Priests In Dance-Off Become Web Sensation

The seminarians dazzle the crowd with a fleet-footed duel – one with Irish dance, the other in tap – at an elite college in Rome.

A video of a pair of dancing American priests in Rome has gone viral.

The Rev David Rider, 29, and the Rev John Gibson, 28, were filmed during a fundraiser at an elite US seminary near the Vatican.

Father Rider, of Hyde Park, New York, first dazzled the crowd with a tap-dance routine, only to be upstaged by the fleet-footed Irish dance of Father Gibson, from Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

The pair then begin battling it out to impress the crowd in the clip, shot at the North American College in April.

Journalist Joan Lewis recorded the event and posted it on YouTube, where it has had some 260,000 views.

Most of the comments were overwhelmingly positive, though one or two felt it was disrespectful to dance under a crucifix and a portrait of Pope Francis.

The men in cloth with moves have drawn comparisons with a nun who won an Italian television talent show in June.

Sister Cristina Scuccia signed a record contract after her triumphant performances in full habit on The Voice.


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