“Over half the Bishops (in the Synod) have already switched religion!!”

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Over half the Bishops (in the Synod) have already switched religion”

Alessandro Gnocchi, in his weekly piece for La Riscossa Cristiana in which he responds to letters he has received, calls our attention to this truly lamentable event that clearly shows where most of the Bishops and Cardinals are in terms of their understanding of the Catholic Faith and the immutability of doctrine.  It also shows that most of our prelates have abandoned the principle of non-contradiction and live in a Church worthy to be a construction of Lewis Carroll.  We are not only “back to the future”.  We have also gone “Through the Looking-Glass”.

Dr. A. Gnocchi,

I see that Andrea Tornielli, on his Vatican Insider blog, reports the voting results of the Synod with respect to the two principle topics that were debated:  admission to the Sacraments of those divorced and remarried:  104 in favor, 74 not in favor; with respect to gay unions:  118 placet and 62 non placet.  That signifies that the majority of two thirds that was called for as a basis for specific passages to be considered as “the expression of the Synod” was not there.  But this also shows that we came close to that two thirds majority…How can a bishop of the Church, even those who voted against, think that he could put truth to a vote, that truth of which  he is the custodian, defender, witness and guarantor?  Why did they arrogate to themselves the right to decide by voting what is good and what is bad, not caring at all about God?…

With cordial greetings,

Fabio Baioni

st francis de Sales declared enemies of the Church

Dear Baioni,

Among your observations, there is one that shows the reality of the situation in a dramatic and acute way:  more than half of the bishops present at the Synod, not yet the two-thirds needed but almost, have already switched (what we know as our) religion. Perhaps it still has something vaguely Christian, but it is far away from being Catholic!!

Read more – http://rorate-caeli.blogspot.com/2014/10/over-half-bishops-in-synod-have-already.html#more


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