Pope appoints Belgian Jesuit expert on agnosticism to Theological Commission



Henceforth Five women in the Theological Commission

ROME (KerkNet) – Pope Francis today the Belgian Jesuit and professor Bernard Pottier appointed member of the Theological Commission of the Vatican. Pottier was born in Liege. He discovered his vocation to the Jesuit college of Liège in 1972 and joined the order. In 1985 he was ordained priest. He teaches philosophy, dogma and fundamental theology at the Institut d’Etudes Théologiques, the Faculty of Theology of the Jesuits in Brussels.Pottier is also president of the institute. He has published more books about agnosticism, Emmanuel Kant, “the grace of the diaconate” and original sin. He is also chaplain of the Portuguese Catholic community in Brussels.

Pope Francis appointed and reappointed today thirty members of his advisory committee. Among well-known theologians as the Germans Marianne Schlosser (53) and Karl-Heinz Menke (64) or the French Dominican Serge Thomas Bonino from the Institut Catholique in Paris, which is reaffirmed as secretary of the committee. The two female members Sara Butler (USA), and Barbara Hallensleben (Germany), to be followed by five new female members who were appointed to the committee. Pope It concerns the American Prudence Allen, Slovenian Alenka Arko, the British-Canadian Moira Mary McQuenn, Australian Tracey Rowland and German Marianne Schlosser. 16% of the commission now consists of women.
The International Theological Commission was created by Pope Paul VI (1963-1978) founded in 1969 as a think tank for the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith. The committee is headed by the German Archbishop Gerhard Ludwig Müller, the prefect of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith. Since 2012.



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