Sister Cristina sings “Like A Virgin!” (Video)

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Sister Cristina comes up with “Like A Virgin”. “There is no provocation – Bergoglio would be proud!!

The winner of The Voice off immediately the controversy “It ‘a song about the capacity of love to make new people”

The long-awaited debut album by Sister Cristina Scuccia there was. And what a debut. The Ursuline nun, winner of the last edition of The Voice of Italy , was chosen as the first single release of  Like a Virgin  by Madonna . (BLASPHEMOUS SINGER “MADONNA”). Already its participation in the talent show had inflamed the debate between those who were in favor of its presence as a ” instrument “that communicates the beauty of God in the world, and those who wanted the” segregated “in the corridors of a convent. Recording With this choice will add fuel to the fire?  Nun’s original Osimo, once again, surprising everyone. Personal Choice In an exclusive interview with Avvenire (October 20) implies that there is no manipulation behind commercial

Sister Cristina – Like A Virgin

“I chose it myself. Without any intention to provoke or shock . Reading the text, without being influenced by previous, it turns out that it’s a song on the ability of love to make new people. To redeem them from their past. And that’s how I wanted to interpret it. For this we turned from the track pop-dance that was, in a romantic ballad a bit ‘to Amos Lee. That is something more akin to a secular prayer that in a pop song. ” She adds, “I am ready for any criticism because this album we worked with professionalism and honesty.” project funds of the congregation Sister Cristina, in the interview, she explains how they will be managed revenue record, “For now, after  The Voice , it does not they arrived. If and when they arrive, I will have no doubt we will use them to subsidize the projects benefit the congregation. For our home in Brazil, but also for a project in my Sicily, where it lacks the poverty . I would love to help other associations. In any case, any choice, I will do with the whole congregation. ”  What do you think Papa Francesco? Sister Cristina, again, shows its authenticity: “I can not wait to meet him. I wish he would give me his blessing and a sort of “mandate” official to go all over the world to sing. ” (For the poor of course)! In the meantime, her first album,  Sister Cristina , will be released on November 11th in the world and will contain 10 tracks: 8 cover and 2 new songs. HERE THE WHOLE STORY OF SISTER CHRISTINE


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