Caffara: I want to die papist!

Card. Caffara

The Archbishop of Bologna said they are against the Pope, I would have preferred them to say that I have a lover!!

He does not use words diplomatic Cardinal Carlo Caffara, archbishop of Bologna, to respond to those who defines an opponent of Pope Francis after reading his name among the signatures of the book that challenges the thesis of Cardinal Walter Kasper to a solution “merciful” on theme of communion for divorced. Kasper, President Emeritus of the Pontifical Council for Promoting Christian Unity, had been commissioned by the Pope to prepare the report to the Extraordinary Consistory of February 20 and 21, in which he expressed the idea of the divorced and remarried readmitted to communion. Caffara With Cardinals authors of the book “To remain in the truth of Christ. Marriage and communion in the Catholic Church “are Gerhard Müller, Raymond Leo Burke, Walter Brandmuller and Velasio De Paolis.

“Forgive me the joke: I would have had more pleasure than to be told that the Archbishop of Bologna has a mistress rather than be told that a thought contrary to that of the Pope,” he said in an interview Caffara whose full video can be seen here .”Because if a bishop has a thought contrary to that of the Pope – said the archbishop – if it needs to go, but just has to go by the diocese. Because it would lead the faithful on a road that is no longer that of Jesus Christ. So lose himself eternally and risk the eternal loss of the faithful. ”

Be considered against the Pope Argentine “is something that I am deeply embittered, for it is slanderous.” Here are the reasons: “Because not only the pope has never spoken about this, but when he spoke he asked for a debate. And the debate is true if all items can talk. ”

“I was born a Papist – he concluded – are experienced by Popish and I want to die as a papist.”


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