I recently read an article on the internet where it is claimed that in 1999 K. Wojtyla DID NOT kiss the Koran and the photograph when viewed from another perspective, demonstrates this.

Did Not kiss the Koran, therefore, according to the young blog in question.

FALSE !!!  1) The news was confirmed by the Vatican experts of the time and it is historically certain; 2) The Polish seated was not new to certain utterances of apostasy; 3) So any recent “controversy” web is irrelevant.

K. Wojtyla already kissed the Koran in 1985 in Casablanca, let them beware of archive footage INA.FR TV and read the major newspapers of the world.

A random example: “… we are in Casablanca during the visit to Morocco in 1985 before talking to the young crowd that awaits him at the stadium, Pope John Paul II greets the leaders of Islam and kissing a precious copy of the Quran”

Link: http://www.ilsole24ore.com/fc?cmd=anteprima&codid=22.0.1640671145&chId=14

The kiss apostate of 1999, I worked on many years ago already. The article was shown in digital Agere Contra, behind my message to Matteo Castagna, only 4 years ago (if I remember correctly).

The news can be read here: http://www.agerecontra.it/public/press/?p=9234


Probably to hide the act of apostasy greedy, he even had the Vatican to get rid of the Official Gazette of 14 May 1999 the names of the representatives Mohammedans who were present instead.  names in question only: the Shiite imam of the mosque of Kadum, Hussein Ismail Hayder Al-Sadr (with black hat), the chairman of the Board of Directors of the Sunni Iraqi Islamic Bank, Hemin Abdul Latif Mohammed (with white cap), and the representative of the Ministry of Religion (in jacket). Link here http://www.30giorni.it/in_breve_id_numero_349_id_arg_32125_l1.htm (last news brief below) , in addition to the testimony of the Chaldean Patriarch Ra Phael I Bidawid, present at the hearing, Fides published in June of ’99 and much more (from Le Monde La Vie, etc …).

It will not be a kiss to prove what is known to scholars of the material. Let’s focus now on the doctrine.

From the speech of K. Wojtyla to young Moslems in Casablanca, Morocco – Monday, 19 August 1985 (on the same occasion he kissed the Koran – there were a number of TV stations): 

“Christians and Muslims , we have many things in common, as believers and as human beings. We live in the same world, marked by many signs of hope, but also by multiple signs of distress. Abram is for us the same model of faith in God , of submission to his will and trust in His goodness. We believe in the same God , the one God, the living God, the God  who created the world and brings his creatures to their perfection. “

Link:  http://www.vatican.va/holy_father/john_paul_ii/speeches/1985/august/documents/hf_jp-ii_spe_19850819_giovani-stadio-casablanca_it.html

Another “pearl” of K. Wojtyla: “It is with great joy that I extend my greeting to you Muslims, our brothers in the faith in one God , “the discourse with representatives of the Mohammedan community in France (Paris, May 31 1980).

Link:  http://www.vatican.va/holy_father/john_paul_ii/speeches/1980/may/documents/hf_jp-ii_spe_19800531_mussulmani-francia_it.html

Any further comment would be superfluous.



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