Tagle: “The question of divorced and remarried remains open

Interview with the Archbishop of Manila: “The theme is present in the final text. And the Synod is not a battle. In the Philippines, we have the “divorce” for the sake of the people who migrate!

Cardinal Luis Antonio Tagle

“The question of the pastoral care of divorced people remarry and deepening the ability to admit them to the sacraments” remains “open”, because it was mentioned in the final text submitted to a vote of the Synod that was made ​​public. It says in this interview with La Stampa, Cardinal Luis Antonio Tagle, 57, archbishop of Manila, one of the Presidents of the Assembly delegates on the family that ended last Saturday. The Filipino cardinal, one of the most significant figures of the Asian Church, also denied that the lack of a quorum of two-thirds of a few points can be read as a “defeat” of Pope Francis. Some newspapers, particularly the Anglo-Saxon world, after Saturday’s vote on the final document of the Synod spoke of the Church split and the Pope ‘defeated’. Is that so? “Not true, I was not at a loss. I do not think that can be defined as what happened with the vote on the “relatio Synodi.” In a synod process the most important elements are listening and the freedom to express different views on situations that arise. The Synod is not a battle nor the result of a strategy. Maybe for someone maybe can also be state, but this is not the perspective of the Synod. ” Issues such as the possible admission of divorced and remarried to the sacraments, which have obtained an absolute majority, but not a quorum of two-thirds remain open according to you? “Yes, of course I remain open. This Extraordinary Synod was only a stage in the journey. The question of the pastoral care of divorced people remarry and deepening the ability to admit them to the sacraments, in some cases, in certain situations and under certain conditions, has been reported clearly in the final text. It was made ​​public the number of votes that the paragraph has obtained an absolute majority, and – as the Pope said – will be part of the text that will be sent to the episcopal conferences. ” What was the purpose of these two weeks of work? “They served to bring out the state of affairs and problems. I, who was a deputy chairman of the meeting, on the second day of work I became a student! We listened to the pastoral challenges that affect other countries and other continents, such as Africa and I humbly admit I do not understand everything, I have to listen and learn … “. Pope in his final speech on Saturday, much applauded in the courtroom, talked about various “temptations”, from the “hostile of stiffening” of those who want to close within the law, that of the “destructive gooders.” What prevailed? “In my classroom has prevailed a common sensitivity and attention to the wounds of the families. There was not even a synod father who did not try to answer. But we have to consider the mystery of faith, the word of the Lord, the wealth of tradition … It is a complex reality, like a diamond with many facets: some see a face, others another. But there is a profound truth that unites us all try to follow our supreme pastor, who is Jesus Christ. ” Do you think anyone has tried to involve the Pope Benedict XVI emeritus in frond against Francis? “That I did not own heard.And if there was, I do not … I am part of. ” What are the challenges for the family that Asia has led to the Synod? “I speak of my Philippines. Already during the preparatory phase have spoken many times of poverty and emigration: two realities that do not belong only to the context of families, have entered into the heart of family life. In our country there is no divorce law. But there are divorces for love. Fathers and mothers who are separated for the sake of the children and a spouse goes halfway around the world to work. Separations are caused by love. We have as a Church in the Philippines and in countries where the migrants arrive, accompany these people, help them to be faithful to their wife or your husband. ”



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