ISIS: If Any Christian Gets Caught Reading The Bible, He Will Be Executed!

ISIS Makes New Law

ISIS Makes New Law: If Any Christian Gets Caught Reading The Bible, He Will Be Executed (ITS TIME FOR CHRISTIANS TO START FIGHTING BACK)

ISIS has made a new rule: if you get caught reading the Bible, you will be executed. According to one report:

The statement specifically states that “Muslims do not hear the recitation of their books out loud”, effectively banning any Christians from openly reading the Bible or singing psalms. Likewise, all acts of worship must be carried out inside a church and under no circumstances should acts of worship be performed in public.

The new tyrannical edict forbids “public worship and treachery against IS.” Christians are also “banned from publicly showing their crosses in Muslim areas, or in their own market places.”

According to another report, “Defying these rules could result in death.”

We all know how cruel and merciless ISIS is, and they will show no mercy to any Christian reading the Bible in public. When the Islamic State in the beginning of August attacked the Syrian government’s last stronghold in north al-Raqqa, they captured a regiment from Brigade 93. 90 IS fighters were reported to have been killed in the battle and 300 Syrian soldiers were reported killed and more than 100 were captured including 2 Brigadier Generals.

We edited most of the beheading footage from the video, and focused on one story: the execution of a Christian soldier. The Christian’s wallet was searched and they found a cross, and the caption on the video states “The nation of disbelief are all one,” insinuating that a Christian is just as bad as an unbeliever in Islam. Then the camera zooms on two captives, the first is a Shiite who is killed without question and the other is the Christian who is quickly given his last chance to convert to Islam, he rejects and is shot on the spot with an additional shot in pure vengeance.

Islamic State

Christian persecution is intensifying every day, and it will reach its apex through the power of the reviving neo-Ottoman movement. In the Middle Ages, when Christian persecution was being done by the Turkish Seljuk empire, there was a crusade. So, in the future, there will be the Final Crusade, fighting against the Ottoman Empire to liberate Christianity. It will consist of pure Christian action, which will be the ultimate expression of faith and the show of pious love done for the cause of defeating Satan.

So let us get into some militant theology, and the spirituality of the Crusades.

Action is the highest form of worship. It illustrates the Faith that lies within the heart, and is the purest manifestation of internal convictions; action is without guile; action confronts to us the highest state of belief. Action emanates from every spiritual realization that we have within our very beings, and is the result of contemplation on God and His divine laws. Action is worship in its purest fashion.

St. Thomas Aquinas once wrote, “the highest from of contemplation is that which superabounds in Action.” (1) Pope Pius XI once said, La vita e azione or “Life is Action.” (2) Life is a series of actions, and each action is either good or bad, and is determined by our own moral compass. Truly, our actions are but consequences of our internal beliefs. I did a whole video on this:

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