The Diocese of Atlanta supports and promotes the “Gay Pride Parade!!”


After the case of the Franciscan Friars of Boston, photographed smiling at “Gay Pride” citizen with a banner “Who am I to judge,” also from the United States, comes another story, equally disturbing, with the center of the Diocese of Atlanta and its Archbishop Wilton Daniel Gregory, 2001-2004 president of the American Episcopal Conference (USCCB).

The Shrine of the Immaculate Conception, which boasts of being the first Catholic church built in Atlanta, has, in fact, supported and promoted among their parishioners the “Gay Pride Parade” in the capital of the State of Georgia, also appearing in the list of Participants in the parade on the website of ‘”Atlanta Pride Parade.”

The Sanctuary has, at first, publicized the event of the “Pride Parade” on his bulletin , urging parishioners to participate in the march, and, later, in the same parish bulletin, thanked all those who took part in publishing the images of homosexual parade.The parish, as reported on its website, is very active to promote ” a connection within the LGBT community of the Sanctuary, (…) providing a place to socialize with other couples LGBT “and each year is represented by its own stand the LGBT festival.

In a statement issued to the American website ” LifeSiteNews , “the archdiocese was justified in declaring that the church group did not need the approval of the archbishop to march in the parade. Patricia M. Chivers, Director of Communications and Advocacy for the archdiocese, in fact, pointed out that: ” The members of the Shrine of the Immaculate Conception participate in the event for many years before he became Archbishop Gregory Archbishop of Atlanta. (…). Accordingly, the Chivers concludes, ” It was necessary that the parish had the approval of the Archbishop to participate in because it is a local event . “

This story on the one hand, demonstrates the catastrophic consequences that can have ambiguous messages and languages, on the other hand, expresses, once again, the moral confusion that reigns, alas, within the same Catholic church, where in the name of a misguided mercy is ignored and trampled the ecclesiastical magisterium ever. (LG)


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