The pope opened the Synod: “Do not put any strain on families’

Opening family synod, pope warns bishops of hypocrisy, pride and greed

Pope Francis opened the Synod with a warning light for the “bad shepherds” and “load on the shoulders of the people unbearable burdens that they will not move them with their finger.” It is a sermon that lasts just a few minutes what the pope ruling in St. Peter’s Basilica for the Mass with which entrusts its mandate to the 191 Synod Fathers, experts and delegates from other churches and the audience  – including also called an Italian couple to bring their own experience – that begin from Monday to come together to discuss issues of contemporary families. Bergoglio invites them to “work generously with true freedom and creativity humble.” But above all, recalls the Sunday Gospel, that the unfaithful tenants. It warns: “For us there can be the temptation to seize the vineyard” as those farmers who “for their greed and arrogance they want to make of it what they want, and so take away the ability of God to realize his dream on the people that you have chosen. ” A people, will add the Pope at the Angelus, that as a vine “requires a lot of care, love requires a patient and faithful.” Al Synod comes in the midst of a debate that saw bishops and cardinals opposing themes that characterize the work: from cohabitation to divorced, from birth control to homosexual unions. On Saturday evening, the vigil in front of eighty thousand  faithful in St. Peter’s Square, the Pope called for “a sincere, open and fraternal”, recalling what already happened at the council and recommending “the serene confidence that in his time the Lord will not fail to attributable to unit. ” Now Bergoglio homily at the opening Mass recalls: “The Lord asks us to take care of the family, who from the beginning is an integral part of his plan of love for humanity.” And he says, “we can frustrate God’s dream if we do not let ourselves be guided by the Holy Spirit” because “God’s dream always conflicts with the hypocrisy of some of his servants.” The synodal assemblies, said Francis, “you do not need to discuss ideas beautiful and original, or to see who is smarter” but “to cultivate and care for the best vineyard of the Lord, to cooperate in his dream, his plan of love on his people. ”

By Monday morning, with the first congregations plenary, delegates will be asked to put it into practice in order to respond to the expectations that Saturday evening in St. Peter’s Square, people wanted to witness with their own candles burning in the Roman evening. The Pope asked to pray for the Synod to them and their families from all over the world, which at the same time the vigil had been invited to exhibit a light at the window. And on Sunday morning, before starting a new pontiff’s appeal has been launched with a tweet: “As we begin the Synod on the Family, we pray to the Lord to show us the way. #prayforsynod.”

At noon, during the Angelus, and to the faithful in the square were distributed Bibles for the centenary of the foundation of the religious Paolini, Bergoglio He added: “Because the family could walk well, with confidence and hope, it needs to be nourished by Word of God. ” And recommended to bring a Bible in every household by simulating a conversation with the faithful: “But father we do have two, three. And where do you hide? Should not be put on a shelf but to read it often, every day, both individually and together, husband and wife, parents and children, maybe in the evening, especially on Sundays. ” He concluded by joking: “Do not mess, pick only one.”


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