Police arrest 66 year-old Pennsylvania woman for kneeling and praying outside OK black mass

get behind me satan-  sign of the cross

Two arrested in connection with protests of ‘black mass’ in Oklahoma City

A woman — later identified as Joan Andrews — is arrested Sunday after refusing to leave the entrance to the “black mass” on the north side of Civic Center Music Hall during the event in Oklahoma City

Two people were arrested in connection with protests outside of Sunday’s “black mass.” Oklahoma City police also received a bomb threat Sunday night associated with the Civic Center, where the event was held.

Two people were arrested in connection with protests outside of Sunday’s “black mass” in downtown Oklahoma City, and police received a bomb threat tied to the event, authorities said Monday.

About 42 people attended the satanic ritual at the Civic Center Music Hall. Meanwhile, hundreds of people gathered outside the venue to decry the ritual being held inside. Despite a couple of arrests and the bomb threat, police said there were no major incidents associated with the black mass.

David Grisham, 53, of Texas, was arrested on complaints of disorderly conduct and failure to obey a fire or police official, which are both municipal charges.

Police said Grisham pulled out a megaphone and taunted people who were attending the black mass. He called the attendees “cowards” and demanded they “come down here” near a barricade that had been set up, according to police.

Police contend Grisham was trying to incite the crowd, but during a telephone interview Monday, Grisham said he was trying to talk to the people, not incite them.

“Telling them to come over and talk to us is not inciting a riot,” he said.

Grisham said he runs a street ministry team called Repent Amarillo, and he has traveled to a number of places to preach. Sunday was his first time being arrested, he said.

He was booked in Oklahoma County jail and released early Monday morning on his own recognizance, said Stacey Davis, court administrator for Oklahoma City Municipal Courts.

Grisham is facing fines of $202 for failure to obey a fire or police official and $167 for disorderly conduct — a total of $369, Davis said. Grisham could pay those fines without a court appearance, Davis said.

However, Grisham said that he plans to come back for an Oct. 22 court date.

“I am not going to plead guilty to something I didn’t do,” Grisham said. “Pleading guilty would be encouraging the squelching of my rights, and I am not going to do that. This battle is bigger than me. It’s about your rights.”

Joan Andrews, 66, who police think is from Pennsylvania, was arrested on complaints of trespassing and interfering with official process, which are misdemeanor municipal charges.

Police said Andrews was kneeling by the building, apparently praying for the group inside. She did not have a ticket to be on the property, and police said she refused to leave when authorities asked her to.

Read more: http://newsok.com/two-arrested-in-connection-with-protests-of-black-mass-in-oklahoma-city/article/5344594


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