You drive a better car than me! (Video)

Panhandler Sign

You drive a better car than me! ‘Homeless’ elderly panhandler caught driving off in a brand new car

  • Daniel Ayala handed money to elderly woman in Oklahoma City daily
  • She claimed to be a 78-year-old widow too poor to afford food
  • He passed by and saw her behind the wheel of a 2013 red Fiat
  • One day he even missed lunch to give her $4, he raged at her 
  • Video shot by another passer-by who had been duped by the beggar

This is the moment a man saw the elderly homeless woman he gives money to every day – driving a new car. Daniel Ayala walked past the Shell garage on his way to work for weeks to hand a few notes to the panhandler sat on the corner. One day, he missed lunch to give her $4. But he was sent in to a foul-mouthed rage on Wednesday when he passed by to see her in a 2013 red Fiat.

Rage: Daniel Ayala was enraged when he saw the beggar he gives money to driving a brand new Fiat

Charitable: He holds up four fingers as he shouts, 'Thursday, I did not eat to give you $4!'

Their encounter in Oklahoma City – filmed by another duped citizen – shows Ayala screaming at the woman, who claimed to be a 78-year-old widow too poor to afford food. ‘This is crazy!’ he shouts. ‘You are asking for money in the middle of street and you drive a 2013 car? ‘Listen, I work hard for my money. I don’t appreciate this sh*t. And that’s why people like you take advantage of people like me. This is bullsh*t!’ Turning around rubbing his face in shock, he then exclaims: ‘You drive a better car than me!’ The woman protests that it is not her car; that her son is going to pick her up. ‘So you’re telling me you’re not going to drive this car?’ he shouts.

Duped: He walked past the Shell garage in Oklahoma City every day for weeks to donate money to the woman

'This is crazy!': The woman, who had claimed to be a widow too poor for food, claimed it wasn't her car

Retaliation: Ayala tells the woman he will 'bust a window' if he sees the 2013-registered ride the next dat

She continues to insist it isn’t hers. Ayala then rages that if he sees the car again the next day, he will ‘bust a window’. ‘I work f***ing hard!’ he tells her, ’40 hours! I see you hungry, I give you, everyday, $3, $2 — Thursday, I did not eat to give you $4,’ he added. ‘I better not see this car tomorrow.’ The video, which has had two million views in just two days, has prompted millions to comment with their own experience of being duped by beggars. It was uploaded by Brandi Newman, another passer-by who had given the panhandler money.

Better car: He gestures across the parking lot as he wildly exclaims that her car is better than his
Caught on camera: The encounter, which got two million likes in two days, was filmed by another duped person

Newman captioned the video: ‘I gave the lady in this video money the other day on Penn and 140th because she was holding a sign that said 78 year old widow needs money for food. ‘So today I pull up to the Shell on that same corner and see her sitting in a cute little Fiat.  ‘As I’m sitting there thinking “I got scammed by a little old lady”, a man approached her car ……and this is what happened next.’  One commenter wrote: ‘Good for him!’ Another said: ‘That guy in the video has a good heart. I would be just as mad too.’


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