For Francis, a resounding defeat: Traditionalists have won a huge victory!!

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Laus deo! The true friends of the people are neither the revolutionaries nor the innovators. They are the traditionalists. – Pope St. Pius X

“Even in 2015, it’s hard for Francis to go much beyond this without risking schism.”

Francis, on the other hand, played with fire and brought the Church to the brink of the precipice, her most serious division in five centuries, in order to implement what even his nominee Cardinal Pell called “the secular agenda”; not even in a Synod whose members were chosen by him and steered by Cardinal Baldisseri under his command was he able to achieve even 2/3 of the votes on the issues close to his heart, even after they had been considerably watered down.

Professor Odon Vallet is an expert in the history of religions and civilizations and, since he is deemed a strong and radical “Progressive”, he is a favorite in the French media to speak as a secular-friendly voice on Catholic issues.

He was interviewed by popular daily “20 Minutes” on the results of the 2014 assembly of the Synod of Bishops:

In what sense did the provisional text [the Forte relatio] signal an important step?

The provisional text included two overtures. One regarding the remarried divorcees. The other regarding homosexuals. It was not a revolution, but an evolution. It was not proposed to admit the remarried divorcees to the sacrament, but simply to predict, either by marriage annulment, or by a penance procedure, the readmission to the sacrament. For homosexuals, there was no question of recognized marriage, but to underline the “gifts and qualities” that they could offer to the Church. They were welcomed, without however officially recognizing their [civil] union.

An evolution that did not pass through at the time of voting…

In the final text, no allusion is made anymore to these two controversial issues. It is a resounding defeat for pope Francis, a snub. Worse still, an American Cardinal [editor note: Raymond Leo Burke, of the conservative opposition] even declared that the Pope had done “great harm by not saying openly what his position was.” In reality, Francis remained silent to grant all freedom to the participants. It is the first time in 50 years, at least, that a cardinal opposes himself openly to the Pope. It is the first time as well, in several centuries, that bishops and cardinals don’t have confidence in him.

How to explain it?

The almost totality of these prelates were named by John Paul II and Benedict XVI. Their opinions are more conservative than that of the pope. Some even pose the question of legitimacy. They have not accepted the resignation of Benedict XVI.[***] Since pope Francis said that he too would resign and that his pontificate would be brief, some are beginning to play for time and wait for the election of his successor.

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Rome has lost the faith... Rome is in Apostasy!!

Rome has lost the faith…
Rome is in Apostasy!!

“Let us not set foot in the opposing camp, because we would thus be giving the enemy a proof of our weakness, which the enemy would try to interpret as a sign of weakness and complicity.”

“Henceforth the enemy of the Church is no longer outside the Church; he is now within.”  Pope St. Pius X

Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre ora pro nobis! Pope St. Pius X ora pro nobis!

Sermon Padre Hewko Feast of Saint Luke also Conference October

7:38 starting point for Synod of Bishops on the family ( A must Hear).

Hear, O foolish people, and without understanding: who have eyes, and see not: and ears, and hear not.  Jeremias (Jeremiah)  5:21 / Acts Of Apostles 28:27 – DRV


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