Feast of All Saints: Bergoglio hails the poor, homeless as ‘Unknown Saints!!’

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For All Saints, Francis calls jobless people, and those who flee war, hunger, and poverty ‘saints’

Pope hails the poor, homeless as ‘unknown saints’

Newchurch Bergoglio All About the Poor. The poor and unemployed it seems are the only people Bergoglio cares for!

ROME – Pope Francis has paid tribute to what he calls the “unknown saints,” those who flee war, hunger, and poverty, the jobless, and the homeless.

Francis marked the Catholic Church’s Nov. 1 All Saints Day by celebrating Mass and giving a homily Saturday in Rome’s sprawling Verano cemetery.

He hailed those who are forced to flee their homes and villages to save their lives, risking hunger, illness and cold. He lamented that sometimes people regard these refugees, including hungry, ill children “as if they are of another species, not human.”

Francis praised these suffering people as “unknown saints,” sanctified through their distress.

Using his papacy to advocate for the poor, Francis said these people are pleading for peace, bread and work.


For All Saints Day the Pope rails against profit on behalf of downtrodden

francis share wealth


ROME (KerkNet) – Pope Francis has delivered strongly criticized the “culture of destruction” of modern man, which leads to the destruction of life, at All Saints during a Mass at the cemetery of Verano culture, values ​​and hope . “Man imagines himself God and destroys the world, burdened today goes under an industry of destruction and persistent conflict.” Francis was referring to the largest cemetery of Rome also at the bombardment of the city in 1943.

“Man plays ruler of the world. But who should pay the bill,” the pope asked himself aloud. “These are the poor and the little ones who are not only far away.” Francis was referring to the refugees who suffer from hunger and people who are too often treated with indifference.

“Often the impression that children who are hungry and those who are sick do not matter, as if they belong to a different species. We live in a disposable culture where children, the elderly and the young unemployed to the side to be pushed, because they do not profit. In many parts of the world the misery prevails. Yet divine mercy gives man the strength to free himself from the destruction of the world. ”


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