Cattogiudaismo and neopaganism

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EM Radaelli in his “The Mystery of the synagogue blindfolded” Effedieffe 2002 / Milan, complaint accomplices and abettors of those thieves and murderers of Naboth, in the Old Covenant (1RE XXI 1.16) and the wicked tenants, the Gospel (Mt. 34 XXI , 36).Forgers of the Holy Religion falling into the trap of thinking (or pose such a trap for those who listen to them) that both anthropology to produce the divine, that God is the result and product of historical contingencies and ideals of the people, exposing so clear heart Judaizing of too many cardinals like Carlo Martini or Etchegaray, but also the various Cantalamessa scattering the seeds of a new religion that implicitly repudiates the Trinitarian God. The only God Is ‘Trinitarian and therefore trinitarietà is co-essential to God: God is not without It. GB Montini not distinguished only for this vocation to “the Cult of Man”, but also for his ecumenism when he spoke of Catholicism, Judaism and Islam as: “… three expressions professing an identical monotheism, through the three streets authentic “. It ‘a phrase that contains two falsehoods: a falsehood metaphysics, not having Catholics essential elements in common with Jews and Muslims being the essence of our own being a Christian, not accidentally but essentially; a religious falsehoods, as to have an “identical monotheism” should exclude from our side the revelation itself, the very principle of our religion, and that is Jesus Christ, who reveals the divine mystery and that sums up in himself the Book that reveals. What is the relationship between the Church and Synagogue then?

Jews, meaning truly faithful, chosen people and then guardian of the messianic promises, they believe so much to force the word to be defined ‘children of the Law’; In fact: “The blessing of Isaac to the twins Esau and Jacob is THE WORD to reverse the order of nature and history that the first-born must give primacy to the second … The VIS immaterial to the Word above that of blood because the first is divine while the other fleeting and accidental.JESUS ​​’true Verbum breaks the bonds that the Jews joined it to his father Abraham:’ You are of your father the devil ‘(Ioann. VIII, 44).In fact, Jesse, David’s father, would not be the father of the Messiah in the flesh and in faith if it was not supported by the Power of the Son: Christ is not because jew born Jews, as if her dignity was a result of their dignity; but because they are Jews born to Christ and their dignity descends from His, their election by His, their holiness from His. It is not the root to be worn by you but is it that takes you. Eliminating replacement theology with the invention of waiting parallel between “brothers minor and major” means reasoning as if Revelation and the first coming were imperfect (making excusable disbelief) and had made a new pact absurdly universal, and perfect definitive, but leaving alive the ancient (accomplished in as announcing the new place), Covenant still alive despite the apostasy Friday that rejected the divine revelation. From that moment is the early Church the true Israel.As also mentioned Don Giorgio Maffei (“The deicide people” – 1994): “… the primacy of salvation becomes, with the refusal, the primacy of condemnation”, reiterating what has been the Holy Scriptures with St. Paul had shown: divine wrath on the Jews and their blindness until converted to the Lord (2 Cor III 12, 16 – 1 Thessalonians II 14, 16).

A central point remains that the teaching of doctrine, since (Matt, xxiii, 2): “in Moses sat scribes and Pharisees.” Who sits on the throne of another is a usurper (Caiaphas) ​​if his teaching is in contradiction with each other: the chair ensures just the people, that the incidental exchange of the flesh and the story does not change the substance, namely the continuity essential spirit, but only if there is usurpation. The chair is of Peter, is of Moses as vicars of Jesus Christ, one following the other previous UNA chair.The Jews who were children of Abraham in the flesh fell for the illusion of being justified almost hereditary title, while in the spirit they were “children of the devil” (Ioann VIII, 44).

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