Synod’s approach used for years by gay priests who were helping teenage boys by offering their ‘gifts and qualities!’


The Vatican’s turn from tradition at the Synod on the Family

The document released by the Catholic synod on the family is ‘revolutionary’, according to accounts. Focusing on supposed ‘gifts’ of the homosexual lifestyle, it recalls the treatment of homosexual priests who were allowed to molest children.

The Extraordinary Synod of bishops in Rome is apparently toying with the idea of offering us a new pastoral approach for those actively living an active homosexual lifestyle. Instead of getting fixated on the sinful nature of their lifestyle, we would supposedly focus on the gifts and qualities they have to offer us. See midterm document here.
Sadly, this is the approach that was taken for many years regarding the treatment of homosexual priests, who were “helping” teenaged boys to discover the pleasures and fellowship offered by the gay lifestyle. These priests had gifts and qualities to offer us, which would have been denied the Church and the world if they had been suspended – or much worse, prosecuted.
Apparently, then, it was sadly discriminatory for us to ignore these gifts and qualities, so as to fixate on the criminal nature of only one dimension of their priestly ministries. Had we merely encouraged them to nurture their other gifts and qualities, their homosexual attraction to young boys would allegedly have evaporated due to our refusal to fixate on it. Unfortunately, our court system aborted this process prematurely and required Church bureaucrats to pay billions in fines, penalties and reparations for their “crime” of tolerance. In another era, we saw how Nazis had gifts and qualities to offer us to help offset the negative aspects of their genocidal practices. They provided jobs, healthcare, the autobahn and technological breakthroughs that are still blessing us today. Should we ignore all of these by allowing ourselves to fixate on the evil of genocide?

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