Pope Francis, Barack Obama & The Rise of the Beta Male?

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After Pope Francis published his Apostolic Exhortation Evangelii Gaudium, which, in part, attempted to highlight the concern that the rich should have for the poor and the marginalized, he became known in conservative circles as the Pope of the Redistribution of Wealth; to which, liberals would have preferred a more fun title – Pope of Economic Justice. Nevertheless, due to the Pope’s interest in governments and corporations sharing their booty he was compared to President Barack Obama.Perhaps, to a very limited degree, Pope Francis and Barack Obama do have a common interest in economic justice, but what everyone has missed is the most unique and historic similarity that these two men share. For the first time in the history of the world, the leader of Christian in the world, and leader of the most powerful/influential government in the world are Beta Males.

Where Did the Alphas Go?

The natural order of things dictates that there always be more Betas than Alphas. Alphas are the leaders who everyone naturally has confidence in following, and historically, Alphas have always been the leaders in every field of play, but ever since the 1960’s things began to change. There were rapid and seismic moral and ideological shifts in society. There began to be an increase of fatherless homes due to ‘free-love’ (i.e. contracepted fornication without consequence); there began to be a breakdown in the family structure due to no-fault divorce; there was a precipitous rise of radical feminism, which rejected all the trappings of Alpha male patriarchy; and all of this contributed to a fall and disinterest in true masculism. Eventually we ended with men carrying man-bags (purses) and wearing skin tight jeans (oftentimes worn with their underwear showing).

Together, all of this created a vacuum of leadership in the community in which people began to become uncomfortable with the natural masculine leadership traits of the Alpha male. The male and the father became became an object of ridicule and buffoonery. Strong male characters on television and in commercials were replaced with jokes – Homer Simpson type of men, whose home was led by a strong and competent female.

Then there was the rise of social media into this space, which stimulated and satisfied the extremely strong need of the Beta male to be affirmed and validated (liked and accepted by as many people as possible). Also entering this space was the term ‘non-judgement’, which is completely foreign to the Alpha male’s sensibilities. Then he was told that the manner in which he needs to publicly resolve conflict (although at times on a very immature and abusive level) was deemed to be bullying. Altogether, what were natural ways for him to lead and negotiate through life became darn near criminal behavior. Now, with his descent into the shadows and margins of society emerged a new form of male leadership, of which there were plenty – the Beta Male.

How to Spot a Beta Male? The Five Things They Can’t Hide

In my article What is an Alpha Male and Why was Jesus the Epitome of all Alpha Males? I went to great lengths to explain what an Alpha Male is and is Not, because there is a great deal of misconception about what/who Alphas are. I think Beta Males get even more of a bum rap. They are often portrayed as being the opposite of Alphas, as nerds, as being timid, indecisive, creepers, greatly lacking self-confidence, needy, complainers, invisible to society. Inasmuch as those are some great identifies of a Beta Male, which could also just as easily fit Omega Males, a distinction needs to be made here between transparent Betas and Betas who are posing as acceptable Alphas (i.e. having the pretence of confidence, surety, reliability, and strength). Yet, even as hard as they try to pretend, Beta males cannot escape their urgent and obsessive need to be liked and accepted.

Indeed, the first thing that Betas can’t hide is the fact that they’d sell their own mother’s soul to be liked and accepted.This is how you can always spot them. They might have learned how to be outwardly decisive; they might invoke confidence; they might not look like creepers; they might not be outwardly complaining and needy; they might have learned how to be popular in this new social-media space, but at the end of the day, the fact of the matter is that they do all of this posing for the sole purpose of being liked and accepted by those they need it from most.

Both Pope Francis S.J. and President Barack Obama need to be liked and accepted. This is so clear with Pope Francis, I need not elaborate any further about it. With President Obama, don’t let the second-term poll numbers fool you. With those whom he needs acceptance (e.g. homosexuals and radical liberals) he is a god.

Read more –  http://www.davidlgray.info/blog/2014/10/pope-francis-barack-obama-the-rise-of-the-beta-male/


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