Pope refuses to receive deposed bishop!!

No Dialogue is possible. Francis refuses to receive Paraguayan Bp. Liviere

No Dialogue is possible. Francis refuses to receive Paraguayan Bp. Liviere

Pope refuses deposed bishop receive: Because of “dialogue, compassion and respect!”

(Rome / Asuncion) For days, Bishop Rogelio Livieres Plano is located in Rome and ask there to be received by Pope Francis. Vain. Instead, the bishop was removed from office. This behavior of the bishop responded with a harsh response. Meanwhile celebrated in Paraguay for his removal from the progressive church circles publicly.

Bishop Rogelio Livieres Plano of Ciudad del Este is not a man a roundabout words. This made him among Paraguay’s bishops disliked, which until a few years Fernando Lugo belonged to the “red bishop” of San Pedro, the better candidate for a broad leftist coalition as president against the will of Rome and it gave up his episcopate and priesthood. Bishop Livieres was now the victim of an equally surprising and brutal “decapitation” and because he is not a man of arbitrariness, he responded with a salted letter to the Prefect of the Congregation for Bishops, Cardinal Marc Ouellet.

On the website of the diocese of that dossier was re-released last summer, with the diocese had responded to all the rumors and accusations, passed behind closed doors by word of mouth or from apostolic visitor Cardinal Santos Abril y Castello, a personal confidant of the Pope Francis had been addressed.

Bishop asks for days to be received in Rome by the Pope – in vain

The letter to Cardinal Ouellet and the dossier disclose the ethical, but also formal irregularities of a campaign to discredit a bishop, aimed at his deposition that took place now. “An operation that an ideological connotation,” the Vaticanist Marco Tosatti.

As a “true son of the Church,” he joined the decision, Bishop Livieres, even if it is “unfounded and arbitrary, for which the Pope is answerable to God must”. The bishop letter continues: “Apart from many human errors that I may have committed, and for which I God and those who may have suffered your pardon, I ask once more firmly that the core of the case an opposition and an ideological persecution “.

Innerparaguayanische “opposition and ideological persecution”

Msgr. Livieres who belongs to Opus Dei, was the only “conservative” bishop of Paraguay. A fact that will say something about the situation within the Episcopal Conference and with the reference to the “opposition” which says the bishop.When Bishop Livieres had by far the largest seminary of the whole country and for miles around, then it depends not least with the attitude of the other bishops. The promotion of priestly vocations is in much of Latin America has long been in disarray. Cultural barriers of the indigenous population were not resolved, the subliminal strong currents of liberation theology is in a “ideological” Contrary to the priesthood. Liberal bishops do their thereto.

“The real problem of the church in Paraguay is the crisis of faith, life and morality, which was further supported and extended by poor training of clergy, together with the laxity of the Shepherds,” Bishop to Cardinal Ouellet Livieres.

The bishop received the report of the Apostolic Visitator never to face so he could concretely against Rome not justify or defend. “If you think the problem of the Church of Paraguay is a problem of the sacristy, which one solves that exchanging the sacristan, one errs fundamentally and tragically.”

Dismissal “in contradiction to the many speeches of dialogue, compassion and respect”

Bishop Livieres were at no time any wrongdoing or even complaints held by Rome, which made it impossible for each replica. Out of the blue was carried out without any reason specifying the impeachment. “Contrary to the many speeches of dialogue, compassion, openness, decentralization and respect for the local Churches, I was given neither an opportunity to speak with Pope Francis is the possibility Unclear, doubts or worries to clarify. Consequently, I was by him also no paternal rebuke – or fraternal – given how they would be provided.”

Bishop Livieres ends his letter with the words: “Such a procedure without any formality or undefined and abrupt nature appears not very fair. You can not room for a legitimate defense or for a reasonable correction of possible errors. From Rome I only obtained pressure to resign. ”

Bishop Rogelio Livieres for several days is already in Rome and asks to be received by the Pope – in vain. In Paraguay, the news of the dismissal in the absence of the bishop was known. While in his diocese guesswork and frustration prevail, making in other parts of the country progressive church circles not hide their joy and celebrate the dismissal publicly.

Ex-bishop Lugo celebrates dismissal: “Livieres has not worked for the unity of the Church”

That was yesterday. Today celebrates Ex-bishop Lugo, who maintained good contacts with high ecclesiastical dignitaries of Paraguay after his laicization, the dismissal of Bishop Livieres. The current senator said in an interview for the newspaper ABC “. Pope Francis just does not tolerate any form of irregularities, they were doctrinal, moral or personal style” Senator Lugo even called the much-discussed case of the Argentine priest Carlos Urrutigoity, the years before ten in the United States was accused of “sexual abuse of suspected”, but does not see this as the reason of dismissal, because the declaration of the Vatican speak of “pastoral reasons” and “unity,” said Lugo.In Paraguay strong liberation theology embossed episcopate, Bishop Livieres an anomaly is. Attached to this episcopal round also included Fernando Lugo, of it a few years ago who preferred against the will of Rome, Bishop dignity and priesthood to hang up, to run for a broad leftist coalition. As President, he failed within a short time. Among other things, it was learned that he as a bishop had a relationship with a woman and fathered a child.

Crux understanding of the Church and Liberation Theology?

What Livieres bishop is to blame, “and have whatever I criticized him,” said Lugo, was the fact that he had “not the unity of the Church” contributed Paraguay. Ex-bishop Lugo was among the sharpest of Bishop Livieres criticized church officials in the country. Bishop Livieres fought the liberation theology as “harmful” and raised several times the criticism that at the seminary of Asuncion, the liberation theology will continue to spread. For this reason, the Bishop decided to pay special attention to an independent priestly formation, which occurred exclusively in his diocese and to peel off in pastoral issues from the Archdiocese of Asuncion and the Bishops’ Conference.

Text: Giuseppe Nardi
image: ABC Color (screenshot)


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