Virginia inmate who recently traveled from West Africa is latest to be quarantined for Ebola symptoms sparking fears the disease could spread behind bars

ebola 2

  • Ebola tests are pending on the unidentified inmate currently being held at Inova Loudon Hospital in Leesburg, Virginia  
  • Yale student and man in Florida also tested for the virus  
  • Southwestern College in California closed as student’s sister hospitalized 
  • All have been tested for Ebola, awaiting results in California and Florida
  • It comes as health chiefs face grilling by Congress over their guidelines
  • Second US nurse to contract virus told by CDC she could fly with fever

A Virginia inmate is one several people isolated at hospitals across the country under suspicion for Ebola. The unidentified female inmate incarcerated at a Loundon County jail was taken to Inova Loudon Hospital after coming down with a fever. Public officials are testing the woman for Ebola out of precaution since she traveled to West Africa in recent weeks. However, officials say there’s a ‘very low probability’ she has the deadly virus. The inmate is just one of many potential Ebola cases across the nation including a Yale student and a Florida man. These new cases were reported as the CDC today conceded it is not entirely sure how to contain the disease.

A Virginia inmate is being tested at Inova Loudon Hospital in Leesburg for Ebola. The unidentified woman had recently raveled from West Africa and was showing signs of the deadly disease, but officials say there a 'very low probability' she has the virus

Officials at Yale-New Haven Hospital today revealed the patient admitted last night was one of the university’s student researchers monitoring the outbreak in Liberia. The Floridian man being examined in Jacksonville is under observation after coming into close contact with someone who recently traveled to west Africa. In California, Southwestern College was cordoned off for a few hours this morning following the news that a student had been on the same flight as Ebola-hit nurse Amber Jay Vinson – and her younger sister has since vomited.  

Connecticut fears: A patient who recently returned from Liberia is being tested at Yale-New Haven hospital

Florida: Memorial Hospital, Jacksonville, is testing someone who had contact with a person from west Africa

California: Officials posted this statement on the college's Facebook page this morning after closing

California: Officials posted this statement on the college’s Facebook page this morning after closing

Congress today blasted the CDC for failing to put in place strict measures to block the spread of the disease, which has now infected at least eight people on US soil, disregarding the potential cases under review in Connecticut, Florida and California. Despite testing negative for the disease during the trip, the Yale student has been under voluntary isolation since returning to the United States on October 11. Last night, they contacted the hospital asking to be tested again. The tests have since come back negative. ‘Yale-New Haven Hospital admitted a patient late Wednesday night for evaluation of Ebola-like symptoms,’ the hospital said.


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