Caliphate. Confessions of a terrorist. The Christian girls raped, the beheadings, the jihad. “I saw the horror!!”

pray for christians in the middle east

A man who wanted to fight against Assad has come to enlist in the jihadist brigades of the Islamic state. Fled, he told her hell
When in October of 2013 Sherko Omer (fancy name for security reasons) started from Halabja, in Kurdistan, at a time to fight in Syria, Bashar Al Assad, thought to join the Syrian rebels and instead found himself among the ranks of the Islamic state . Prior to repent and be able to escape the end of February saw the atrocities of the jihadists in Raqqa and has been indoctrinated by the rules of the Caliphate. He told his story to a reporter of Your Middle East .

islam is of the devil

Decapitate HENS. In the field where he was trained along with others, in Turkey, “we practiced to behead people practicing with the chickens and other animals. But I’ve never done anything like that because they have discovered that I was a professional engineer and I was assigned to technical duties, addestrandomi only to use guns and small arms. I’ve never fought and that is why at the end I was saved. ”

“72 VIRGINS IN HEAVEN.” Omer said that during training jihadists have proved to be “kind and respectful providing food, clothing and weapons. (…) We were also told that [with our behavior] we were securing a place in Paradise. ” The new recruits was also told that “we would have had as martyrs 72 virgins in Paradise, and we could each save from hell many of our loved ones.”But women did not concern only the afterlife, “explaining the Koran told us that all non-Muslim women prisoners would be that we would our wives according to the will of God.”


SEX FOR JIHAD. Indeed, he continues, “during the jihad (…) is allowed to have sexual relations with women prisoners, even if you’re already married. You can buy and sell all these women. (…) There are also Muslims who offer themselves for jihadists and this is called ” Sex for the jihad “and in this way they also earn Paradise. However, these women were mostly available to commanders, not the normal jihadists. ”

Rape infidels. Omer, who says “he has never done anything like this,” said he witnessed many scenes like this: “The emirs and commanders of the Islamic State boasted to go with the women considered infidels, non-Muslims or guilty of apostasy against their will. This happened for example to Christian women in Raqqa after their husbands were publicly beheaded. ”

CHRISTIANS PERSECUTED. Omer was awarded after his training “communications” in the city of Raqqa , where the Islamic state has established its first center of the caliphate. It tells the former terrorist: “I once saw six jihadists ordered a Christian woman and her daughter to become their wives. The daughter must have been 12 or 13 years. I tried to tell them that Islam force women to marry is prohibited and that girls can not be contacted in time of war. Then I have pointed their guns at me and told me to leave. I was brought in a court of Sharia law and the judge said I was wrong because at age 13 you are no longer children, mainly because Muhammad had married his wife Aisha when she was only 9 years old. He accused me of not having faith “and” I could end up in jail, punished with harsh penalties if my master had not come to save me. ”

“They killed FOR NOTHING.” This episode has convinced Omer to escape, even though “I did not now because I’m a coward and afraid of being beheaded. (…) Contrary to how they acted in training camp in Turkey, Raqqa jihadists played at being God were bad, arresting and killing people for nothing. ” When “I attended the public beheading of an army soldier Syrian Kurdish YPG I decided to risk [and flee]. (…) When his neck had been cut in half had poured salt on it to make him suffer even more. ”

The jihadists Isis in Raqqa, Syria

“PURE HORROR.” An opportunity to escape came when he was stationed in the north of Serekaniye, Kurdish city, passing back via Turkey “that has turned a blind eye to let us pass, as there is a lot of cooperation between Turkish and Islamic state.” When his base camp was attacked by Kurdish YPG surrendered immediately, “shouting in Kurdish. They have accepted my surrender, “because they believed that” I had never fought. Thank God I escaped and now all’Ypg physically, but Raqqa back again to scare me in my mind because what I saw there was pure horror. ”

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