Pseudo-Art: Barbie Model “Virgin Mary” – Ken “model crucified Jesus!”

Ken Mockery of Jesus

(New York) provocation as a substitute for a lack of artistic talent? The produced since 1959 Barbie doll has always been renowned classic dolls. The dolls producing, publicly traded U.S. company Mattel is the market leader in the sector. Since 1961, with the doll Ken also a male counterpart made. A pair of artists trying to take advantage of the Dolls for their own career success.

The Barbie dolls come in all designs, which move with the times in fashion and appearance. They come in all skin colors and with folkloric impact for the market in Africa, Asia and Latin America. The Clothing addressed depending on the time of Jacqueline Kennedy or the TV series “Dynasty” from. Music stars like Madonna and Lady Gaga have already been presented by Mattel as dolls.

The level of awareness of Barbie is in the Federal Republic of Germany with absolute 100 percent. Such values ​​should not even have reached a President. According to market research in Germany is every girl average of seven Barbie dolls have.


This international reputation is an Argentinean artist couple wants to take advantage. They created their own “artistic” Barbie series with religious themes, including the Barbie model “Virgin Mary” and the Ken-model “crucified Jesus.”Argentine artists Pool & Maria Lena

These are just two models of a comprehesive “art project” the artist pool Paolini and Marianela Perelli. As a female doll, they created a whole series of Madonnas dolls and doll male as the Ken-model “Sacred Jerz Jesus”.

Barbie – the plastic religion with gay flag

The artists operate under the name in the art scene as pool & Marianela . This coming October 11, in Buenos Aires, an exhibition entitled “Barbie – the plastic Religion” with their “works” opened. The exhibition features 33 exhibits of Religions Dolls series of artist couple with models such as “Maria Magdalena”, “Our Lady of Fatima”, which is presented as “New Virgen Barbie”, “Madonna of Lourdes”, “Saint Cajetan” or “Saint Sebastian. As is common in Christian iconography, the saint is shown only in a loincloth. Probably because this lightweight clothing set pool && Maria Lenastill a provocation and it combined the Protomartyr with the colors of the gay movement. An obvious homage to the gay movement, stylized themselves as “persecuted” group.


In addition to Christian dolls models there are also those of other religions such as Buddhism and Judaism. Pool & Maria Lena value the determination to want to in any way affect the religious sentiments of the faithful injured any religion with her ​​dolls. For this reason, the artists show respect for Islam and have no need for a Ken-model “Mohammed” .No Mohammed Doll!

Pool & Marianela join a long line of representatives of the art world, who have opted for the easy way and want to be known beyond their more or less existing artistic talent through provocation and desanctification. An equally banal as conformist way in search of cheap applause.


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