in Rome today that only makes sense in accepting the possibility that there is a ‘hidden hand’ at work.

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