Synod, Bagnasco: Communion for divorced? It is not the only way

Angelo Bagnasco

President of the CEI: the separated and remarried in the church are not excluded

“Communion is not the only way to participate in the life of the Christian community and the Church divorced and remarried are not excluded.”  said the president of the CEI, Cardinal Angelo Bagnasco, answering the sidelines of a press conference a few questions on the Synod of Bishops on the family, which will begin tomorrow. Asked about the possibility that innovations come from the Synod on the subject of his second wife and remarried to the sacraments, Bagnasco was limited to replicate: “We will discuss this in the assembly.”

Regarding the debate between pre-Synod Cardinals on communion for divorced and remarried, Bagnasco observed: “Among the cardinals and the media there is a virtuous circle always hope. Of all, however, it is called within the synod with extreme simplicity, clarity, friendliness as always. ” “Of all that concerns the family – added Bagnasco – bearing in mind, however, that we must not forget all of the assets of families and couples who thank God and thanks to their sacrifice and dedication going on in conjugal love, fidelity. The family unit is not a stroke of luck, a lottery, is an achievement of everyday life. ”

When asked whether possible openings like that extended most recently by Cardinal Dionigi Tettamanzi and the fact that the Pope is looking for ways to include more divorced and remarried, the president of the CEI, said: “It’s not true, families are separated, divorced, remarried have never been excluded from the life of the Church, there are also many documents of the Popes and of the Council itself in which this exclusion does not exist absolutely, there are so many forms to participate, to take communion in the Mass is not the only way to participate the mass, the less is the only way to stay in the Church, you are not out of the church if you are not the communion. ” “So – he continued – the accentuation of this incongruity between Eucharistic practice and the situation of divorce or marital relationship is one thing punctual, precise on which you will reason, however, the reality is much bigger, but there is no exclusion of these couples although to date no access to communion. ”

On the vigil of prayer organized by CEI for this evening in St. Peter’s Square, Bagnasco said: “The synod is not alone, there is the warmth of the people of God, will accompany him with prayer and closeness.” On the synod, he added, “there waiting, of course, this shows that the family is felt in spite of difficulties as the central point of the human family and as a fundamental unit of society, the family is the womb of life and without new lives not there is no future. ”


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