Pope wants to open doors that are closed

Modernism 2

There is a door that has been closed and Bergoglio wants to open…

The Cardinal Baldisseri presents the meeting kicks off Sunday: “Francis opens to freedom,” he says. Bergoglio in Santa Marta: “The decline in vocations do not push to take priests without discernment!??”

The Pope, on controversial issues concerning the family, “wants to open: there is a door that has been closed so far and he wants to open.” So the secretary general of the Synod, Cardinal

Lorenzo Baldisseri, presents the synod which kicks off Sunday – and for 15 days – in the Vatican. An important indication in the light of the clash between traditionalists and innovators of the bottom, which emerged in the weeks before it opened. “The synod will be held in the name of freedom of expression and in a climate of respect for each position,” he added Baldisseri. A reference, of course, also the fighting of recent days the hottest topic: that of the hitherto denied communion for divorced and remarried. And again: “The current situation – said the cardinal – is different from 33 years ago, when he left the Familiaris Consortio (Apostolic Exhortation of Pope John Paul II.) Must take into account the history and drop the authentic teaching of the church at the present time” . Among the topics on the agenda even de facto unions, contraception, divorced and remarried: all those subject to the believers in the questionnaire that the Vatican sent last November to the diocese. The innovative idea to make inquiries of believers has registered a “high number” of responses and “the amplitude of the received material and ‘certainly index of the frankness and freedom with which the consultation was conducted,” said Baldisseri. “This broad freedom of expression – he continued – also characterize the synodal assembly, which certainly will take place in a climate of respect for each position of mutual charity and with genuine constructive way.” Cardinal said that the work of the Synod will take part as auditors also 13 married couples, including even a couple with unitas mixed marriage (he is Muslim, her Catholic). There will, however, divorced and remarried. Pope, meanwhile, has launched a stark reminder to participants in the Plenary Assembly of the Congregation for the Clergy, asking to use more “insight” in the selection of the priests. “We need priests, lack of vocations. The Lord calls, but not enough. And we bishops have the temptation to take young people without discernment as they arise. This is bad for the church. “And again: “Please, you must study well the path to a vocation. ” Words that seem related to the new episodes of child abuse that led to the arrest of a bishop in the same Vatican territory. With the green light to measure by the same Francesco.







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