Patti Smith Is So Forever-Cool That She’s Playing The Vatican!

Pope Francis greets U.S. singer Patti Smith during weekly audience at Vatican

Meet the Pope’s unlikely celebrity fan!

Patti Smith met Francis shortly after his election it was billed as the meeting of “the Punk and the Pope”. Smith, the rebel rocker chummy with the Russian activist group Pussy Riot, has journeyed to St Peter’s Square twice in order to see the Pontiff. On one occasion, the musician, famous for her album Horses, was pictured beaming and affectionately squeezing Francis’s hand. Rather than sleeping off the night’s gig, Patti was up bright and early for the general audience and concluded that the new Pope “was very interesting” and that she liked him “a lot”. Judging by the photographs it appears that the feeling is mutual, even though Francis may be unfamilar with songs such as “Gloria” and “Free Money”.  –  June 11, 2014 – The Catholic Herald

Patti Smith Is So Forever-Cool That She’s Playing The Vatican.

Via: MTV

The ‘Godmother of Punk’ is set to play the annual Christmas concert.

Continuing his reign of cool moves, Pope Francis has invited Patti Smith (yes, THE Patti Smith) to perform at the Vatican’s annual Christmas concert.

The concert, which is set to take place at Rome’s Conciliation Auditorium on December 13, will also be broadcast live on TV in Italy. What a way to ring in the holiday!

Patti is an interesting choice for the concert. In one of her most famous lyrics from the super-brilliant classic “Gloria” off of her debut album, “Horses,” she says, “Jesus died for somebody’s sins but not mine.” Still, Patti has become something of an institution. The “Godmother of Punk” has transcended her rock & roll identity, adding “author” to her long list of talents.

Patti Smith Gloria

This true punk-inspired concert is only the latest progressive move from Pope Francis. In recent months, the Vatican has recognized committed gay and lesbian relationships and said evolution is not in conflict with intelligent design.

francis where are you going

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